Dec 17, 2009

My hand in photography

These past few weeks I'm so busy doing nothing. Don't get me wrong my daughter doesn't let me off her sight so if I want to practice with our D90 hah she'll be there to bug mommy. Anyway this is nothing to brag about but posting it here as this is the only site that's my own. Our multiply site is like our family site and facebook is out of the question as I'm not even close to even say I own a DSLR. Whew! I never knew learning the ropes of photography could be one of the most difficult things I have studied...errr...ok I still don't know how to drive but throw me a complicated study of cognitive psychology or neuro psych it would make more sense.

Dec 9, 2009

Having a cute baby is my life's good karma

It's official. It's not only my husband and me who says our daughter is pretty or cute so this is the proud momma speaking. Hahaha. I had an urge to reply to my college friend that my mother used to get the same comments when she mentioned online that I do have a beautiful daughter. Hahaha. Of course that isn't true and she of all people would know how insecure I was before.

Along with my reverie of thoughts as a result of this unplanned staying at home I received yet another invitation in facebook from this guy who was THE GUY from the past. Needless to say I have come a long way from the girl who had so many rejections so many heartaches as I am now the woman blessed with such a loving and supportive family, the pretty & talented daughter was an icing on the cake. Gosh how I used to cry a lot back then and now none of that matters and in fact they are the ones now seeking my friendship (online at least, well this guy still chats with me too once in a while and used to text me when I was in the Phil). How I ended up happy 80-90% of my days (which I think is a good percentage considering life's trials) is something that I marvel at. I am not certain how it happened. As Julie Andrews' once sang - "there's something in my youth or childhood...I must have done something good". Could it be that Ryan & I met at the right time? One thing for sure I'm grateful I was not stuck that time with these loser guys ugh or I wouldn't have this pretty little girl with my Chinese looking husband. So nice how things work out when I used to think there was no hope for me at all.

Dec 8, 2009

Have you set up your Christmas decor?

It's Christmas once again!

Have you set you set up your Christmas decor? This year will be an easy (?) one for me because I have the help of a very eager little helper.

Dec 1, 2009

Something unexpected

I was a planner and I guess I still am. However now I came to accept that life gives you pleasant surprises and nasty ones. It's there everyday in the little things that come your way. And life is wonderful like that some may not agree to that statement seeing how unexpected things can throw you off the track. End of the day it's a matter of outlook. You do not have to dissect each event in your life and ask questions that leaves you frustrated when unanswered.

This was my most recent pleasant surprise...
December 1, today, was supposed to be my orientation day and first day in my new team. To prepare myself for a come-back (recruitment) role I took a leave Nov 30 making it a 4 day long holiday for me. Yesterday at past 6 pm I got a call. "Sorry Rhodora your work permit isn't ready yet so you cannot start tomorrow." Such statement could make me panic but since my work permit is already cancelled on the other side I do not have any obligations to work with anyone. Which only means one thing for me...more time given to spend with my daughter even if I was not asking for it. I love it! Hahaha daddy was jealous!

Nov 30, 2009

My baby bumblebee

My oh baby bumblebee is growing up too fast too soon!
I can't even call her my baby anymore or she will start cuddling up and making baby noises "eeeh..ehhh.."making her voice even tinier. Of course the cuddle part I do not mind but I'm starting to realize that she's spoiled by me as much as she is spoiled by daddy. Hmmm...we have to stop this. It's just that with only one kid at home it's so damn hard not to give her too much attention. wonder people are saying I was a spoiled brat. Mind you being spoiled is not only on the material things I think it's really more on getting what you want when you want it. That's why I was obviously so stubborn as well used to getting things my way. Hahaha!So life is such a misery and a tradegy when I don't when actually it wasn't so but. Although from the way I see it my daughter is not yet so bad in fact she has good manners that I myself forget to use on her. She says please when asking for something. She says thank you after you give it. When she's not toooo guilty or scared when we are angry she says sorry. She also says excuse me when we are in her way. I was so impressed that we didn't have to teach her this but I think it was more on setting the example and suddenly she was picking it up. The tv shows from playhouse disney was also a big help as when they talk to each other they all have their manners. Cool! So we do try to savour every fun moment as much as we can.

Nov 20, 2009

Did I do a good job?

I am leaving once again.
Since I joined my new company I have been hopping around the organization. Teehee. I had never been a job hopper and I never intend to but of course there were unseen circumstances. This time towards something that I like or at least not stuck with something(aka as unstable system that I am working on) or somewhere I do not like(aka Cyberjaya). I had to grab it while the window of opportunity was open. So while they used to rave about me and how valuable I am to the team that's why they cannot let me go and the other team getting me was saying she's our only best candidate for this job as the days are near I am actually getting pressured if I really am the girl they were describing.

