Dec 23, 2008

Sweet taste of fulfillment


It feels great to finally watch it. Unplanned, Iaree just fell asleep and Ryan said go ahead and check the sched. Turns out it was a far not so popular mall and computing the travel time we can make just in time.

The film was, as what most say, not up to your expectations of a thumbs up but it was good. I mean it was not that bad. The major thing I did not appreciate was I think in the movie the build up of Bella & Edward's romance was not so convincing.

I was just happy to be finally watching Twilight sitting next to my real, true to life, warm & non biting Edward. Who I unconditionally and irrevocably love.

Dec 20, 2008

Hopefully (I will try my best) my last entry about Twilight

I finished the saga!!I started Dec 4 and finished the last book Dec 14. I read Remember Me (Sophie Kinsella) in between coz I got awfully bored with the first book. I just got curious to if and when Bella will really become a vampire. Needless to say I fell in love with the characters Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice etc...How can you not when they all perfectly blend in harmony together. I tried to ward of the boredom I still felt somewhere in between each of the books.

I eagerly waited for Ryan to come back from his Canada trip but Monday he was still jet lagged. Tuesday was my last day at work. Wednesday Ryan thought it's selfish to leave the baby considering her bad mood (she's sleepy as she woke up too early) Thursday he had a meeting. Friday more meetings. Saturday (I wasn't expecting it anymore but when I checked online) voila it was still showing! 1:40 PM showing yey! I bathed Iaree baby I also took a bath and dressed up. When we were about to leave Iaree who's separation tantrums I can count in one hand threw a fit. This time it was me who conceded.

Well...not all stories have happy endings so I just resigned to the fact that I'll just wait for the DVD of this. Browse through youtube for short clips. Convince myself that those who read the book did not enjoy it anyway.

While writing this I suddenly had a deja vu. I saw myself crying to my grandma in the living room because my aunt told me to go back home and not watch a movie with my friends when classes were cancelled. I was too honest to seek permission before going to the cinema then my honesty was paid off by a big big "NO!". I followed despite violent objections of my 10 girl friends, few of their boyfriends and some classmates who planned the impromptu movie date. I was really really disappointed and my lola was comforting me when I went home alone. Tomorrow is my lola's birthday. I hope she reaches out to me now and really comfort me. =( Now I'm missing her more than feeling sad not being able to watch a movie...or maybe both. Happy birthday lola!!And today should have been my lolo & lola's wedding wherever you both are -- I miss you so much & I love you!!I wish you can see my darling daughter!

Dec 15, 2008

Mixed emotions

Its my last day tomorrow...

Ryan just came back...

For the first time in my life I will not work...

I will be a full time mom...

I have a bad case of Twilight hangover...I want all things Twilight and I want to infect others as well.

I still haven't watched the movie yet! Though I'm dying to see it...despite the expected disappointment that there are so many cut scenes in the movie due to Malaysia's censorship.

I am restraining myself to work surely these are last ounces of the workaholic in me.

I still haven't dealt with my brother, my mom & my father after my last words with them. Argh!

Let's wait and see...I can only held my breath as the story of my life unfolds.

Happy, scared, excited, anxious, very very eager to watch Twilight!Hay...back to the same old crazy me.

Dec 6, 2008

Twilight Fever

It finally caught me. Like an infectious attack to all my friends I too was bit.

I would say after: working in a faraway province of Cyberjaya, barely having time to play with my daughter(let alone watch tv), plus the absence of my usual date who is off to Canada for a while, some would say I am a boring clueless hermit.

Everytime I see the buzz on my most of my friends's, blog, plurk and YM status I fought hard not to ask what the hell is Twilight. Clueless galore.

Finally on the first night of being alone, my daughter fast asleep I saw one of my college friend's status in YM that states - I don't just love you Edward Cullen you are my life. Knowing how much of a serial dater she was I seriously thought he was the latest flavor of the month. Until again of course she explained that he was the main character in Twilight. Interestingly, a former colleague, on the same night had this on her YM status - cheesy ew..or something like that about Twilight.

So that's how it all started. I was chating with both of them at the same time and boy do they have stong opposing views about Twilight except for one - they both told me the book was better. I thought it always is so let me be the judge. I started reading the first book courtesy of the ebook Donna sent me. As much as I wanted to move it to my mobile phone instead I read right there in the laptop.

Here goes:

I like the fact that Stephanie Meyer has artistically characterized the struggle of a vampire who fell in love with a human. All these started with his craving to feed on her blood after smelling her. It was utterly romantic when he was confessing this fact to Bella. The highest credit I would give to their very witty exchange of lines which caught my interest. It makes me sigh and miss Ryan much more - sweet, sardonic - "unconditionally & irrevocably" lovable.

