Dec 31, 2007

Done with the festivities at home

Thank you God for our safe trip! We are back in KL today reached the house at around 3:30 AM. The flight was smooth and Iaree was like a pro in the plane sleeping beauty & no crying at all!! Di na rin ako masyadong nangalay like the first time. =) Nasanay na...naka-isang episode pa nga kami ni Ryan ng Heroes tapos natulog na ako he continued watching. I love my new travel pillow!

My mind is not functioning well now so expect the random inconsistent thoughts -- considering my vacation hangover & lack of sleep.

I really enjoyed being with Ryan & Iaree all the time ang saya na lagi kmeng magkasama!! I hope mama & Ryan are not having difficulty feeding her from the bottle the entire two weeks she was feeding directly from me.

As I was venting in my previous entry the vacation was not so awesome. It was great but less than what I expected. Thing is I planned so much about this trip and had high hopes that we had a car to drive around to fulfill these plans. Sadly it was not the case when we were there. In fact I felt sooo bad that we only went to visit Ryan's family once. Most of our stay I was sulking. Since I can't bring our baby out without a car and I cant leave her because we dont have stored milk so I didn't bother calling my friends. =( I felt that I will miss them more if I do and I would want to really see them. Sorry my dear friends. Bad I know but maybe, hopefully when I go back with Iaree a little bigger and not as delicate to handle my social life will improve.

On the brighter side of things, EVERYONE was so happy with Iaree!Nakakataba ng puso to see how happy Ryan's parents are with her. =) She's so beautiful daw and very cheerful eh kamukhang kamukha kaya ni Ryan?! I have yet to find out if they will say the same if the baby looks like me baka kse love their own lang sila..hahaha!Joke joke!!My family can't get enough of Iaree as well. They love carrying her around. =) What a relief to my mom... =)It's been a while since may baby in my side of the family alam nyo naman ang tipid namin at ang lalaki ng gap. So Iaree's uncles (Ramm & Angelo) ay elementary pa lng pero pa-bless ng pa-bless kay Iaree hahahaa! Ang kulit!

We also went for her ear piercing and she looks even prettier with her ear pierced!Mas mukha na syang girl. She also have plenty of clothes thanks to the gifts and hardly used hand-me downs. Ang gaganda kaka-aliw!Like what my papa said para akong may baby doll.

Tonight is new year's eve. I'm working but I'm supposed to be preparing the media noche like what I traditionally do back home. Kinakareer ko ang table spread namin habang kinakareer ni mama ang 13 round fruits. =) Reu will be celebrating NY alone in Binan & Dokee in Delpan. =( I look forward to a new year naman next time with the entire family. Next time deadma na sa 28% tax!If we still choose to celebrate Christmas in Pinas that is. Maybe if we do dapat kaya nang mag-commute ni Iaree! Hahahaha!And one more thing ang gastos umuwi ng pasko sa Pinas!!The verdict of our vacation despite the unfulfilled plans it was a blast! Because for me Christmas will always be about the family and being with them and that's what we was a great Christmas eve with my family & fun Christmas day with Ryan's family. It's wasn't grand or anything but Iaree surely made all our Christmas extra extra special!

Happy new year everyone!!!

Dec 22, 2007

home again home again!

As the old adage goes..there's no place like home! So why leave in the first place?

You all know about this much awaited trip of ours apart from Christmas it will also be Iaree's Christening. Last Christmas it felt like a sad Christmas day for me as Christmas was not the highlighted event in Malaysia. Yes they do decorate the malls lavishly I would say even somehow grander than the indoor decors of the malls in the Phils but the spirit is just not there. So since this Christmas is very very special because it's Iaree's 1st Christmas it only felt appropriate to bring her to the Philippines to celebrate with the whole family.

