Jun 9, 2016

Heart is singing in a grateful voice

There are good days and there are bad days but there are days that your heart is just over-flowing with gratefulness.

I am definitely having one of those days. I feel so alive because the first few months I was dragging myself day to day...even the culminating activity prior to migrating was torture. To be liberated from that feeling is WONDERFUL!!

Ryan started work. We are getting our daily rhythm but to top that all we are just find the right car to buy as he passed the driving test last week. Yesterday we got approved to rent an apartment (yes!it's like a job interview / plenty of reference checking). We can finally be on our own again. It's starting to be a little challenging staying at other people's house. Today at work I interviewed people for the first time in decades I guess (interviewing internal people in the company doesn't count much). I can make a difference in their lives as most of them are currently unemployed. I am loving my job. It's not heavy but it requires some brain power on my end. As long as I have that I feel energized. I am challenged to think and assess people at a professional level. It is so awesome!!My gosh felt like it was ages ago despite me having these feelings when I was a manager in my previous company. The girls seems to be coping somehow in the set-up...we are giving them more time. Thing is...life is not perfect right now but I sure can see the light at the end of this tunnel. I even started feeling the light on my face. I love it! All glory & praises to God.

Jun 4, 2016

Thank you Lord!

Glory and praises to God.

It was a tough 2.5 mos really. The bickering, self-doubt, anxiety, exhaustion all creeps up slowly or BAM! All at once but you know what everytime that I feel the lowest of low God sends someone on our path to enlighten us to remain faithful and be strong. In my last blog I was very down but after staying online an old acquaintance who is God's follower told me that he will pray for us and that to remain faithful to him. I never even told him a lot about our situation other than I met someone here who we both know and that we are still looking for a job. Then after talking to him hearing being reminded that God is always with us I was uplifted. Everytime I talk to a family member or close friend who would tell us that they are praying for us I feel so much better and gain energy for another day. Ryan & I also met this wonderful lady in OFE who believed we were doing the right moves and to stay strong. She was nice and gave sensible advice other than what we would hear spoken to us all the time and finally my manager. She believes in giving me a chance. Did you know I only had 1 interview over my 70+ application? I then got the job together with the support of my ex-bosses & ex-colleague for what I could just imagine was a raving reference feedback about me.

When we got the job offer we were worried about the child care but on the same day an advertisement opened up online and this wonderful lady turned out to be just on our neighborhood. Now the kids are receiving good care. We are now faced with a new hurdle which is finding our own place. Contrary to what we hope for we can't stay with our sponsors anymore. In face-value we can't save a lot anymore because we have to move out but deep down it's for the best actually. I can plan our meals better and the kids will be more comfortable not to tip toe around and be told "no" or "don't" or "cannot" all the time. Also as of today Ryan passed his driving test so one at a time we are building our life back.

Thank you Lord!