However, the build up of the story was quite dragging and can be a little boring at some parts. Without the movie trailers (courtesy of you tube), it's hard to for imagine the contradiction of his beauty and gracefulness against a savage beast (well "civilized" anyway as per the Cullens way of living). Although it was meant well to further downplay the image of a vampire it was not easy to digest that the vampires avoid sunlight because they sparkle.

It was a good read but overall Christopher Pike books are still my favorite when it comes to narrating supernatural or thrillers mixed with romance.

So I'm on to the next-NEW MOON and so that I make sure the venom infects my dear hubby I have downloaded the antire audio book for him. His eyes cant handle the reading.

And well as for the movie I've set the date...better late than never.

Nov 29, 2008

Single mom

My days of a single mom starts today =(...well at least for the next 2 weeks, whew!
Still two weeks seems like eternity especially for 8 years the longest I've been apart from Ryan would be 2 days when he would go back home to Pampanga (his hometown) for a weekend. Huhuhu.

I think little drama princess is feeling it too. She was awakened by the call of the airport limo who came to pick daddy up. Although she was alert & was laughing when I was putting her back to sleep she just suddenly stopped, her lower lip fell and all of a sudden her eyes were red. I asked her what's wrong and she ducked her head in the comforter for a few seconds when i pulled her up tears were streaming down her face. And she didn't make a sound. She just stared back at me.

Aiyooh Dad!We are missing you already!

Later we'll upload some pre-departure pics. FOr now sleepy ulit kme ni Iaree girl.

Nov 21, 2008


I keep on stirring in my chair...
I don't know if I want to work or bury myself in work.
It's Friday and I'm undecided if I should feel relieved or I should be pressured.
I am talking to myself out loud.

Suddenly JK bursts out you're troubled.
The word amused me so much that it went to my YM status, plurk and here.
I'm troubled with the fact that I dont have a single offer released this week..boss is going to kill me
I'm troubled that on the next 3 weekends Ryan will not be around and that I want to make the most out of this weekend
I'm troubled with someone
I guess to sum it all I'm just troubled hahaha! Good observation JK.

Nov 19, 2008

Your public identity

Having this online sites like blogs, plurk & social networks where you post your pictures and videos are really cool.

I mean I dont have to spend on courier or post just to update my family about Iaree's latest milestones and her pictures. It's where you discover who got married had another baby even if that meant your 19 year old cousin who you tought was still a kid. Blogs are a great outlet for me to blow off some steam or narrate some events that I can't keep to myself. When they introduced this plurk thing I thought why not since I change my YM status so often anyway and it felt that it was like that. However, sometimes you want to speak to a certain audience and have a little privacy. Of course you wouldn't post anything you cant afford to reach someones ears especially when you write about someone.

I didn't bother before with this. In fact I had an experience long back when I was so mad with my officemate I couldn't tell anyone so I blogged it. I only found out that she read it when we made ammends..hahaha as in months & many blogs after!Now we're good friends as if it never happened and that was just a laughing matter for us now.

The other day in my plurk profile I started having fans errr...I was alarmed , I dont know these friends and family I dont mind. Now I'm having second thoughts about all my online sites. Once I am a housewife and IF I find the time to sit on this maybe I will make some changes. For the meantime can someone please tell my why and how did I get followers in my plurk? Should I be horrified or something? If I remove them wouldn't that be rude and I can't stop them from reading it how?

Nov 12, 2008

Freedom! Yey!

It was only yesterday that my boss has conceded and finally accepted that I'm leaving. He did not do this because I was important part of the team but because it was indeed a crucial time for him. However it's also a crucial time for us so I stayed on my ground as much as I would want to exit gloriously and help the team out.

I technically resigned 3x. Sending him emails repeatedly that I am not withdrawing it. This morning in the car he simply said in admission wow on the 17th you suddenly free from it all doing nothing. As much as I can hardly wait for it I make the best out of my time here. It's amazing though when there's no pressure to win the race and have the top most number of closures for the month. Not to be scolded for not having enough CV's end of the day because without these pressure I'm doing quite well. Hehe.

Boss was being funny for the last time and giving me speeches about the finances. Uh hello knowing me I would've thought about that a million times before doing this so nope sorry no amount of pep talk could do that. I'm not saying that everything will be perfect but for now everything is so promising that I hardly have a reason to frown.

Nov 3, 2008

Ayos toh!

Dowa: Candidate did you get a call from the interviewer already?
Candidate: Yes ma'am
Dowa: So how did it go?
Candidate: I think I did not get the job
Dowa: Why?
Candidate: Because I was not able to answer the technical questions like for Networking
Dowa:That's okay I'm sure you were able to answer some of the questions
Candidate: Uhh...yes I did.
Dowa: These are what kind of questions (hoping for a glimmer of hope)
Candidate: The yes or no questions

Dowa: Errr...(all hope crashes)

News Flash!