Prior to the week before we left KL my schedule was crazzzzzzzyy to the nth power! This was because of our Indonesia hiring requirement. Ryan was so eager to finish all his RCA's (work requirement as well) so that our vacation will be work-free. (My boss should better not be reading this..hahaha) That same week we got sick, Ryan was coughing the next day he had a bit of a cold then Iaree got a fever, then it was my turn next was mama. (Disclaimer: Ryan did not start the bug at home, I should say this for the sake of our marriage that it was environmental..hahaha!peace mahal!) Anyway my flu got so bad that I badly need a rest come Friday ironically duty called a candidate for an urgent requirement was selected and I had to roll out the offer the same day. I asked permission from my boss to take a half day although he teasingly approved it I still got stuck with the office work & left at around 6PM. So much for the rest...Saturday of course was last minute shopping & packing. Sunday we almost got left by the last trip of the bus going to the airport because we wont fit in one cab I told Ryan to take us to KL Sentral Station then he will go back, park the car & take a cab. This is feasible if we left early...hehehe!I think I lost about 5 lbs by walking back and forth to where Ryan dropped us to the bus terminal and the elevator wasn't working!!I begged the dispatcher, driver and everyone from the bus line to wait for us as it was about to leave in 5 mins when I got there. So I shuttled back & forth pushing & carrying our 40kgs luggages from point A to point B. I did that twice and thank you they had guys who help carrying the luggage down the stairs hello!!Otherwise I wont be here. When I finally loaded everything, Ryan got there it was 15 mins past their time to leave KL Sentral I was out of breath and my throat was sooooooooo dry!

In the bus (a first for Iaree) Iaree was sooo talkative and was squeeling even when the lights were off. She was happily responding to the lady sitting next to us (a kababayan but was talking to Iaree in English as she heard us speak only English to her). She was such a delight! So sociable and responsive. =) What I was scared of was the plane ride which we managed with a little crying at first as she was really starving & sleepy (eh sabi ni Dr. Eric dapat sucking while take off eh...hehehe gutom na pero pinigilan kong i-BF so nagwawala na). The rest of the flight she was sleeping (while the other children was in haywire!screaming and crying fest itoo but our pretty angel was sleeping peacefully frowning once in a while with the high pitched screams of the other babies), my back & butt was in so much pain!! =( waaah ganyan tlga pag budget planes huhuhu.

We are still in the middle of our vacation. Trying as much as possible to enjoy our stay here but encountering a lot of problems already. To say problems is an understatement. It's not that we are running away from these problems but Philippines itself looks pretty gloomy as well. =( Just to settle the argument in my opening statement. I hope things turn a bit better. Will I manage to tell the story later...that is if I'm not too busy! Meanwhile let me post my sweet baby's Baptismal pictures in multiply. Ryan & I enjoyed it a lot despite of... =) I really love my husband & my baby sooo much!!! To our sweet baby WELCOME TO THE CHRISTIAN WORLD! May we be good parents to you always!

Nov 23, 2007

Hungry baby

IAREE: Mommy I'm hungry please go home!!!
(Picture taken by Ryan, "feeling" stay-at-home-dad = reality:unpredictable working sched dad)

Nov 12, 2007

Milk for the cat

A manager walked up to me while I was labelling the breast milk for Iaree "oh how cute you label your milk for your cat right?". Nyahaha! Okay fine the other day I was calling Iaree a cat while she was crying...

During an important meeting my boss wants to convene again after 15 mins. "Guys please lets meet again in 15 mins. Don't go for restroom break, no smoking sessions, no early lunch and no milking please..." Hahaha!Thus it was coined in the office that everytime I go to the server room I am milking. Umm humm so now I am a cow.

I usually "milk" in peace in the server room as no one holds the key to it except for our network administrators (who I borrow the key from). Since our Country Manager got back he frequents the server room. I realized he has a duplicate key so I always inform my colleague sitting next to the server room to watch the door for me. Thankfully no walk-in incident ever happened because of this. Last Friday was the day after Deepavali celebration and my colleague was on leave. I was so confident that our Country Manager was busy, our network was fine and plus I thought I dont usually take longer than 10 mins anyway so I did not inform anyone but my seatmates know I went for milking. Yes you can already guess the next thing...he walked in!!!But my back was turned away from the door and the lock is very noisy so before he even did I already screamed to warn him. Instinctively I wanted to shout "may tao!" but I cant right? Anyway as I went out everyone was horrified with the incident. (Please note I'm in a muslim / conservative country can you imagine their horror!!). We were all laughing about it....our country manager was so embarrassed and we think he is too traumatized to go in the server room now. HR made me a sign to use everytime I had to express it's a classic story that everyone jokes about.Hmmm...


