Nov 30, 2009

My baby bumblebee

My oh baby bumblebee is growing up too fast too soon!
I can't even call her my baby anymore or she will start cuddling up and making baby noises "eeeh..ehhh.."making her voice even tinier. Of course the cuddle part I do not mind but I'm starting to realize that she's spoiled by me as much as she is spoiled by daddy. Hmmm...we have to stop this. It's just that with only one kid at home it's so damn hard not to give her too much attention. wonder people are saying I was a spoiled brat. Mind you being spoiled is not only on the material things I think it's really more on getting what you want when you want it. That's why I was obviously so stubborn as well used to getting things my way. Hahaha!So life is such a misery and a tradegy when I don't when actually it wasn't so but. Although from the way I see it my daughter is not yet so bad in fact she has good manners that I myself forget to use on her. She says please when asking for something. She says thank you after you give it. When she's not toooo guilty or scared when we are angry she says sorry. She also says excuse me when we are in her way. I was so impressed that we didn't have to teach her this but I think it was more on setting the example and suddenly she was picking it up. The tv shows from playhouse disney was also a big help as when they talk to each other they all have their manners. Cool! So we do try to savour every fun moment as much as we can.


Salina Inzaghi said...

since ur baby is no longer a baby, maybe it's time to get a new baby? *lol*

~dowadee~ said...

whaaaat???!hahaha. you first ok I don't want to make too many babies ahead of you.