I've been itching to tell this BIG BIG news since I did it but never had the time to do so. Why? because:
1. I did it before we left for the Philippines
2. Vacationed in the Phils and cant get an internet connection at home
3. Came back of course with tons of work
4. Came back to work and surprise they moved to another office (as far as makati - Sta. Rosa)
5. Busy with work and repeatedly doing it over and over (this one is record breaking)


I will soon be a stay-at-home mom. Maybe I will have to change to another blog or maybe not for all I know The Wonder Woman title fits a full time mom the best.

For as long as we have decided this (likes as in months and months ago) it was hard for me to be silent about it. Nobody understood of course (for those I have informed) but despite my friends teasing that I can't do it (as in really give up working) I know they knew I will go for it and my REAL friends will really support me. In fact the first time I told my bestfriend she instantly said I believe you can but I wonder for how long. When I had uncertainties by guy bestfriend said he knows I can do it. Lastly my supportive husband never pushed it but he reasoned with me all the time and told me that whatever I decide on he's on my side. So I guess with all the sense left in me it was only right to do this.

Considering the economic crisis and all, how ambitious I am with my career, our future plans I still believe this is the best choice not only for my family but personally this is something that I need.

It may be for a lot of reasons but most of all having to give up something I had to make sure I can stand for it and I am happy with it. Then the answer I found deep down inside well actually during my reflections while talking to Rem about being a working mom. She being one too and since she knows me for almost my entire life. I realize I have stretched myself too much, I feel that I am not good at anything anymore either at work or being a mom or a wife. My self esteem hit low as a result. Our profession screams for dedication which is now a luxury for me and as much as I was considered for a promotion accepting it will compromise my time with my family. Each night when I close my eyes it's eating me inside. That's when I knew I can't do the juggling act anymore...or at least for now. =)

This is the most liberating thing I have done. I have feared it, waited for it now I'm just too excited about it!!!

Oct 29, 2008

My little drama queen

As much as Ryan hates to scold Iaree she is not listening to me last night when she was reaching for the stuff in the bedside table. So for more impact I told Ryan, as he was the only block to it, to scold Iaree.

Of course she cried a lot so while trying to comfort her she asked for dede from mommy. She has calmed down so I told the very guilty daddy to comfort her para bati na Ryan was smoothing her hair and kissing her too. Then out of the blue she was crying again. Hahaha as in this was the part I cant hold my laughter. She was also pushing Ryan away even when he tried to hug her she gently kicked him. Slow one with no intention of really hurting him and then tears were streaming down her face again as she countinued holding on to me. I was not expecting her to be such a drama queen.

When she stopped crying again. I explained to her that daddy scolded you because it was time to sleep and you still wanted to play. Then I told her we love daddy and daddy loves you. She suddenly got up and tapped Ryan who was already feeling really really bad and really angry at me for laughing still and his back was turned away from us. She tapped Ryan and said softly "dada! dada!" then Iaree & daddy hugged and kissed.

Hahaha!What a sight and what a scene! She finally slept after that.

Oct 14, 2008

Thoughts about work

Ever worked in a place where a lot of people genuinely likes you? As in like you without needing anything from you or despite you not hanging out with them often? Where the only people who loathe you are those who envy you and maybe once in a while your boss who wants to strangle you for not living up to his expectations?

Well I do..working at the HR department could deprive you of this. While I do have good and real friends each company I join the employee population in general would be cursing you for something that management have decided to do or not do which you are merely executing. Maybe that's the reason I picked my favorite responsibility in HR and pursued that instead. Voila! Here I am experiencing things I never thought would be possible. Then again at the expense of doing very routinary task else if you want to make a change it would be something unfamiliar that would make you sweat blood before you can complete it. Then even the routinary task would make you bleed when you have a handful of candidates ready to join then they all back out. Tell me was it your fault then? Are you not working hard enough? When everyday you manage to line up at least 5 people from an almost barren market and still they fail miserably in the interviews.

It's a vicious cycle of sourcing, scheduling for interview releasing offer then backing out anytime in the process that made me think what is it that I enjoy doing the most? Is it HR work or recruitment job?

I once read an article that says companies should re-examine their managers for the high turnovers in the company. Could your manager really put a lot of weight in your decision? For me I guess not but it sure helps you be a little more productive at work when the person you are reporting to values your work and is in tune with why you can accomplish anything. He or she may not give you the answer as to how to solve the problem but he or she would be willing to work it out with you.