I remember that I was willing for my career to take a backseat when I felt that my family is my no.1 priority. Thing with recruitment or perhaps having any thriving career for that matter with a household and child to balance is enough to drive any woman nuts. Add to that though being a wife is not exactly a task these are the things you still have to be good at. How can I be a good mom or wife if I am soooo stressed at work?? Anyway, I went back to the game didn't I? It was really great that I was able to stop and experience being a stay at home mom. Ideally, as my married colleagues put it, the job we are doing is just nice for moms like us because our priorities have changed. Hah! For crying out loud I am still very loaded and although at the end of the day even with people screaming at me I shut down my laptop to catch my bus that was just part of me developing a thick skin. Hahaha. Yes Recruitment may have a more hectic demands but I guess when your heart is set at something & it's the kind of stress I am used to PLUS career wise it add values to my experience so with it I still can climb the ladder in an organization if I want to.

Scary but I just realized I have not been in recruitment for almost a year. Will I make it as they expected me to? Hopefully later people I will leave behind in my team especially the managers who hired me will find it in their heart to forgive me. I love my team and the managers too!!It's not often you get to say that in your career right? I just hope too that later they will remember that I somehow contributed to the team. Sigh. Don't you just hate goodbyes

Nov 3, 2009

Robbery & Sale

It must be the height of Christmas season in the Philippines.

Left and right I am getting either stories about robbery or information about sale. I remember that during this season I am so scared going to robbery prone areas and vigilant to the fact that they get more and more creative each year. It's so terrible. Having stayed here in Malaysia for 3 years now makes me long to go back to the Philippines with the comforts of home and friends but reading about these horror stories and knowing how close you can get in experiencing one is the main reason why we are still here and considering to move to New Zealand - ZERO crime rate.

Oh but the shopping at this time is so awesome!!!I also remember not spending too much on months before so I can splurge on shopping for Christmas. As kids, lolo used to give us a budget based on the people who we will buy gifts for. Looking back I realize that was so nice of him to do that. As a child you felt it was ordinary but if he & lola could hear me now I now appreciate more what a great gift they give to us.

Well I'm getting sentimental coz we are not going home this year. It's so costly to go back home especially on peak season. Maybe I would just start saving up for a Christmas trip next year so that like when I was a small girl Iaree can experience being surrounded with lots & lots of gifts too coming from loved ones. But I do pray for my family and friends to stay safe during this season. I still can't believe how the demand for these bad people get high around this season. I mean are they doing this so that their own families have a great Christmas as well? Then it's totally missing the point. Even Jesus was born in a manger and did not have to be covered in expensive clothes and have a big spread of food before him. While I'm at it I will pray for these criminals enlightenment as well so that they do not affect of harm other people. Arrrgh. I really hope they stop this already. Aiyaa so worried lah! (hehe, I so speak with a Malaysian accent nowadays).

Sep 14, 2009

the upcoming 5th Year

We must admit that one thing we are jealous of other couples is that they still get to go out watch a movie, go on a date have a little alone time. Coz that doesn't seem to be in the vocabulary of my mom. If we do that she'll feel left out blah blah blah. And I also asked Ryan if my mom would agree knowing how we are with our daughter we don't have the heart to leave her anyway so we also have an issue.

The last movie we saw together was Transformers 2 and trust me I was the first in the exit door of the movie house. It was not a date at all. We used to have DVD nights at home but lately Iaree sleeps so late or she hostages one of us to sit with her in her playroom. Literally hostage or we'll get screamed at - "Daddy sit!" "Mommy sit!". If we are around there has to be at least one of us there with her. So nowadays to watch a movie that we like we watch separately too.

As we are in cost-saving mode we didn't want to spend on a lavish anniversary trip. Iaree would of course be FOC but my mom would be an extra expense, extra room, extra buffet breakfast...etc. Ryan is thinking of getting me a diamond something and I was thinking of getting him a watch as he doesn't own one. Problem is he is not keen of wearing one either. We are out of options here I wanted it to be a special day. I know we wont be able to go somewhere and nowadays Ryan is such as KJ to pose for pictures so even if I just make a special dinner at home the day will pass to be such an ordinary one. I guess I just have to dream on in having a special celebration. =( Sulk.

Sep 10, 2009

Car-less days

It's so difficult to be car-less in Malaysia. Transport system is not so awesome especially in the place we live now. And taxi/bus fare is not as cheap anymore after the fare hike.

On a different perspective we may be car-less but still thankful that Ryan is okay and harm-free. Really really worth thanking for especially when I saw our car's condition after the accident.

It happened one very rainy day on his way to pick me up as usual he was driving on an inclined highway with a good distance from the car in front of him suddenly the car stopped and when he hit the brakes since the road was inclined and slippery - BANG!!! The Proton Saga that he hit was dent free unfortunately our Proton Wira was like a sardines can that easily got smashed. What more the heavy rain caused further damage to the engine which the insurance won't cover. Talk about mucho dinero!

Last two weeks we both are enduring taking the bus and now that Ryan is getting the car back today he is actually considering of parking it instead at the bus terminal (cheap parking RM 1 = PHP 13 for the whole day) then taking the bus. Anyway I too am taking a bus since I work here in Cyberjaya now. Of course he's still thinking twice as he might only take 1 bus ride but waiting for the bus and the bus route takes an eternity to reach the destination.

Despite the expenses we are thinking of going somewhere tomorrow or over the weekend to celebrate getting the car back. Hehehehe. We really missed it.

Aug 13, 2009

My start date OVER THERE was made early!!!

