Mar 12, 2008

Girl power

I was never good at asserting myself. Although that statement seem unbelievable especially for people who just know me on the surface but really when someone scolds me or tells me off I'm not good in fighting back. That's why most of my friends & loved ones always think of me as a cry baby. The truth is I get so mad inside that I can't verbalize, hence, the river of tears after something totally maddening. That also explains why in one of my previous employment I cry almost every week! How pathetic right?

Yesterday was a pretty normal stressful day. However my boss started scolding me for something that I didn't do or have no control anymore. It will be reasonable for him to scold me if I didn't do my job in pushing the other managers to make things happen but the thing is he was there when he heard me talk to our Operations Manager. Still he nagged about about not pushing them too hard. I was like huh?? Then at someone at home(name withheld for obvious reason) snapped at me again for something that is not my fault.

Good thing, a moment worthy of blog moments, I was able to practice a little girl power and didn't shed a single tear yesterday. Boss sent me a text message saying sorry & explaining himself. Whoa! Hahaha! Super proud moment! Then the person who snapped at me admitted his fault after I argued very well like a lawyer...hehehe the-name-withheld-person thinks I must be getting this from watching 2 episodes of Ally McBeal a day.


theworkingmom said...

Pa name withheld-name withheld ka pa. Let me guess, si Iaree? Hehehe


~dowadee~ said...

kse magagalit...mwahahahaha!

abieco said...

Go Dowa! Naku, ako rin, naiiyak kung di ako makapalag. hehe.