Dec 17, 2009

My hand in photography

These past few weeks I'm so busy doing nothing. Don't get me wrong my daughter doesn't let me off her sight so if I want to practice with our D90 hah she'll be there to bug mommy. Anyway this is nothing to brag about but posting it here as this is the only site that's my own. Our multiply site is like our family site and facebook is out of the question as I'm not even close to even say I own a DSLR. Whew! I never knew learning the ropes of photography could be one of the most difficult things I have studied...errr...ok I still don't know how to drive but throw me a complicated study of cognitive psychology or neuro psych it would make more sense.

Dec 9, 2009

Having a cute baby is my life's good karma

It's official. It's not only my husband and me who says our daughter is pretty or cute so this is the proud momma speaking. Hahaha. I had an urge to reply to my college friend that my mother used to get the same comments when she mentioned online that I do have a beautiful daughter. Hahaha. Of course that isn't true and she of all people would know how insecure I was before.

Along with my reverie of thoughts as a result of this unplanned staying at home I received yet another invitation in facebook from this guy who was THE GUY from the past. Needless to say I have come a long way from the girl who had so many rejections so many heartaches as I am now the woman blessed with such a loving and supportive family, the pretty & talented daughter was an icing on the cake. Gosh how I used to cry a lot back then and now none of that matters and in fact they are the ones now seeking my friendship (online at least, well this guy still chats with me too once in a while and used to text me when I was in the Phil). How I ended up happy 80-90% of my days (which I think is a good percentage considering life's trials) is something that I marvel at. I am not certain how it happened. As Julie Andrews' once sang - "there's something in my youth or childhood...I must have done something good". Could it be that Ryan & I met at the right time? One thing for sure I'm grateful I was not stuck that time with these loser guys ugh or I wouldn't have this pretty little girl with my Chinese looking husband. So nice how things work out when I used to think there was no hope for me at all.

Dec 8, 2009

Have you set up your Christmas decor?

It's Christmas once again!

Have you set you set up your Christmas decor? This year will be an easy (?) one for me because I have the help of a very eager little helper.

Dec 1, 2009

Something unexpected

I was a planner and I guess I still am. However now I came to accept that life gives you pleasant surprises and nasty ones. It's there everyday in the little things that come your way. And life is wonderful like that some may not agree to that statement seeing how unexpected things can throw you off the track. End of the day it's a matter of outlook. You do not have to dissect each event in your life and ask questions that leaves you frustrated when unanswered.

This was my most recent pleasant surprise...
December 1, today, was supposed to be my orientation day and first day in my new team. To prepare myself for a come-back (recruitment) role I took a leave Nov 30 making it a 4 day long holiday for me. Yesterday at past 6 pm I got a call. "Sorry Rhodora your work permit isn't ready yet so you cannot start tomorrow." Such statement could make me panic but since my work permit is already cancelled on the other side I do not have any obligations to work with anyone. Which only means one thing for me...more time given to spend with my daughter even if I was not asking for it. I love it! Hahaha daddy was jealous!