Wag sabihan ng "easy lng or chill" ang tao na mainit ang ulo dahil inilipat sa work place na di nya gusto!Hmp!

I thought I would be over this and I have conditioned myself to start my new role back to the pitiful palce I called Cyber (no offense but I cant help it coz the transport system over there really sucks as in missing the bus makes 2 hrs diff in the time you get home and not to mention expensive!!!). However suddenly they changed the date and I would have to start earlier than expected. Now that I am so in a middle of a lot of this which I also expected to wrap up by their earlier committed date. Of course I want to leave my post with a good exit where I have finished if not possible all but at least 80-90% of my tasks. These past few weeks I have been building good rapport with the managers of the business units that I am in charge of. They are very easy to work with and considering their high posts they are actually very nice and have sense of humor. Likewise I have been friends with a lot of people here and got accepted quite well.

Oh well. Yesterday I slipped back to my "furious" mode and I am suddenly wondering how I can motivate myself and smile that I love to be there on my first day. I mean at the moment I know that I need to but I hope that "need" would suffice to fuel me to work efficiently like I always do with all my previous company where I love what I do and I like the place I work at. Oh and again please dont tell me to take it "easy" as I am obviously not in that state of mind!!!

Aug 10, 2009

Shopping crisis

What is it with women & clothes shopping? Well shoe shopping or even BOTH for some.

Our landlord who is nice but stingy furnished the condo with a tiny wardrobe closet (for my standard) which means I barely left Ryan space to place his clothes. Hehehe.

Now that I'm back to work and just came from shopping from our last trip to the Phils I am finally realizing that I have plenty of clothes. Because the only thing I have worn 2x - 3x are my slacks & cardigans. That too I have only alternately worn after a week or two. I even include thanking God every night specifically for this blessing apart from our health, safety & food that we eat. If we are not seriously saving - which we ALWAYS remind ourselves before and during the weekend - I'm sure I'd find it hard to resist the Malaysia Mega-Sale. Actually I had an early taste of it before we left for the Phils where I spent hundreds on Esprit & Mango (in fairness to me it was really a big bargain). Hahaha. To think I didn't have a job back then. But how come I feel I need a new skirt, blouse & blazer. Arrrrghhh!!!

Do you think I have started this little girl's career a little too early?

Aug 5, 2009

I love you Mommy!

I've been waiting for the moment my darling girl can utter the words I love you. Since she was about 18 months she can associate "I love you" with Barney's popular I love you song. She hugs us when the song is sung and even gives us a kiss. Recently she had been singing it with her own words - "A la lu". Since I sing it to her following the Barney I love you tune - I love you baby iaree. She surprised us weeks ago by singing it exactly as "A la lu Baby Yayee" hahaha. That was the same time we were sure she was referring to herself when asked what her name was. She calls herself Yayee.

Last week I've been getting her to sing A la lu mommy instead and when she did Ryan tickled her prompting her to sing A la lu daddy too. Being the cheeky (and alaskador) baby she is (like her dad) she kept on singing "A la lu mommy" on and on to tease daddy more. Then daddy realized she was singing A la lu mommy to spite him so he stopped tickling her and promised to tickle her if she says a la lu daddy. We called her on the phone the other day which we never missed since I went back to work and again she was singing to us a la lu mommy mommy. It was hilarious, she was laughing on the other line, I was laughing and daddy was getting angry. Hahaha!She was even saying I love you to Dora which she pronouce as - dowa so it was like she was saying I love you to mommy again. Hahaha. "A la lu dowa dowa".

Last night daddy's reverse tactics of tickling her finally worked after a few days of torture when she prefers singing A lu lu mommy mommy. Daddy finally enjoyed a lot of "a la lu daddy daddy".

Jul 31, 2009

All things are temporary...especially my job!

Though I was unable to share the past events on how we decided it was best for me to be a stay-at-home mom, those who were close to me knew why I was doing it. It wasn't easy and I wasn't fully supported even by my close friends and relatives. They felt it was such a waste that a straight-A student like me, almost completed her masters, who is very driven and ambitious would simply give up her career (to think they didn't know at that time that I was being offered an Asst. Manager position). We were so decided that even the begging of my boss (who not only had lenghty discussions with me but also sat down with my husband to make me stay even a few months longer) made me even extend my notice. What was hard to explain was since I had Iaree all our priorities shifted to her and what would be best for her. I felt that doing it for her I was doing it for myself too. It came to a point that this was not a matter of multitasking anymore (which I used to pride myself of doing).

It was a tough start, my mom went back at that time and financially it was such a bad timing for my side of the family. My father who was in the Phils for the Christmas break went back to work to find out his company shut down. We were all unemployed, me, my father, my mother & my prodigal brother who after 6 years is still in college and not even close to finishing it. This was followed by a series of unfortunate events which included my sister-in-law's retrenchment (she along with my husband supports their family) and the decision of my husband's client to drop him as their IT Consultant. Adjustment to the new role also took a few weeks for me. Iaree was more clingy and pampered by me when it's nap time. I carry her while asleep and if she sleeps 11AM I would surely miss my lunch. Motherhood it seems was more than a 12 hour job.

