Oct 29, 2008

My little drama queen

As much as Ryan hates to scold Iaree she is not listening to me last night when she was reaching for the stuff in the bedside table. So for more impact I told Ryan, as he was the only block to it, to scold Iaree.

Of course she cried a lot so while trying to comfort her she asked for dede from mommy. She has calmed down so I told the very guilty daddy to comfort her para bati na sila...so Ryan was smoothing her hair and kissing her too. Then out of the blue she was crying again. Hahaha as in this was the part I cant hold my laughter. She was also pushing Ryan away even when he tried to hug her she gently kicked him. Slow one with no intention of really hurting him and then tears were streaming down her face again as she countinued holding on to me. I was not expecting her to be such a drama queen.

When she stopped crying again. I explained to her that daddy scolded you because it was time to sleep and you still wanted to play. Then I told her we love daddy and daddy loves you. She suddenly got up and tapped Ryan who was already feeling really really bad and really angry at me for laughing still and his back was turned away from us. She tapped Ryan and said softly "dada! dada!" then Iaree & daddy hugged and kissed.

Hahaha!What a sight and what a scene! She finally slept after that.

Oct 14, 2008

Thoughts about work

Ever worked in a place where a lot of people genuinely likes you? As in like you without needing anything from you or despite you not hanging out with them often? Where the only people who loathe you are those who envy you and maybe once in a while your boss who wants to strangle you for not living up to his expectations?

Well I do..working at the HR department could deprive you of this. While I do have good and real friends each company I join the employee population in general would be cursing you for something that management have decided to do or not do which you are merely executing. Maybe that's the reason I picked my favorite responsibility in HR and pursued that instead. Voila! Here I am experiencing things I never thought would be possible. Then again at the expense of doing very routinary task else if you want to make a change it would be something unfamiliar that would make you sweat blood before you can complete it. Then even the routinary task would make you bleed when you have a handful of candidates ready to join then they all back out. Tell me was it your fault then? Are you not working hard enough? When everyday you manage to line up at least 5 people from an almost barren market and still they fail miserably in the interviews.

It's a vicious cycle of sourcing, scheduling for interview releasing offer then backing out anytime in the process that made me think what is it that I enjoy doing the most? Is it HR work or recruitment job?

I once read an article that says companies should re-examine their managers for the high turnovers in the company. Could your manager really put a lot of weight in your decision? For me I guess not but it sure helps you be a little more productive at work when the person you are reporting to values your work and is in tune with why you can accomplish anything. He or she may not give you the answer as to how to solve the problem but he or she would be willing to work it out with you.

It's crazy that 2 days before our vacation I'm going nuts in my job. Go figure I was supposed to have 6-7 candidates this month who will join and I might be left with 2. With my best efforts I might manage to add 2-3 more before I take a long vacation. Not to mention I had a shot on doing another requirement not normally in my list then the candidate is about the quit. Giving a job to someone is not fun anymore if its like this. I love recruitment because I feel that I help out people in redeeming themselves and getting their careers on track by giving them a new job that either pays well or gives better exposure in their field. But man does it most of the time boil down to money talk! If and when it comes to this can you say that its your incompetency? In HR you excel when you handle situations gracefully, tactfully and professionally despite the adversities. It takes a while for people to see through you before you make friends. In recruitment it all about the numbers that you make each month, rat race? that's for sure.

Oct 10, 2008


Yey! we got our OEC's already (the certificate so we wont have to pay travel tax in the airport an exemption of OFW's). Uwing uwi na kme!

We'll I'm excited coz we have so many plans and kahit Tagaytay lng ang mararating namin for now it's good enough for me coz I know Tagaytay is a food haven for a lot of dishes I've been craving for! And it will be our 4th year na...no fancy gifts this year we said we'll save it from the 5th hahaha well actually magastos kseng umuwi. Kurips pala hahaha! Sana makapagbeach naman next time.

I'm also excited because it's easier to travel baby iaree around at least I dont need to breast feed her every 3 hours when it's not so convenient in the Philippine malls. Plus we dont have to carry her around all the time err...the negative side though is if she wants to she's a bit heavy to carry now and she doesnt fit the baby carrier anymore =(

I hope hope hope I have time to meet friends but I dont want to exhaust Iaree too much and depriving her of her afternoon naps. Let's see.

And and and...I can't wait to shop and shop and shop!My budget is set and my shopping buddy well trained...soon all we will need from daddy is his driving skills and credit card. Hahaha! Peace mahal!

Oct 6, 2008


Saturday was not my day.

I was so looking forward to the weekend right? In fact I started washing clothes early and as promised I started working from home. But that was not enough for my boss and junior boss. Despite sucessfully getting around 15 profiles they still insisted I go to office to call. Hmmm...it was really impractical for me to do that as we are not paid to work on weekends and I'd really love to spend time at home with baby & hubby. But they relentlessly bugged me and saying unecessary words (as if you are paid) that I just want to shut them up. I went in submission to their nagging.

I did not talk to a single person in the office. Despite them talking to me.

After that Ryan and I had a row after shopping for some stuff (this one has major guilt combined as it was my fault). But boy was I feeling sooo sooo low. And that too, Iaree was so sleepy when we arrived that I lost a day spent with her. Oh well...there are rainy days and there are bad bad days which felt like there's no end.

But today is Monday and I took a dose of positivity with me. No grudges except that junior boss is taking it to heart that I did not talk to them last Saturday. Hehehe what's a pissed off girl got to do? And Sunday was a better day, we heard mass at a new church with a better sermon (no politics included) and shorter too. I was able to pick fresh fruits from the night market. I managed to organize the clothes - gee am I getting fulfilled lately in arranging stuff? And plenty plenty of play time with Iaree. Plus pending shows to watch with Ryan =)

Oct 3, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Isn't holidays so much fun??! It need not be grand or anything (but of course if you have the money to splurge why not). End of Ramadhan so two days staying at home did it for me. Not to mention that today's a Friday so apart from the hardly filled streets and office a lot of people are just in the laze around mood.

As hard as I try not to it's just so easy to fall into the lazy mode at work. Hahaha. All that boss can do is tease me all day long and shake his head. Pity but not working. Hahaha!

I learned a few more things about Iaree baby:

- Morning siesta for her once she sees her milk bottle she would look for a position in her play mat to lie down. (I dont get to see this since if I am around she wants to feed from mommy directly)

- She is very observant of how I would react to her. After persistenly asking dede from me and I standing firm that she should have her dinner first she screamed and I just looked at her (with a not so mad face, more like what was that for?) and she tried being sweet (still repeatedly saying - dede), hugging me, making beautiful eyes, and begging (changing the tone of her voice). Daddy finally demanded that once she does the sweet and smiley thing again to reward her so she would know that's the proper way to ask.

- She giggles a lot when we jump but it's a very tiring entertainment I was out of breathe. Hahaha.

That's it basically, oh and as part of rearranging the room we decluttered to make more room in the drawers and cabinets. Next project: making a backup of all photos & files from our already full external HD's.

To all my muslim friends and colleagues hope you had a great time in your Kampung!!Selamat Hari Raya!