Breastfeeding is such a task for working moms and I am proud to say that Iaree at 4 mos exclusive feeds only with BM. Whew! Very healthy for her and economical for us. It just that BF is more common in the Phils than here kaya naman amazed na amazed sila sa akin palagi..hehehe.BF is a choice I had even before I got pregnant and I am determined to BF Iaree the longest I can. =)Thanks to my friends from the Phils, who have expereienced the same, for the unending support and encouragement!

Nov 9, 2007

Remembering my departed loved ones from afar...

Sure I've talked about missing a lot of holidays in the Phils because my family always did something special for all occassions. Not to mention the very long weekend in the Phils -- while here Ryan & I worked like horses in those 2 days.

Not to celebrate all saints day & all souls day will leave an empty void in me so with the support of my mom & Ryan after having dinner last Nov 1 we set up our own altar with candles & flowers for our departed loved ones. Said our prayers for the intention of the soul of lola, lolo, tita glecy, lolo nuling, omay, lolo humbelin & the relatives of ryan who he cant name.

When lola passed away we diligently visited her tomb every after breakfast at Dulcinea coming from the Sunday mass, a routine that we only broke after my lolo passed away. Yes we still visit the cemetery every Sunday when he died but the Dulcinea breakfast was not necessarily there. Ugghh..I know it is a privilege but we ate there since I was in highschool and lolo passed away when I was already working. Not to mention that lolo, who I fondly call my "talking alarm clock", wanted us to be up to hear the 6 AM mass...Yes partying the night before was not an exemption for the rule. So I had no curfews as long as I can get up in the morning and attend mass with the family. Of course this was the same when my lola was around except that with lola we somehow had a variety of breakfast - Mc Donald's & Jollibee was surely a treat! And earlier when we still can afford it breakfast at Century Plaza (no complains about here though..hehehe).

Anyway every all souls day Dokee prepares flowers the night before. Have the big boys repaint the tombs (one time with the small boys too who also painted the cat nearby). The whole family goes to the cemetery when it's not so hot outside just taking a tricyle from the house to the cemetery as it is heavily jammed in the vicinity and there will be no place to park the car.

We say our prayers and eat merienda there in the cemetery with or without lolo's brother's family. After that we attack the food stalls especially the green mangoes na maasim!!and the inihaw na pusit!!Deadma sa pizza, donuts, etc...kse naman mistulang food court ang Makati South Cemetery pag Nov.1 hehee. Somehow having fun there in the cemetery feels like we are still with them or at least we are hoping they see us from somewhere that we are all good and terribly missing them. This year is also the first year that Omay will no longer join us as he passed away in such a young age unexpectedly. I didn't get the chance to pay my respects to him yet. Inaabangan ko pa naman tuwing Nov 1 kug ano at ilan ang cellphone na nawala nya for the year and everytime he goes to the cemetery (actually anywhere for the matter) sobrang porma nya to the max. Hahaha! Another family member who will be missed.

Though we are far away this tradition will never be lost in our family. I will teach Iaree and tell her stories about our departed love ones. As a family we will always pray for them. In fact we started teaching her this year and she was so behaved and facinated with the light of the candle..hehehe. =)

Oct 12, 2007

Cuteeeee (Daddy & Iaree moments)

9:15 AM I am rushing...

Iaree was sleepy but complaining as she still wants to keep on feeding. Ryan was beside her but too sleepy to move. I told him to cuddle Iaree so she can go back to sleep but as soon as he did she started mumbling (we assume she so wants to tell us a stories when she does this), few minutes later she complains again --

Iaree: iiieee ieeee (with matching stomping of feet in the bed)
Ryan: iiieee ieeee

Ryan kept on imitating the sounds that she did that she stopped, looked at Ryan and giggled. Then she started telling stories again...hehehe.

So cute I had difficulty leaving them.