Eventually though mama found some temporary jobs and at least they have some sort of income. My sister in law manage to land a job too after almost a two month search.Although my brother who we asked to look for job too doesn't seem to understand the weight of our situation. I also got a hang of things at home and was actually enjoying it - finally! Ryan was very helpful around the house. Even after a long day from work he would help me clean up in the kitchen or take care of Iaree and let me do things. I knew I was doing ok when I manage to prepare regular meals, do a little housekeeping and still have time to play with Iaree. It was fun! And it was so amazing to see Iaree learn so many stuffs, I really got to watch her bloom. I was also enjoying taking naps with Iaree, a luxury working people cannot afford. If I am not sleeping I watch 2-3 episodes of my DVD series collection that I had to put off when I used to work. I completed Sex in the City and was halfway through Ally Mc Beal with Heroes, Brother's & Sister's and other movies on the side. Plus all Dan Brown books and more. I was having a blast for what most people warned me might be a boring role.

A few months later an opportunity came to me. In the midst of retrenchment, pay-cut, no salary increments and difficulties of getting a job, a Filipino acquaintance who got relocated in Malaysia offered me a job straight away with a good salary and a chance to upgrade our lifestyle as this would require us to relocate to a better place just a few minutes away from the convenience of hypermarts & malls.

As the decision to stop working was made over a long period of time it was not an easy feat for us to decide on going back. Arguments, serious deliberation, happy anticipation, fear enumeration all the usual fuss we tried to squeeze in a short span of time as the company didn't give me that long to decide to accept it or not. When we finally agreed to give it a shot against our previous conviction that it was best for me to stay at home for the time being and even if that time mama found a more permanent job & papa set up a small home business. It took like forever for them to process my employment permit but I was finally back to work after 6 mos of role change. It was so heartbreaking to part from my darling girl and after almost a month I'm still not over it. It was just a consolation though that this company is not as demanding and I am only 5-10 mins away from home. So I still get to play with Iaree in the playground or take her out to swim. Plus I cook dinner and even clean our room. Again we needed mama to help us out with Iaree coz they we such in a hurry before that we didn't have the time to process or even look for a yaya. (Nobody really expected the hitches in the work permit). It's all well isn't it? Brand new home in a place we so so love!!!Very very convenient to my workplace and though it's farther for Ryan, his petrol is cheaper because he passes via highway that is not too inclined as compared to where we previously live (read: full tank now lasts 10-14 days as compared to 5-7 days before).

It was a perfect picture...ONLY FOR A WEEK because the next week after I started work I was told that my post had to be dissolve due to wrong calculation on the load of work hence my team's headcount was exceeded. Ang saya di ba?! Literal na di pa umiinit ang pwet ko sa upuan ko. I was so mad and frustrated to a point gusto ko sapakin ung taong nagbigay sa akin ng work. Hehe good thing he was a nice person and he already had an alternative. He was offering me a non-recruitment job in my previous work location (which I totally hated and take note the location was one major factor in my decision to quit). Great right?!

We resorted again to deliberation time, well it wasn't much of a deliberation because as Ryan puts it - you are getting janitorial job with a supervisory pay, I'd just have to endure that long travel again. I have to set aside any career progression with this type of job. If we didn't spend for our house transfer, mama's visa & flight tickets we would consider me quitting instead. But I wasn't really left in the dark right and I came to realize that sometimes God has plans we don't understand at the moment. SLOWLY (yes slowly as the operative word here as I kept on lamenting about this to everybody when I was so so down) I saw the advantage of this unexpected and unwelcomed change. I may work far and travel long hours again but at least my work will not be as demanding. They even hinted that once I get the hang of my new role I can ask permission to work on our branch near our condo (where I am at the moment) or even work from home. With Iaree as my priority that could actually work. Let's see. It's just a year of contract anyway and despite what they say not counting eggs before they hatch we actually have. So a little sacrifice from me could do our family good. Anyway I have a very supportive husband, adorable daughter & helpful mother so I know I can pull this off.

Jul 6, 2009

The 2nd birthday Celebration in Pinas

It's not wise for us to go home as often as before so we wanted to make this trip a memorable one.

We made a last minute decision to throw a quick & simple Jollibee party for Iaree even if we decided against it in the first place (back in Feb when we bought our plane tickets) being considerate of the economic crisis that struck both our families directly. All along it was supposed to be a simple dinner with both of our families and that's it. When we were listing our menu and guest we realized that the expenses is so close to our original Jollibee party budget so a month before we left we reverted to our first plan of Jollibee party. We also thank God for the blessings we have received and we foresee that our families will be stable again soon so a party will not be so inappropriate after all.

Since it was a last minute thing, all the Jollibee's near Makati was either booked or the timing was off (it was Iaree's sleeping time) and although Iaree had no idea who Jollibee is, the food there is something we look forward to since McDonald's and other fastfoods are available here in Malaysia. Meanwhile, in Pampanga we learned from my sis-in-law's that since McDonald's in their town closed they only allowed party in Jollibee every weekends and only during Iaree's sleeping time. Yes, we wanted to give Iaree 2 Jollibee parties (at my hometown - Makati & at Ryan's - Guagua) .. Hehehe we're not addicts nor fans of Jollibee but as I've said it was the easiest fastest and economical choice for a children's party.