It's crazy that 2 days before our vacation I'm going nuts in my job. Go figure I was supposed to have 6-7 candidates this month who will join and I might be left with 2. With my best efforts I might manage to add 2-3 more before I take a long vacation. Not to mention I had a shot on doing another requirement not normally in my list then the candidate is about the quit. Giving a job to someone is not fun anymore if its like this. I love recruitment because I feel that I help out people in redeeming themselves and getting their careers on track by giving them a new job that either pays well or gives better exposure in their field. But man does it most of the time boil down to money talk! If and when it comes to this can you say that its your incompetency? In HR you excel when you handle situations gracefully, tactfully and professionally despite the adversities. It takes a while for people to see through you before you make friends. In recruitment it all about the numbers that you make each month, rat race? that's for sure.

Oct 10, 2008


Yey! we got our OEC's already (the certificate so we wont have to pay travel tax in the airport an exemption of OFW's). Uwing uwi na kme!

We'll I'm excited coz we have so many plans and kahit Tagaytay lng ang mararating namin for now it's good enough for me coz I know Tagaytay is a food haven for a lot of dishes I've been craving for! And it will be our 4th year fancy gifts this year we said we'll save it from the 5th hahaha well actually magastos kseng umuwi. Kurips pala hahaha! Sana makapagbeach naman next time.

I'm also excited because it's easier to travel baby iaree around at least I dont need to breast feed her every 3 hours when it's not so convenient in the Philippine malls. Plus we dont have to carry her around all the time err...the negative side though is if she wants to she's a bit heavy to carry now and she doesnt fit the baby carrier anymore =(

I hope hope hope I have time to meet friends but I dont want to exhaust Iaree too much and depriving her of her afternoon naps. Let's see.

And and and...I can't wait to shop and shop and shop!My budget is set and my shopping buddy well trained...soon all we will need from daddy is his driving skills and credit card. Hahaha! Peace mahal!

Oct 6, 2008


Saturday was not my day.

I was so looking forward to the weekend right? In fact I started washing clothes early and as promised I started working from home. But that was not enough for my boss and junior boss. Despite sucessfully getting around 15 profiles they still insisted I go to office to call. was really impractical for me to do that as we are not paid to work on weekends and I'd really love to spend time at home with baby & hubby. But they relentlessly bugged me and saying unecessary words (as if you are paid) that I just want to shut them up. I went in submission to their nagging.

I did not talk to a single person in the office. Despite them talking to me.

After that Ryan and I had a row after shopping for some stuff (this one has major guilt combined as it was my fault). But boy was I feeling sooo sooo low. And that too, Iaree was so sleepy when we arrived that I lost a day spent with her. Oh well...there are rainy days and there are bad bad days which felt like there's no end.

But today is Monday and I took a dose of positivity with me. No grudges except that junior boss is taking it to heart that I did not talk to them last Saturday. Hehehe what's a pissed off girl got to do? And Sunday was a better day, we heard mass at a new church with a better sermon (no politics included) and shorter too. I was able to pick fresh fruits from the night market. I managed to organize the clothes - gee am I getting fulfilled lately in arranging stuff? And plenty plenty of play time with Iaree. Plus pending shows to watch with Ryan =)

Oct 3, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Isn't holidays so much fun??! It need not be grand or anything (but of course if you have the money to splurge why not). End of Ramadhan so two days staying at home did it for me. Not to mention that today's a Friday so apart from the hardly filled streets and office a lot of people are just in the laze around mood.

As hard as I try not to it's just so easy to fall into the lazy mode at work. Hahaha. All that boss can do is tease me all day long and shake his head. Pity but not working. Hahaha!

I learned a few more things about Iaree baby:

- Morning siesta for her once she sees her milk bottle she would look for a position in her play mat to lie down. (I dont get to see this since if I am around she wants to feed from mommy directly)

- She is very observant of how I would react to her. After persistenly asking dede from me and I standing firm that she should have her dinner first she screamed and I just looked at her (with a not so mad face, more like what was that for?) and she tried being sweet (still repeatedly saying - dede), hugging me, making beautiful eyes, and begging (changing the tone of her voice). Daddy finally demanded that once she does the sweet and smiley thing again to reward her so she would know that's the proper way to ask.

- She giggles a lot when we jump but it's a very tiring entertainment I was out of breathe. Hahaha.

That's it basically, oh and as part of rearranging the room we decluttered to make more room in the drawers and cabinets. Next project: making a backup of all photos & files from our already full external HD's.

To all my muslim friends and colleagues hope you had a great time in your Kampung!!Selamat Hari Raya!

Sep 29, 2008


Until now I never had the chance to freely remodel/rearrange our house/room. Our house in Laguna is so small with plenty of clutter and in Makati it's simply a lot of clutter. Which is why I am so excited even if we are just renting out this place in KL. Having Ikea here is not a big help, I cant help to get my hands on a lot of house stuff (decors, innovative and functional furnitures) which is so deliciously inviting to put in the house. And we discovered this furniture shop that sells a 3 seater sofa / lazy boy with 1 single lazy boy (so total of 2) - it may not be the lazy boy brand but they also provide a reasonable warranty for such a low price of less than PHP20K (converted amount). And of course there's the all so cheap LCD TV's...arrgh!

