Dec 1, 2009

Something unexpected

I was a planner and I guess I still am. However now I came to accept that life gives you pleasant surprises and nasty ones. It's there everyday in the little things that come your way. And life is wonderful like that some may not agree to that statement seeing how unexpected things can throw you off the track. End of the day it's a matter of outlook. You do not have to dissect each event in your life and ask questions that leaves you frustrated when unanswered.

This was my most recent pleasant surprise...
December 1, today, was supposed to be my orientation day and first day in my new team. To prepare myself for a come-back (recruitment) role I took a leave Nov 30 making it a 4 day long holiday for me. Yesterday at past 6 pm I got a call. "Sorry Rhodora your work permit isn't ready yet so you cannot start tomorrow." Such statement could make me panic but since my work permit is already cancelled on the other side I do not have any obligations to work with anyone. Which only means one thing for me...more time given to spend with my daughter even if I was not asking for it. I love it! Hahaha daddy was jealous!

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eiNa said...

shift job again..for which comp? =D

miss old team mates