End product - a simple close family "grilled all-Filipino dishes" at Pampanga and a Jollibee party in Ortigas Roosevelt. The result? We had a blast and most importantly Iaree really really had a great time.

In Pampanga: After she warmed up with her cousins she had a great time playing with them. Not to mention it was the first time she saw a live chicken so even with the chicken she was so ecstatic. She was screaming, running and forgetting mommy & daddy. She bonded well with her cousins and enjoyed herself very much that Ryan and I was so happy despite not being able to throw a Jollibee or a grander party than that.

In Manila: She bonded well with Jollibee. Her first orientation of Jollibee was through pictures I downloaded and when she saw Jollibee on the first day we arrived she was shouting and pointing at a Jollibee restaurant. Saying "Jaalbeee Jaalbee! Hi Jalbee!Hiiii!" Ryan and I was so surprised. Even when we went shopping at Glorietta and ate at the food court she kept on waving at Jollibee saying hi and goodbye to Jollibee. Okay close sila sabi namin.Hahaha.And at least during her party Jollibee will not be something foreign to her meaning she wont be that scared. Leaving us with our worry that she will shy away from our guest who most of them she have not met and that she has limited food option since she doesn't eat spaghetti.

Come party time, all our worries vanished. She ate the spaghetti, chicken & ice cream (of course) plus after the party she requested for french fries. Best of all, she did not shy away from people that much and she even joined on one of the games. With our encouragement she kisses people and if they are lucky they can carry her. She looooovvvvvvveeeeeed Jollibee (of course with my instructions that Jollibee shouldn't move too much - knowing how Iaree is with dogs, she loves touching them but when they start moving she runs back to us, several times tuloy parang na-stroke na si Jollibee for not moving when Iaree is near-hahahaha). Ryan and I found ourselves enjoying a lot too. No erase entire family enjoyed the party and seeing Iaree that happy Ryan & I was so so elated. We both wonder if elated is a word enough to describe what we felt that day. To sum it up it was simply a huge success. Reasonable expenses, a little career mode for me coz I personalized the loot bag with my imaginary theme (ABC's) and I labored over photoshop for her e-invites; 95% guests turn out (as usual si Remelu & family indianera and si Leira daw na nalimutan ang date hmmm); nice party pictures - no hired photographer needed (thanks to my cousin Tats, but friends who had digicam that day please send me din your shots) and acceptable video coverage (non shaky video) courtesy of my brother (thanks din kapatid!).

High pa din kaming lahat ngayon even if house quarantine mode kami. As expected Jollibee's dance number is on the loop of our video since we arrived last night. Ryan even said a while ago come on let's plan Iaree's 3rd birthday in Jollibee again. Hahahaha! This time we're undeniably a certified fan.

Jun 11, 2009

An almost midnight snack

At 10:00 PM our house was still full of energy last night. Then Ryan called in to inform us he's on his way home from night out with his colleagues. So we thought it will be great time for a drive through at McDonald's and as a result we have one satisfied little (almost) midnight snacker...

May 25, 2009

Baby Iaree tidbits

  • Iaree is so addicted to swimming. I think I need to buy more bathing suits for her because she swims everyday.

  • At 19 months she can sing the alphabet up ABC only but now at 22 mos, she can sing up to J, and some other letters - MNOP, S, V, X, Z---including calling Barney at the end of the song. Hahaha!But she has variations like calling daddy or mommy too

  • I have no idea how long she has known this but one night I started counting and she counted ahead of me up to 10 except for 7 & 9 but it was also in the right sequence

  • When asked what her name is she would either reply - baby or iya!She started calling herself IYA when she tells who owns the toothbrush hanging by our lavatory she starts with daddy, mommy then Iya!

  • She is fond of viewing her pictures or videos nonstop

  • For like a two months or so she was so hooked on watching Barney, Barbie the Island Princess & Barbie Swan Lake. Nothing else. Paulit ulit ulit. Now She grew tired of it and is into reading books.

  • When she finishes reading a book she would say "innn the". She reversed "the end" on purpose because I laughed the first time I heard it.

  • She loves writing and to date she has written in our LCD TV twice, play room wall thrice, floor I lost count you pretty much get the idea

  • If before it was such a chore to feed her I noticed now that there are just selected days when she refuses too and it's when a tooth is coming out. Otherwise she's like a fish monster...finishes the fish we give her before we can finish checking the bone of the next. I have no difficulty feeding her veggies too except that there would be days that she won't eat what she was enjoying only last week...when it comes to veggies she's a moody eater.

  • When we go to the outdoor playground she usually brings something to push either her baby doll stroller or grocery cart. However, due to her anxiety on strangers esp with the guards here who waves and smiles at her everytime we run into one she'll either freeze, ask to be carried or walk bowed down eyeing the guard in the corner of her eye. So funny and cute when you actually see it..hahaha

  • If she doesn't want you to carry her or if you are giving her something she doesn't want she would say "push" "push" even if she actually doesn't push you.