If only I.S. for Iaree is affordable here and we can easily switch jobs we'd really settle here. Hahaaha all because of Ikea, lazy boy, minimal traffic and affordable flight back to the Phil.

I got too carried away I strayed from my intended topic...

Anyway, since we have a new housemate we had to remove all our things from the spare room and we ended up with nowhere to put our things. Luckily I got Mister Weekend mode to help me out and rearrange the room. He was so brilliant in planning it out our room turned out to be very very spacious. It was so refreshing! When we asked baby Iaree if she liked it we got two nods of approval. I cant help to have our own place and start buying our furnitures where Ryan will not stop me and say is that easy to ship out?

Sep 19, 2008

An evening full of Hugs & Kisses

Sweet, cuddly and cute!

Every night if Iaree is still playful and not yet sleepy we sing songs together (she can follow the actions of Twinkle Twinkle & Row Row Row your boat). I also love tickling her and she loves being tickled as well she will give me her feet and neck for more...and she knows how the say "Tickle" too..or sounds like it.

When I tell her "I LOVE YOU!" -- the you part I tickle her tummy and last night she will stop me from tickling her by hugging me while I'm lying down. Super sweet! And I keep on repeating this so I will get endless hugs & I can shower her with kisses!

We were also full of delight when she said "Tu ko dede" (I want milk) her first complete sentence. Although its in Tagalog because I think here and there lola talks to her in Tagalog orshe hears us talking in Tagalog. =)

Some of Iaree's words for the month:
- Car
- Think (from My friends Tiger & Pooh song)
- Tickle
- Pat (from Little Einsteins)
...and mama said she can count up to three this I have yet to hear =)

Sep 17, 2008

Belief is the ignition key that gets you off the launching pad

I was talking to one of my closest friend last month and what he told me still lingers in my mind...

"There are so many things you never imagined will and can happen to you before but now you are living it right? I have no doubt that you can do whatever you set your heart in doing"

Days after that an ex-colleague (I forgot what our conversation was about) told me..."Ikaw pa kayang-kaya mo yan!"

I'm not losing confidence in myself or something nor was I asking for a motivation but they gave me such encouraging words that sometimes just the thought of it gets me through a tough day. On the other side if I do fail in my attempts it's so comforting to know that I have a supportive husband who sees past my mistake and believes that I can correct that or do better next time.

Most of the time we give up too easily or we don't believe in ourselves enough that we never try. There's no harm in having big dreams it's the thought of getting there makes some people cringe in fear and never indulge in the rocky pursuit.

Cheers! Here's to all my friends who are in pursuit of something, in the crossroads and most of all those who always believe in me and support me all the way. There are some days that I'm just a lucky lucky girl!

Sep 15, 2008

The week that mommy went out too much

Before we got married I remember telling Ryan that since he's not as sociable as I am I hope he wont stop me from going out with my friends once we were married. He kept his end of the bargain but there's no negotiating when you are a mom. Wonder Woman powers won't just work...

Wednesday night: Buka Puasa buffet / Farewell dinner for Linda - went home 10 PM.
- Iaree not asleep but was very sleepy when I took her from mama. And I cant put into words the delight on her face when she saw me. I haven't picked her up from bed yet she was waving goodbye to mama already. So adorable!

Friday night: Boss made a mandatory team night out - went home 11 PM
- Mama wanted to go out so I took them with me but not in the billiard hall nor in the bowling lanes so we were still apart =( and she was too sleepy when we got home

Saturday: We had to work then I went home took a nap then they were calling me again coz we had an office bowling tournament. I thought we will start early but turns out we had to wait for others...I was hardly home the whole day =( and I finished 8 PM

Though I made sure I make up for the time I was away, it's just different going out this time. Ryan said it's still okay to go out but I had too much for this week..I can do it but not over do it. Sooo true! Especially when Saturday afternoon Iaree started walking without support and I wasa few hours from missing it..sigh...good thing I was when she walked backwards and I managed to capture the moment too!

Sep 10, 2008

About me...lately

Well to start with my hair is an inch away for me to grow scales and be a mermaid. Arrgh!I'm so scared of going to a salon here where I'll have difficulty explaining to them what I want and they will have difficulty understanding it. End product murdered hair. No way!! So until then my hair is plain old boring and long...Or maybe I can audition for a ghost lady role! Arrrghh kainis tlga!!
Something's cooking and I can hardly wait. My lips are sealed for now except for a few close friends who already know about it.

