Mar 19, 2009

What's up?

Here I am and I thought as a stay-at-home-mom I have the luxury to blog more often. I was obviously mistaken. I was not mistaken though that it will be tough at first and boy was is really tough not only for me but also for Ryan. Our baby 18 mos old (Jan) started having tantrums before sleeping. As in if it's sleeping time she throws tantrums despite her droopy sleepy eyes. She just wants to stay awake and play or do something like ransack my drawers. We tried everything pretended to sleep, turned off the lights, fed her well, gave her a sleep routine nothing worked. There was even one time that Ryan and I both fell asleep for a few minutes when I opened my eyes there she was playing still. We took her to a developmental pedia not that she can do anything with it but I was hoping that she has a broader understanding in a child's development to no avail her advice was as useless as the other things we have tried. Well ok somehow talking to her made us pinpoint that the baby is sabik to play with daddy. Hence she wants to extend the evening.

It was more frustrating for me because I thought I was equipped with children's development studying it for my masters. Apparently with a wailing child and lack of sleep you simply can't put theories into practice. What finally worked was Ryan would stay out until she falls asleep. This worked for two weeks and now even if she still sleeps late 11 PM or 12 AM she manages to sleep with Ryan around. Coz poor Ryan had been forgotten several times waiting for me to call him or text him when both Iaree and I are already faraway in dreamland.

After that and until now full time motherhood and housewife is so much fun. It simply meant I have to have a routine or at least a flexible one to accommodate sleep hour changes of Iaree. I have to cook food 1-2 days before so I have something prepared if Iaree is being difficult (defined as: won't leave mommy's side or asks to be carried). Another bad habit we missed correcting and now I understand the consequences was she got used to be carried to sleep. Hence while she takes her nap at noon I am carrying her. Leaving me free to only watch my Sex and the City episodes in the laptop. Once in a while with my free hand I chat with friends and family to keep in touch.

I feel guilty about this but her addiction to Barney & Barbie gives me a few hours to do other chores or sometimes cook and take a bath. Generally she behaves very well. As long as I give her undivided play time if she got engrossed mommy can cook or pick up the mess in the house. Aside from the mess and the unfolded wash clothes I have everything under control. Now I understand how rewarding it is to spend time with your baby. Iaree baby is so sweet - she asks for hugs all the time, sings the alphabet A-G and LMNOP. And she recognizes the letters already as we have alphabet ref magnets. Gone was the 17 month old baby so difficult to feed. She was such a hearty eater now. At 20 mos she has built up a lot of vocabulary and so many action songs. I love every minute of it!Something I know I will miss very soon. Thanks to my wonderful husband who made me feel I am not alone with the household chores or taking care of the baby and especially for making it possible to be Stay At Home Mom.