  • When I put her to sleep and she's being stubborn I will tell her to close her eyes. She will but she will also check if I'm looking and if I am she will push my head away.

  • I never managed to finish this as I started writing it a few months back but I was browsing babycenter and even if I am not too keen in comparing Iaree's milestones in a chart it seems that there are some stuff that she can't do yet but some stuff that she's doing way ahead of schedule. =)

    Milestone Chart for Iaree's age group

    Anyway I thought of posting this even if it's incomplete as I am hoping to post an updated 2 yr old Iaree tidbits. It has a lot a changes surprisingling in just 2-3 months!

    May 14, 2009

    Almost Done

    Moving in is so exciting...even the unpacking part. Its even better while I'm a stay at home mom coz I have time to put everyting in order and stuffs have its own place. Although I love our new condo my only two complaints are:
    1. Its so new all the other tenants are having their units renovated = noisy all day!well i got used to it though as long as my darling baby can still fall asleep.
    2. The wardrobe closet the owner provided is just enough for my clothes. Lucky for Ryan he only have a few so I managed to squueze it in somehow. Which reminds me I need to buy another one of those plastic drawer (the cheap ones so I wont feel bad disposing it once we leave MY for good). For my bags & other accessories that I haven't kept yet.

    As for the rest I can only sing praises!Iaree loves her own playroom where we set up her bookshelf filled with Disney & Barney books she can easily reach & manage anytime (she spends a lot of time here). I simply love our room!With an awesome view of the city a little to the right are mountains, its so relaxing and in time I will set up a small nook with carpet & cushions next to the window. Its such a comfort knowing the malls are a stone throw away.We love love love the podium. Its the floor that holds the condo's poolsssss(4 adult pool-2 infinity/aquarium type, 2 with jacuzzi),(2 kiddie pool - 1 with hanging hearts, flower, star on the shower head & 1 with a slide); club house, bbq areas, lounging areas (which makes us feel we are on a vacation spot), tennis court, badminton court & 2 playgrounds.

    We are sewing our own curtains as ready made curtains are so expensive.whew...and we still dont have our sofa set. We are waiting for Ryan's local credit card...hehehe. Hopefully by June we are completely settled and maybe maybe we can have a simple housewarming if i did not max out our budget buying cabinets & wardrobe...hehehe

    Apr 20, 2009

    Mommy's first crocs

    Mommy often wonder what I love about my crocs from the first day they bought me one and I don't complain nor remove it at home or when at the mall.

    Then after several months she finally got one, not to mention her size is often out of stock. Congratulations to mommy! Now she can experience the comfort of walking around with crocs like I do. While daddy bought mom her first crocs I now have a total of 4 crocs!Of course dad can't help but buy me 2 more pairs for my collection.

    Um, dad I think I can borrow your shoes as well..I can walk around in it too.

    Apr 13, 2009

    Lost in cyberspace

    With all the social network available one would always feel so connected right? Then why is it so stressful to manage everything?!!Whew...

    My friendster account was a very very old one, my first ever but I am not active in using it as uploading pictures are so difficult (you have to resize it and it's so slow) I did not even know I had dozens of birthday greetings there and it's already April. However I like keeping it because most of my classmates (college & highschool) and some relatives communicate with me there.

    This blog not exactly a networking site but given a chance I'd want to improve this because this is where I express myself more. In words at least but I have no idea who reads this unless when my friends (who I had no idea reads this) would mention to me that I don't update this anymore.

    Multiply is my favorite unfortunately my active ex-colleagues(Phils & Malaysia) are in facebook. Each site, different audience it feels like a different me and obviously taking care of an active 21-month old baby I don't have the luxury to post in each site. Although facebook does look fun I am so comfortable with multiply and I have so many posts there already I feel that it represents me more.

    Haaayy...welcome to my cyberlife.

    Apr 3, 2009

    Queen of misfortune

    After the incident this morning I knew I am a nominee for bad mommy of the year.

    Flashback 4 hours ago...

    I picked up the plastics for garbage recycling as I am tidying up our place because our house owner is so desperate to get a replacement for us when we move end of the month that she has arranged a viewing tonight.As Iaree was in front of the laptop watching her self videos (she loves this a lot), I made a quick dash to the garbage bin just two steps from our door. I turned my back placed the garbage in and closed it then as I was about to reach for the door SLAM! Iaree has closed it and even doubled locked the door. Sadly she only knows how to lock because we did not teach her how to unlock. In the first place we never taught her how to lock it. A pretty girl all dressed up going down the stairs saw me and smiled at me. I smiled back and told her my baby is locked inside the house. I asked to borrow her phone to call the admin for help. Minutes passed and the girl also waiting for help to arrive asked me if they have. But they haven't and I try to calm my already panicking guts. Iaree called me once and was telling a lot of things. The tone of her voice told me it was more of a "mom why did you not take me with you if you are going out there" than a "mom you left me alone I'm scared". No crying at all which can be good or bad but admin has no excuse to stall. The nice lady still waiting offered to lend me their ladder altough she cannot say it in English. Guessing game kme. All dress up in her mini metallic dress with matching glittery handbag (big version) She went to her unit and brought the ladder down. I can go with her to get it however I do not want to leave Iaree in case she cries or anything so I stood within earshot or our unit.

