Mar 24, 2008

Patience...where to buy some please???

I love my job right now only reason I'm still here.
I enjoy the challenge of finding people and placing them on a new company with a promise of a new career.

But sometimes the challenges are just too much. Sometimes its so beyond me I want to scream and strangle the candidate PROMISE!!!!!!! Ang titigas ng ulo. I dont want to write the exact incident here maybe some other time pag hindi na under surveilance lahat ng online sites ko. I just hope people moreso Filipino's can be more professional in applying for a job. We are world class workers and trust me we have so many requirements that says - FILIPINOS preferred or FILIPINOS only. Imagine that?

Hope the candidates would keep their word and honor their commitment coz they're very lucky that our company spends for everything and they put no risk in applying for an overseas job with us. Sadly ung gustong gustong umalis di magaka-chance and those who have just throw it away like that.

Anyway, shameless plug however wants to get into a roller coaster job like ours are free to send their resume to me. We need 5 more members in the team if I'm lucky enough I get to lead the team but at this rate with my candidates I'm having doubts... =( They are making me and the Filipino candidates in general in such a bad light! Grrrrrrr...


abieco said...

sa SM, they've got it all! hahaha.
good luck sa paghahanap ng mga tao. HR ba ang hinahanap mo?

theworkingmom said...

Haynaku! Maraming pasaway sa mga Pinoy!

May tag ako sa iyo. Try mo, curious ako sa magiging sagot regarding your personality!

Here it is.


~dowadee~ said...

HAHAHA ABIE!I just read ur comment!Hiring ako ng 1-2 recruiters from Pinas ngayon.

Joey I tried answering this kaso nareset uulitin ko n na naman!Good one I'll try to post it soon pag natapos ko.