Sep 29, 2008


Until now I never had the chance to freely remodel/rearrange our house/room. Our house in Laguna is so small with plenty of clutter and in Makati it's simply a lot of clutter. Which is why I am so excited even if we are just renting out this place in KL. Having Ikea here is not a big help, I cant help to get my hands on a lot of house stuff (decors, innovative and functional furnitures) which is so deliciously inviting to put in the house. And we discovered this furniture shop that sells a 3 seater sofa / lazy boy with 1 single lazy boy (so total of 2) - it may not be the lazy boy brand but they also provide a reasonable warranty for such a low price of less than PHP20K (converted amount). And of course there's the all so cheap LCD TV's...arrgh!

If only I.S. for Iaree is affordable here and we can easily switch jobs we'd really settle here. Hahaaha all because of Ikea, lazy boy, minimal traffic and affordable flight back to the Phil.

I got too carried away I strayed from my intended topic...

Anyway, since we have a new housemate we had to remove all our things from the spare room and we ended up with nowhere to put our things. Luckily I got Mister Weekend mode to help me out and rearrange the room. He was so brilliant in planning it out our room turned out to be very very spacious. It was so refreshing! When we asked baby Iaree if she liked it we got two nods of approval. I cant help to have our own place and start buying our furnitures where Ryan will not stop me and say is that easy to ship out?

Sep 19, 2008

An evening full of Hugs & Kisses

Sweet, cuddly and cute!

Every night if Iaree is still playful and not yet sleepy we sing songs together (she can follow the actions of Twinkle Twinkle & Row Row Row your boat). I also love tickling her and she loves being tickled as well she will give me her feet and neck for more...and she knows how the say "Tickle" too..or sounds like it.

When I tell her "I LOVE YOU!" -- the you part I tickle her tummy and last night she will stop me from tickling her by hugging me while I'm lying down. Super sweet! And I keep on repeating this so I will get endless hugs & I can shower her with kisses!

We were also full of delight when she said "Tu ko dede" (I want milk) her first complete sentence. Although its in Tagalog because I think here and there lola talks to her in Tagalog orshe hears us talking in Tagalog. =)

Some of Iaree's words for the month:
- Car
- Think (from My friends Tiger & Pooh song)
- Tickle
- Pat (from Little Einsteins)
...and mama said she can count up to three this I have yet to hear =)

Sep 17, 2008

Belief is the ignition key that gets you off the launching pad

I was talking to one of my closest friend last month and what he told me still lingers in my mind...

"There are so many things you never imagined will and can happen to you before but now you are living it right? I have no doubt that you can do whatever you set your heart in doing"

Days after that an ex-colleague (I forgot what our conversation was about) told me..."Ikaw pa kayang-kaya mo yan!"

I'm not losing confidence in myself or something nor was I asking for a motivation but they gave me such encouraging words that sometimes just the thought of it gets me through a tough day. On the other side if I do fail in my attempts it's so comforting to know that I have a supportive husband who sees past my mistake and believes that I can correct that or do better next time.

Most of the time we give up too easily or we don't believe in ourselves enough that we never try. There's no harm in having big dreams it's the thought of getting there makes some people cringe in fear and never indulge in the rocky pursuit.

Cheers! Here's to all my friends who are in pursuit of something, in the crossroads and most of all those who always believe in me and support me all the way. There are some days that I'm just a lucky lucky girl!

Sep 15, 2008

The week that mommy went out too much

Before we got married I remember telling Ryan that since he's not as sociable as I am I hope he wont stop me from going out with my friends once we were married. He kept his end of the bargain but there's no negotiating when you are a mom. Wonder Woman powers won't just work...

Wednesday night: Buka Puasa buffet / Farewell dinner for Linda - went home 10 PM.
- Iaree not asleep but was very sleepy when I took her from mama. And I cant put into words the delight on her face when she saw me. I haven't picked her up from bed yet she was waving goodbye to mama already. So adorable!

Friday night: Boss made a mandatory team night out - went home 11 PM
- Mama wanted to go out so I took them with me but not in the billiard hall nor in the bowling lanes so we were still apart =( and she was too sleepy when we got home

Saturday: We had to work then I went home took a nap then they were calling me again coz we had an office bowling tournament. I thought we will start early but turns out we had to wait for others...I was hardly home the whole day =( and I finished 8 PM

Though I made sure I make up for the time I was away, it's just different going out this time. Ryan said it's still okay to go out but I had too much for this week..I can do it but not over do it. Sooo true! Especially when Saturday afternoon Iaree started walking without support and I wasa few hours from missing it..sigh...good thing I was when she walked backwards and I managed to capture the moment too!

Sep 10, 2008

About me...lately

Well to start with my hair is an inch away for me to grow scales and be a mermaid. Arrgh!I'm so scared of going to a salon here where I'll have difficulty explaining to them what I want and they will have difficulty understanding it. End product murdered hair. No way!! So until then my hair is plain old boring and long...Or maybe I can audition for a ghost lady role! Arrrghh kainis tlga!!
Something's cooking and I can hardly wait. My lips are sealed for now except for a few close friends who already know about it.

I'm so active with my multiply & friendster...well multiply I frequently update friendster I frequently log in. After uploading the pictures in Ryan's profile I will not bother uploading in's so difficult as compared to multiply. So if you're in my friendster but not in my multiply sorry for you there are more private photos shared for my network there.
Unti-unti nang nalalagas ang tao dito sa Emerio especially my friends over my almost 2 years of stay here. Haay. Oh well people come and go.
Miss ko na ang Pinas but most of all I miss my family and friends back there!!I miss going out and having fun with them!But I thank God I dont have to miss having fun with Ryan and Iaree everyday especially weekends like most married couple where one is working overseas or something.
Weekends if it's sunny outside my hope for having a fair skin falters...Iaree is so addicted to swimming. Minsan even on weekdays if we go home early and take her out to the playground she pulls us to the direction of the pool. Ang lamig kaya! Gusto pa mag-night swimming.