I'm so active with my multiply & friendster...well multiply I frequently update friendster I frequently log in. After uploading the pictures in Ryan's profile I will not bother uploading in's so difficult as compared to multiply. So if you're in my friendster but not in my multiply sorry for you there are more private photos shared for my network there.
Unti-unti nang nalalagas ang tao dito sa Emerio especially my friends over my almost 2 years of stay here. Haay. Oh well people come and go.
Miss ko na ang Pinas but most of all I miss my family and friends back there!!I miss going out and having fun with them!But I thank God I dont have to miss having fun with Ryan and Iaree everyday especially weekends like most married couple where one is working overseas or something.
Weekends if it's sunny outside my hope for having a fair skin falters...Iaree is so addicted to swimming. Minsan even on weekdays if we go home early and take her out to the playground she pulls us to the direction of the pool. Ang lamig kaya! Gusto pa mag-night swimming.

Jul 21, 2008

Dokee, Ramm & Angelo's Trip to KL

Masaya na nakakapagod!

But I'm glad we had them to celebrate our Princess 1st birthday!! :)

My brother was supposed to join them but that's another story.

Day One: boss did not allow me to take a leave as early as Wednesday. Kamusta naman buti pa si Ryan pinayagan. Not even halfday grabe but then he told me I can leave at 4 PM. So we managed to rush to Orchid garden. Bird park dapat kaso parang nag second thought kme coz it was RM 27 per head parang ummm...just to see the birds so never mind. Hahaha nag-kuripot. Then we went to Petronas syempre. We enjoyed taking pictures...lots & lots of it. Na-disappoint lng me kse sa dinami dami eh low res pala naka set ung cam ni Dokee at ung cam namin na-lo bat at isa lng ang family pic naming tatlo nila kme nila baby & Ryan na-block pa yun mukha ko..hmmm...

We also celebrated in advance Iaree's birthday because we made plans for the next day. So blow kme ng candles sa super sarap nya ice cream cake care of Baskin & Robbins.

Before nga pala nila ako sinundo sa office my cousins attacked our swimming pool with Baby iaree of course..

Day Two:

Our Genting trip.

Iaree's birthday!

Ang saya!!

Kaso....super baba ng fog all the outdoor rides were closed exactly before our first ride. As in pasakay na kme pina-atras kme. Hmmm...But we still had a great time kulitan galore kahit super corny ng indoor rides. Well at least pwede si Iaree sa indoor rides. After all it was her day.

Day Three:

Aba super shopping galore sila. They all went to Central Market & Chinatown 12:00 nn 5:00 na nagpasundo...hahahaha!

Day Four:

Iaree's official party. Just a simple one. Nakakapagod ha in fairness kahit konti lng niluto namin ngayon lng ako super hands on sa party na walang maid. Huhuhuu...Ni make up di ko nagawa. At di ko na din na-asikaso na mapicture-an ng matino ung party. Oh well. Objective met. Iaree went for a swim and celebrated it. When she grows up I have pictures to share with her on her 1st birthday. Grand party na lng when she turns 7 and 18 or 16 depending on where we are that time.

Day Five:

Shopping ever pa din! Hahaha...parang ang yaman yaman ni Dokee puro shopping ang ginawa. =) No wonder we were exhausted. Hehehe...

I miss being with my family it was really great to have them here. I'll repost this with pictures next time. For now I want to go home early and play with Baby Iaree. Byeeeee!

Jun 30, 2008


She's turning ONE!! I'm so excited!!

In her first year we are happy that she only fell twice on the bed and broke her collar bone once. Now it's growing back.

She only got sick twice a little flu & a little fever. I know I sound nonchalant but first time parents were way too worried when it all happened. =) When she fell from the bed mother's day got cancelled it was like a worst worst gloomy day for daddy & mommy.

Happy happy notes:

~On her 2nd day she can already smile involuntarily and voluntarily on her 3rd month. Laughs very heartily we love love love her laugh! It's so easy to make her laugh and she hardly cries she only cries when she's terribly terribly hungry, normal hungry she will not cry, or got hurt, like only when really neccesary. Other than that she is not a fussy baby.

~On her 2nd week she was lifting her head from the bed (we were freaked out actually) then trying to roll over around 3rd month

~During her first few weeks she refers to me as - Geeeee! and Ryan - Oooohhh! hehehe but she lost that somewhere 3rd month. Now when Ryan teaches her to say "dadada-dy" she answers back "mmmamamama" hahahaha! She tries calling us sometimes actually but her first clear communication attempt was inside the plane going to Terengannu. She wanted to nurse from me but I was waiting for the take off and since she was not a cry baby all she did ...mamamama...then she was making small "come here" hand gestures pointing to my boobs. Hahaha and then it became two small cute hands so we didnt wait for the take off anymore. She was getting hungry. =D Before that she has her own way of telling us how to be carried or she wants to go out by making noises or her body language. But that was the first hand signal that she did and now her bag of tricks have more!