    The ladder was short it didn't reach the second floor so little miss nice girl went back up to their unit carrying the ladder. Pity the girl really but I was too distraught by now. Luckily I saw the cleaning lady of our building and I asked if she speaks English. She told me she can a bit and I quickly complained to her the lack of response of admin about my predicament. She was prompt and in less than a minute she was with a guard and in a motorbike along come with them the admin person. At this point Iaree was not responding to my call but through the small space under the door I saw her two small legs by the sofa tinkering on something so at least she was fine.

    Finally the small group arguing in Malay which I understood a bit has agreed to bring me a big ladder. Security guard, cleaning lady was on my side. I let the nice girl, who told me she was not Malay (I asked her to talk to them in Malay when the help came) but apparently she was Thai, I asked her I'll be fine as I was so so guilty that she's running late for her appointment. Without hesitation I climbed the rather unstable looking ladder in a hurry to get to my baby. 15 long minutes had passed! As dramatic as it sounds I came to her and hugged her immediately, unfazed and wondering what's wrong with mommy she just stared at me then continued removing all the contents of my wallet.

    After I put her to sleep I started preparing dinner (Beef Nilaga) which is basically just broth. Well I have cooked the dish a hundred times but this time I burned it. Yea!Swimming in broth yet I burned the beef. Not only am I a bad mom but a bad wife as well. Hmmmm...

    Today just doesn't seem to be my day.

    Apr 2, 2009

    Social skills of babies

    Hah!It's 9:50 AM and she's still sleeping!!!

    Okay fast before she wakes....

    A child in Asia is so blessed with extended families and friendly neighbors who would be more or less your age(child & parent alike). I am sure I will not be worrying about Iaree's social skills if we lived in the Philippines but I'm pretty sure I'd be worried about something else such as security & pollution. We just noticed that since she only gets to interact with mommy & daddy and also lola before she is very very anxious with strangers. Especially with men. This anxiety is acceptable since this is a good defence mechanism of babies like her from strangers. However her aloofness extends even to kids except for babies younger than her.

    This brought us to consider putting her in a play school. We scouted around Bangsar area but considering the schedule and my lack of driving skills we totally dropped the idea. I tried this small school inside Pantai Hillpark Phase 2 and the owner Ms. Nadia was kind enough to let her try it first for free because she's the youngest baby there and they obviously dont have a special group for her.

    I noticed that it's pretty structured and although not that traditional(that's what they claimed) the school does not incorporate the play and learn environment that is more ideal for young children. Iaree had a blast the first day my mistake the second day was I left her too soon I should've left her after say a month or 5-7 meetings. So she was so anxious when I came in to get her. The following meetings ( I take her 2x a week), she would never leave my side ever. I know it was my fault but I noticed that on the other meetings it wasn't that much play anymore so Iaree even if she would try to leave my side gets uninterested in of course writing alphabet in the workbook and coloring. Not to mention they got at ease having me around that they dont mind scolding the kids for not finishing the food or not working...I am no expert but that's not how you make children their age do things. There was only one teacher there who was engaging and patient enough to really go along with her interest. Unfortunately she is the dedicated teacher of the bigger kids (5-6). After 3 more meetings and I think even the toddler's teachers were also noticing its not working (they had 10+ more students ages 2.5-4. The owner left it to me to decide if we will continue and never charged us. Dapat lng naman dahil di naman sila ngextend ng effort ke Iaree.

    So put on hold muna her socialization activities and we'll plan it out we move to our new place and Iaree will be 2 y.old and more independent. For now...we all love Jungle Gym in Bangsar and we'll surely miss going there weekly.

    Mar 19, 2009

    What's up?

    Here I am and I thought as a stay-at-home-mom I have the luxury to blog more often. I was obviously mistaken. I was not mistaken though that it will be tough at first and boy was is really tough not only for me but also for Ryan. Our baby 18 mos old (Jan) started having tantrums before sleeping. As in if it's sleeping time she throws tantrums despite her droopy sleepy eyes. She just wants to stay awake and play or do something like ransack my drawers. We tried everything pretended to sleep, turned off the lights, fed her well, gave her a sleep routine nothing worked. There was even one time that Ryan and I both fell asleep for a few minutes when I opened my eyes there she was playing still. We took her to a developmental pedia not that she can do anything with it but I was hoping that she has a broader understanding in a child's development to no avail her advice was as useless as the other things we have tried. Well ok somehow talking to her made us pinpoint that the baby is sabik to play with daddy. Hence she wants to extend the evening.

    It was more frustrating for me because I thought I was equipped with children's development studying it for my masters. Apparently with a wailing child and lack of sleep you simply can't put theories into practice. What finally worked was Ryan would stay out until she falls asleep. This worked for two weeks and now even if she still sleeps late 11 PM or 12 AM she manages to sleep with Ryan around. Coz poor Ryan had been forgotten several times waiting for me to call him or text him when both Iaree and I are already faraway in dreamland.

