Oct 3, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Isn't holidays so much fun??! It need not be grand or anything (but of course if you have the money to splurge why not). End of Ramadhan so two days staying at home did it for me. Not to mention that today's a Friday so apart from the hardly filled streets and office a lot of people are just in the laze around mood.

As hard as I try not to it's just so easy to fall into the lazy mode at work. Hahaha. All that boss can do is tease me all day long and shake his head. Pity but not working. Hahaha!

I learned a few more things about Iaree baby:

- Morning siesta for her once she sees her milk bottle she would look for a position in her play mat to lie down. (I dont get to see this since if I am around she wants to feed from mommy directly)

- She is very observant of how I would react to her. After persistenly asking dede from me and I standing firm that she should have her dinner first she screamed and I just looked at her (with a not so mad face, more like what was that for?) and she tried being sweet (still repeatedly saying - dede), hugging me, making beautiful eyes, and begging (changing the tone of her voice). Daddy finally demanded that once she does the sweet and smiley thing again to reward her so she would know that's the proper way to ask.

- She giggles a lot when we jump but it's a very tiring entertainment I was out of breathe. Hahaha.

That's it basically, oh and as part of rearranging the room we decluttered to make more room in the drawers and cabinets. Next project: making a backup of all photos & files from our already full external HD's.

To all my muslim friends and colleagues hope you had a great time in your Kampung!!Selamat Hari Raya!

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