Feb 26, 2009

The elusive case of happiness

I am aware of my 2 month absence here and instead of telling you previous accounts as to what happened in between I thought I would share something more delightful to ponder about while my baby is sleeping in my arms literally(yes I'm typing with pne hand) and I cross my fingers I finish this entry before she wakes up.

Back in DLSU I took this subject in my master's degree that talks about happiness. I'm sure I have a few entries about that in the past. Given that psychology always deals with the negative aspects in life...disorders,dysfunctions what is faulty blah blah blah. It's refereshing to know that a team of experts are giving light to what they call the Psychology of Happiness.

I just realized that while chatting with a friend about her marital woes and that statement - im swallowing everything coz' I have to; really really bugged me because she's a dear dear friend and it's sad to hear that from her. While I watch my other friends dissolve marriage around me and with my fair share of quarrels and dealing with my other half. It makes me think when do we actually give up on ourselves, to what extent do we give up our own happiness? I told my friend that she always have a choice and as I was thinking to tell her I want her to be happy I thought scrap that idea!!We all either give in too much to our worries or we try too hard to find happiness that there are days we dont know what happiness is.

Is it staying in an emotionally abusive marriage? Is it leaving your philandering husband at the expense of losing communication with your children? Is it closing your eyes to your wife's infidelity and grab the first chance you get to do the same?
Well I guess I'll never know the answer and I pray to God I wont have to ask the question. This is neither a lecture about marriage nor am I in a position to judge anyone. It's just that we look too hard to look for it but actually it's not a black and white thing and what makes one happy doesn't make the other one so.

End of the conversation with my friend I just wished her lesser unhappy days and told her I'll be here for her on those days. Coz staying happy and being happy will be there but for days that are so dismal, gloomy and unavoidably unhappy you'd be grateful to have a good friend around.