    After that and until now full time motherhood and housewife is so much fun. It simply meant I have to have a routine or at least a flexible one to accommodate sleep hour changes of Iaree. I have to cook food 1-2 days before so I have something prepared if Iaree is being difficult (defined as: won't leave mommy's side or asks to be carried). Another bad habit we missed correcting and now I understand the consequences was she got used to be carried to sleep. Hence while she takes her nap at noon I am carrying her. Leaving me free to only watch my Sex and the City episodes in the laptop. Once in a while with my free hand I chat with friends and family to keep in touch.

    I feel guilty about this but her addiction to Barney & Barbie gives me a few hours to do other chores or sometimes cook and take a bath. Generally she behaves very well. As long as I give her undivided play time if she got engrossed mommy can cook or pick up the mess in the house. Aside from the mess and the unfolded wash clothes I have everything under control. Now I understand how rewarding it is to spend time with your baby. Iaree baby is so sweet - she asks for hugs all the time, sings the alphabet A-G and LMNOP. And she recognizes the letters already as we have alphabet ref magnets. Gone was the 17 month old baby so difficult to feed. She was such a hearty eater now. At 20 mos she has built up a lot of vocabulary and so many action songs. I love every minute of it!Something I know I will miss very soon. Thanks to my wonderful husband who made me feel I am not alone with the household chores or taking care of the baby and especially for making it possible to be Stay At Home Mom.

    Feb 26, 2009

    The elusive case of happiness

    I am aware of my 2 month absence here and instead of telling you previous accounts as to what happened in between I thought I would share something more delightful to ponder about while my baby is sleeping in my arms literally(yes I'm typing with pne hand) and I cross my fingers I finish this entry before she wakes up.

    Back in DLSU I took this subject in my master's degree that talks about happiness. I'm sure I have a few entries about that in the past. Given that psychology always deals with the negative aspects in life...disorders,dysfunctions what is faulty blah blah blah. It's refereshing to know that a team of experts are giving light to what they call the Psychology of Happiness.

    I just realized that while chatting with a friend about her marital woes and that statement - im swallowing everything coz' I have to; really really bugged me because she's a dear dear friend and it's sad to hear that from her. While I watch my other friends dissolve marriage around me and with my fair share of quarrels and dealing with my other half. It makes me think when do we actually give up on ourselves, to what extent do we give up our own happiness? I told my friend that she always have a choice and as I was thinking to tell her I want her to be happy I thought scrap that idea!!We all either give in too much to our worries or we try too hard to find happiness that there are days we dont know what happiness is.

    Is it staying in an emotionally abusive marriage? Is it leaving your philandering husband at the expense of losing communication with your children? Is it closing your eyes to your wife's infidelity and grab the first chance you get to do the same?
    Well I guess I'll never know the answer and I pray to God I wont have to ask the question. This is neither a lecture about marriage nor am I in a position to judge anyone. It's just that we look too hard to look for it but actually it's not a black and white thing and what makes one happy doesn't make the other one so.

    End of the conversation with my friend I just wished her lesser unhappy days and told her I'll be here for her on those days. Coz staying happy and being happy will be there but for days that are so dismal, gloomy and unavoidably unhappy you'd be grateful to have a good friend around.

    Jan 6, 2009

    A Very Happy 2008 Christmas

    Christmas time is my favorite holiday since it has it all:
    1. FAMILY
    1.5 Christmas Shopping!!
    2. Food and yummy leftovers the morning after
    3. Opening and distributing the gifts
    4. Picture taking while dress well

    Remembering in our hearts that God's love for all has brought him to be one of us.

    We are very fortunate that Ryan's company has a 2-week long Christmas break and we cannot plan our Singapore trip since our application for a dependent visa under the new company's entity might be processed during this time. Hence our passport will not be on hand. Once he has confirmed it wont be I immediately checked out the bus trips and my my it's all fully booked!From the cheapest bus line to the most expensive. THe only option left was to drive to Singapore which we finally opted.

    It was a tiring drive for Ryan and our baby girl was patient enough through the entire ride except when she was feeling sleepy as was not quite comfortable in the car seat. Other than that she did not complain at all.

    We arrived late in Singapore than expected. We kept on circling around in the border of Malaysia & SG because the GPS keeps on pointing in a road that is not being used anymore. It was pretty hilarious as we can see the immigration from where we are and we were joking that if I started walking we could've been finished with the formalities by the time they find their way there.

    Driving to SG was pretty cool (says the passenger not the driver). We have done away with the very long que at the immigration and happily sat inside the car singing and waiting for our turn as if it's a lenghty and thorough tollgate.

    When we reached Isip residence they were still out buying groceries. Considering the time and since the lady of the house is not around I was pretty sure I wont be able to cook as proposed. It was the first Noche Buena that I was not tied in the kitchen. Rightfully so the meals prepared was a feast to the palette! Free accommodation, presents for our entire family and a yummy fill to the tummy. Despite James being in the office my childhood friend & his family were very good hosts to us.

    The next two days were hectic for a Singapore Zoo trip & Sentosa tour but our very dear and beloved driver was too bushed to add one more day for a city tour not to mention we are so so so so ashamed with James if we stayed for another day. So we reserved our city tour of Singapore and meeting friends for the next visit. =)