Today is our 7th year anniversary and on the 17th of October our 3rd year together. As much as we want to make annual anniversary trips or do something special together we'll make an exemption this year as we don't have the heart to leave Iaree. Hehehe hopefully we'll have the courage to next year. She's so adorable and we just instantly miss her when she's not with us. We'll just look at the bright side we'll save what we didn't spend this year. Hehehe. Anyway about our anniversary I'm so happy to be with Ryan and that we are on our 7th year together as a couple. We struggle on some days but we continue to work things out. After each fight we learn new things and grow stronger so that we wont repeat the same mistakes. He's such a great dad I just hope that his stress on work don't get the better of him. I love watching him with Iaree how he enjoys carrying her, cuddling her and playing with her only thing he can't do is sing for her..hahaha! Anyway...happy anniversary mahal!!This is going to be an extra special day because of Iaree even if we don't do anything.

Oct 6, 2007

Motherhood..the new chapter in my so called life

When I came back to work a month ago I was getting a lot of "how's ur baby?" question that really is a mind boggler for me to answer. All our baby does is sleep, eat, poop, pee, sleep, eat, poop, pee. That's what babies do anyway on their first months but when I go home I came to reflect on how motherhood changed me and how Iaree changed our lives. (This is a hint for you guys that this is another one of my endless entry..hehe)

We were on our way to Ryan's hometown and we stopped over at megamall to check out something. Inside the bus I was sooo dizzy and hungry that I thought 2 slices of the greenwich pizza we bought will ease me a bit. I tried sleeping but when we got off I was throwing up the first chance I got. We thought it was just the heat or the food so we ignored it. Two days went on and I was still feeling the same...nauseous, throwing up, food cravings that I still throw up after. We weren't that suspicious that I was already pregnant since I was just a few days delayed (which was very normal in my cycle depending on my stress level that month) and I just finished a complete medical exam a week ago for our overseas employment and the pregnancy test showed negative. That's why it was a surprise to find out that I was pregnant. =)

I eagerly saw what I will do when I become a mom, mapped out things I'd what to do for the baby but when she came out it was a whole different story. This was the exact reason why I was scared to have a baby, not just because of the labor pains but because I put so much pressure on myself knowing that I am not an ordinary girl who will become a mom - I took a masteral degree that specializes on human development and I STUDIED how vulnerable each event in life is to a person. I felt should know the when, where, why & how of raising a child given all that I've learned but trust me I have so forgotten all the theories and concepts from school when Iaree is there crying or something that urgently needs my attention. The best weapon in being a mom I realized is not what I have studied (but it sure comes in handy) it's having good instincts, common sense and on some days simply your love for your baby & husband that will extend what you feel is already your long patience.

During the first two months I already cried 3x. I was thinking "oh noh?am I so bad did I do something wrong..etc". First - on the 3rd day we brought her home I cried that night for the difficulty of feeding her in the wee hours of the day then putting her to sleep so I can AT LEAST close my eyes to rest before she asks for the next feeding. Second - out of frustration that the baby doesn't want to stop crying and being questioned by my usually supportive husband why I can't make her stop. Third was when I tried weaning her or actually just trying to teach her to feed from the bottle as I was a few weeks away from going back to work. First two times the tears was out of pity for myself but when I cried the last time and I cried for her that when motherhood really sinked in & hit me. I thought the 9 months of carrying her in my womb already did it for me. While semi-weaning her I felt sad that I will not be with her everyday and that she would have to learn to live (actually feed...hehehe) without me. I felt sad that she was having difficulty feeding from the bottle & not from mommy. She was crying hard and I know she was hungry na. It was sooo heartbreaking I cant go near her those times para di sya ma-confuse na "why do I have to drink my milk from the bottle eh my mommy is here?" Eventually we both learned how to cope with it. The smiles & giggles that we share during feeding time & playtime when I go home or before I leave for the office is such delight!!!Understatement!Super sarap pang i-kiss at i-hug!!Winning feeling!!

