Sep 29, 2008


Until now I never had the chance to freely remodel/rearrange our house/room. Our house in Laguna is so small with plenty of clutter and in Makati it's simply a lot of clutter. Which is why I am so excited even if we are just renting out this place in KL. Having Ikea here is not a big help, I cant help to get my hands on a lot of house stuff (decors, innovative and functional furnitures) which is so deliciously inviting to put in the house. And we discovered this furniture shop that sells a 3 seater sofa / lazy boy with 1 single lazy boy (so total of 2) - it may not be the lazy boy brand but they also provide a reasonable warranty for such a low price of less than PHP20K (converted amount). And of course there's the all so cheap LCD TV's...arrgh!

If only I.S. for Iaree is affordable here and we can easily switch jobs we'd really settle here. Hahaaha all because of Ikea, lazy boy, minimal traffic and affordable flight back to the Phil.

I got too carried away I strayed from my intended topic...

Anyway, since we have a new housemate we had to remove all our things from the spare room and we ended up with nowhere to put our things. Luckily I got Mister Weekend mode to help me out and rearrange the room. He was so brilliant in planning it out our room turned out to be very very spacious. It was so refreshing! When we asked baby Iaree if she liked it we got two nods of approval. I cant help to have our own place and start buying our furnitures where Ryan will not stop me and say is that easy to ship out?

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