~2 months back she can follow simple instructions. Like give that to mommy or daddy. Pick that up, wear this. She knows how to follow routine because I wash her up before going to sleep and one time daddy had to do it I forgot to tell him I refilled a different bottle for Iaree's soap she was reaching it and giving it to daddy then I told Ryan he asked me "Have you been using that for quite some time?Because it looks like she knows" I said I did about 2 days back only.

~We're happy too with her motor skills sitting at 3rd-4th month (we were scared of this) actually attempts to raise herself started as early as her 2nd month. 7 months she started standing up on her own in the bed or in her playpen. Started taking steps a few weeks later...If she didn't fall from the bed we think she'd have the confidence to walk on her own now but she's a bit scared pa and holds on to our hand pero in the playpen or in bed confident naman wobbly still but confident na.

~She loves swimming we started her on her 7.5 month and short quick swim lang but it's difficult to get her out of the water. Similar case during all her bath time.

~Story telling time before she sleeps is also something to look forward to in fact everytime she holds a book she babbles and as if she pretends to read the book. Hhehe..

~ Mama taught her some dance steps to an old song and ang galing she knows what's next I think she was about 6 mos old.

Dokee, Reu , Ramm & Angelo was supposed to be her for her party. Their plan pushed through minus lazy Reu who only applied for a passport 1 week before the trip. Maybe we'll throw her na din a simple birthday party so that she'll have party pictures to check out when she grows up. Since she wont appreciate it pa naman we'll make it a pool party para she swim while our visitors feasts on mommy's dishes. =)

Jun 17, 2008



most of all NAGIIPON!!

Hay candidates please stop na magbackout...kelangan nang i-retire ang 3 yrs old na O2 sakit sa ulo ng radiation eh.

Jun 13, 2008

At home & sick

I'm at home & I'm sick. I guess I've told the world about that pretty well with my YM status yesterday. Poor baby mommy can't carry her and if only she can sleep without me I would've moved to the other room and slept there. We tried but she really can't fall asleep without breastfeeding. Now she's still deep in slumber I turned the room into an internet cafe...hahaha!I just realized that there are missing pictures in my HD and it's still in Ryan's notebook. Then I started work so I can send to my teammates my candidates CV's para maipila sila for interview...then I'm using my own notebook for leisure while doing so...hahaha!Ryan will be out in a while to take me to the nearby clinic.

Naaliw naman ako sa boss ko na a few months back eh kaaway ko galore. He was already expecting it na magle-leave ako iuwi ko ba naman ang notebook ko na lagi ko naman iniiwan sabi ni Ryan kahapon pag sakay ko sa kotse hahaha!Tapos promise I didn't hear what he was asking this morning when I called in sick..kinakamusta pala nya ung status ng isang position na hawak ko eh sagot ko "I'm having a fever already".Tapos tawa ng tawa..sabi nya "When I ask about the OS position your answer is your having a fever..."Hahahah ok fine natawa din ako then I added yah that's my answer to his question hahahaa! Wala kasi akong candidate naalala ko...hahaha! Ang kulet...haay itong si amo tlga ok sana eh enjoy nga ako sa work ko kung di lng ako naiinis sa kanya minsan errr madalas (?) or sa candidates or sa ibang tao who effortlessly makes my life miserable at work or sa budgets..other than that I love my job! =)

Jun 4, 2008

My review on Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Super!!!Ay teka sorry what was the story about?!Well titigan n lng sya wag n lng sya magsalita di ko type eh..hehe.

Lastest movie I saw since Harry Potter hirap manood with a little baby.

Mar 31, 2008

Mahusay moments!

Grocery time is Ryan's baby duty to carry but his shirt is still wet from the spilled miso soup so I took over in carrying Iaree. Mama was pushing the grocery cart and I'm supposed to push the stroller.

I placed my big baby bag in her stroller and was checking out some pans pero dahil may kasalubong ako pinark ko ung stroller sa isang side. After 6+ lanes in the massive Carrefour...

Dowa: Mama!Asan ung stroller???!!
Mama: Aba malay ko sa iyo ikaw kaya nagtutulak nun?!

(Panic galore!In my 1 inch heeled sandals, skinny jeans baby in the carrying pouch tinakbo ko pabalik coz I remember exactly where I left it!!)I ran into Ryan who didn't accompany us coz he was checking out the car waxes and was on his way to the DVD's.

The stroller was still there but the bag was missing!!!!!!!And Ryan also gave me his cellphone!!And all my cards are there!!!!!!!!!I made a mad dash to go to the security guard and alert everyone. (Mega explain as they are not so good in English) Then I saw mama calmly approaching us but worried as she saw me already hyped up explaining my best to the security guard.

