Aug 5, 2009

I love you Mommy!

I've been waiting for the moment my darling girl can utter the words I love you. Since she was about 18 months she can associate "I love you" with Barney's popular I love you song. She hugs us when the song is sung and even gives us a kiss. Recently she had been singing it with her own words - "A la lu". Since I sing it to her following the Barney I love you tune - I love you baby iaree. She surprised us weeks ago by singing it exactly as "A la lu Baby Yayee" hahaha. That was the same time we were sure she was referring to herself when asked what her name was. She calls herself Yayee.

Last week I've been getting her to sing A la lu mommy instead and when she did Ryan tickled her prompting her to sing A la lu daddy too. Being the cheeky (and alaskador) baby she is (like her dad) she kept on singing "A la lu mommy" on and on to tease daddy more. Then daddy realized she was singing A la lu mommy to spite him so he stopped tickling her and promised to tickle her if she says a la lu daddy. We called her on the phone the other day which we never missed since I went back to work and again she was singing to us a la lu mommy mommy. It was hilarious, she was laughing on the other line, I was laughing and daddy was getting angry. Hahaha!She was even saying I love you to Dora which she pronouce as - dowa so it was like she was saying I love you to mommy again. Hahaha. "A la lu dowa dowa".

Last night daddy's reverse tactics of tickling her finally worked after a few days of torture when she prefers singing A lu lu mommy mommy. Daddy finally enjoyed a lot of "a la lu daddy daddy".


Salina Inzaghi said...

so sweet~

~dowadee~ said...

yea she's such a sweetie. we also enjoy being showered with hugs & kisses.

Salina Inzaghi said...

makes me cant wait to have my own hehe