Aug 10, 2009

Shopping crisis

What is it with women & clothes shopping? Well shoe shopping or even BOTH for some.

Our landlord who is nice but stingy furnished the condo with a tiny wardrobe closet (for my standard) which means I barely left Ryan space to place his clothes. Hehehe.

Now that I'm back to work and just came from shopping from our last trip to the Phils I am finally realizing that I have plenty of clothes. Because the only thing I have worn 2x - 3x are my slacks & cardigans. That too I have only alternately worn after a week or two. I even include thanking God every night specifically for this blessing apart from our health, safety & food that we eat. If we are not seriously saving - which we ALWAYS remind ourselves before and during the weekend - I'm sure I'd find it hard to resist the Malaysia Mega-Sale. Actually I had an early taste of it before we left for the Phils where I spent hundreds on Esprit & Mango (in fairness to me it was really a big bargain). Hahaha. To think I didn't have a job back then. But how come I feel I need a new skirt, blouse & blazer. Arrrrghhh!!!

Do you think I have started this little girl's career a little too early?

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