Mama: Bakit? Anong nangyari?
Dowa: Nakita namin ung stroller pero wala na ung bag!!
Mama: Huh? Ito sa akin oh...

Ok fine!Whew! That gave mister security guard a break from the effort of understanding me too!

Ryan was patting my back and trying to relax me after, I know he's trying to control his laughter. Mama was even trying to explain when she got the bag...when I wasn't paying attention to it she decided to get it from me. Even worst if a thief took my bag before that.

Resuming where we left off after 2 more lanes naiwan ko na naman ang stroller. We realized it after 4 lanes. Sabi ni Ryan o nasan na naman ang stroller??! So sabay kami binalikan n naman namin...

Ryan shaking his head he told me, "If the baby was there it should have been crying by now...mommy daddy?Where are you??!!" I decided it's best to take over the grocery cart mama was even hesitant on giving me back my bag.

Mar 24, 2008

Patience...where to buy some please???

I love my job right now only reason I'm still here.
I enjoy the challenge of finding people and placing them on a new company with a promise of a new career.

But sometimes the challenges are just too much. Sometimes its so beyond me I want to scream and strangle the candidate PROMISE!!!!!!! Ang titigas ng ulo. I dont want to write the exact incident here maybe some other time pag hindi na under surveilance lahat ng online sites ko. I just hope people moreso Filipino's can be more professional in applying for a job. We are world class workers and trust me we have so many requirements that says - FILIPINOS preferred or FILIPINOS only. Imagine that?

Hope the candidates would keep their word and honor their commitment coz they're very lucky that our company spends for everything and they put no risk in applying for an overseas job with us. Sadly ung gustong gustong umalis di magaka-chance and those who have just throw it away like that.

Anyway, shameless plug however wants to get into a roller coaster job like ours are free to send their resume to me. We need 5 more members in the team if I'm lucky enough I get to lead the team but at this rate with my candidates I'm having doubts... =( They are making me and the Filipino candidates in general in such a bad light! Grrrrrrr...

Mar 12, 2008

Girl power

I was never good at asserting myself. Although that statement seem unbelievable especially for people who just know me on the surface but really when someone scolds me or tells me off I'm not good in fighting back. That's why most of my friends & loved ones always think of me as a cry baby. The truth is I get so mad inside that I can't verbalize, hence, the river of tears after something totally maddening. That also explains why in one of my previous employment I cry almost every week! How pathetic right?

Yesterday was a pretty normal stressful day. However my boss started scolding me for something that I didn't do or have no control anymore. It will be reasonable for him to scold me if I didn't do my job in pushing the other managers to make things happen but the thing is he was there when he heard me talk to our Operations Manager. Still he nagged about about not pushing them too hard. I was like huh?? Then at someone at home(name withheld for obvious reason) snapped at me again for something that is not my fault.

Good thing, a moment worthy of blog moments, I was able to practice a little girl power and didn't shed a single tear yesterday. Boss sent me a text message saying sorry & explaining himself. Whoa! Hahaha! Super proud moment! Then the person who snapped at me admitted his fault after I argued very well like a lawyer...hehehe the-name-withheld-person thinks I must be getting this from watching 2 episodes of Ally McBeal a day.

Mar 10, 2008


I finally have my own boxset of Ally McBeal!!
One of my favorite shows ever!
As quirky as the characters of the show are Ally is so easy to relate to especially during my college days. Nuff said =)

And since I'm such a huge fan of Calista, Brothers & Sisters got me this is dysfunctionally fun and heartwarming!

Mar 7, 2008

The time is NOW. The place is Malaysia

Quick! I tell myself feeling like a fugitive being chased as I hurry to type down my thoughts...ecstatic, as after a few months I am again attempting (hoping) I finish an entry in my almost nonexsistent blog. Ryan already called me a few minutes ago and it's only a matter of time before the baby wails and the daddy calls. Already missed out so many things I wanted to write down. Like Iaree's delightful milestones, my record breaking almost nervous breakdown in the office that only took place after more than a year as compared to my previous employments, my simple yet lovely & memorable birthday, some of my new kitchen triumphs, shopping finds, blah blah get the picture! To say that A LOT has happened is an understatement.

What I actually wanted to blog about today is how happy I am!Borrowing the tourism tagline of Malaysia just because I also feel that it's appropriate to our current state in life. There are so many things that is happening with our life. Some challenges too but counting the blessings makes it worthwhile. Of course on top of the list is our wonderful baby Iaree who we cant get enough of!! Another thing is how progressive Ryan's career have been since we got here. And after more than a year of being here in Malaysia I find myself (finally!) researching for possible intenerary of our Holy Week vacation in Melaka. It's so exciting! =) A family weekend getaway...

I feel that Malaysia really is the start of something new for us preparing us for bigger things we are aiming in life.

Check out our sweet baby and how fast she has grown up