A lot of credit goes to my very sweet, loving and supportive husband who never left my side since I conceived the baby. Sure he had sungit moments like scolding me for throwing up endlessly (as if I can help it) during the first trimester, scolding me for taking a bus instead of a taxi cab (hehe I think I deserve this one kse super hirap sumakay ng bus at mega-walkathon papuntang house) and when the baby is crying or hurt (obviously bringing our the over protectiveness in him). His little tantrums could never equate the attention that he gives me and the baby. Everytime he volunteers to wash the dishes or just buy food outside when my morning sickness was terrible or even when it wasnt at tinatamad lng ako. Everytime he offers a back or foot rub even without me asking. These was when he still had a shifting schedule. When we got a car, even coming from a night shift with a very stressful workload he will still drive me to the office. When I was giving birth he never left my side and made sure I was comfortable all the time. When the baby was out he wakes up with me even if he still had to go to work. If he sees I'm so tired or sleepy and the baby is not hungry he volunteers without second thoughts of putting the baby to sleep. Best of all he also puts up with my tantrums etc but I guess a big sacrifice was went I went back to work and when I have too many workload that he waits for me for hours coz he comes to the office early to pick me up. He would buy me food and wait for me without complains. Which reminds me the only time we fight is when I shop and he's too tired or too sleepy or too hungry (during my pregnancy or even now with the baby)...hehehe syempre as long as there are stores for me I forget that I'm tired or hungry plus the genetic thing in guys that they can't bear shopping!So it's obviously an unending war between us pag shopping time na..hahaha!(Kaya naman I am improving my skill of buying 2 pairs of shoes in 15 mins para wag mainit ulo ni Ryan sa tagal at sa gastos ko....hahaha!)

Nowadays my routine goes as work & expressing milk for the baby in the server room every 3-4 hours, work and go home, feed the baby directly, eat dinner, fix the bed, put her to sleep, wake up 2-3 times in the mid of the night to feed her, on the last feeding it's time to go to work again. So you see a very supportive husband and a very helpful mom is my best support system. Then again seeing Iaree grow up so energetic and happy can simply make your day, month, year & life as it is now. Now more than ever Ryan and I workout in coping with parenthood, work demands and life demands hoping to get some sleep in between. I now understood that the best compliment I could hear from people is "Wow Rhodora you are such a good mother!" - from my officemates who are baffled at how I juggle "milking" (as my boss calls it), working and motherhood at home. I now know that the best reward for a tiring day is an appreciative hug & kisses from Ryan and his remark of "Thanks for being a great mom!". Then of course to feed my vanity I so cherish the endless compliment I get from envious girls (even my OB-GYNE) how I quickly shed off my pregnancy weight...hahaha so superficial di ba?! Naah just kidding...I know I am not a perfect mom and definitely not a perfect wife...not to mention not a perfect employee/recruiter at the moment. Some days are simply a struggle while some days are a bliss. For now I am really loving every moment...laughing with Iaree, seeing her play with Ryan who loves her so much, knowing how my family back in the Phils are very excited to see her...what else can I ask for?

Now how did I manage to post this blog..Iaree & Ryan are still sound asleep. =) Hehehe!I told you some days are a bliss...hahaha!!!

Oct 3, 2007

Headaches & pains of a RECRUITER

As much as I openly talk about it to friends and love ones the headaches & pains of being a recruiter is sometimes just beyond venting.

Not in particular order I so hate --
1. Salary negotiations the last minute - especially for our industry endorsing a candidate to a client is one but asking the client for last minute adjustment is simply a no no. Why the hell do they agree to the rate only to negotiate it afterwards.

2. In no effort not to be discriminatory even my Indian & Malaysian colleagues agree that Filipinos are easier candidates to handle. Nice and polite. In my experience ONLY if I propose them for Singapore are Filipino candidates ok. Thing is for Filipinos it's all about the converted amount of the salary with no consideration of the cost of living in a country. With their unreasonable demands despite triple-quadruple savings they will get they turn down the offer without studyuing about the country's cost of living. Other nationalities will give you endless and unreasonable salary negotiations that you'd wish you never talked to them in the first place.

3. Unprepared for technical interviews.One can always come prepared for a telephone techical interview especially if I am your recruiter...haha!No seriously from the qualifications itself you can brush up on your skills unfortunately for some they blindlyl go through interviews and for whatever reason fail even non-technical questions for saying something inappropriate.

4. Backouts!!!!!!!Again most of their reason is salary.If you thought you have them in your hands it never is until you see their bodies reporting to the office on the said joining date.

5. Too many processes that's getting in the way of just getting the candidate on board.

I wanted so much to go for Filipino candidates unfortunately the Philippines may be abundant of talented IT professionals but they lack the skills for enterprise level. Even big companies in the Phils dont have the infrastructure to give Filipinos a good training ground to have skills at par in the global market. Lastly if they are qualified I just dont understand why they make my life difficult by making unreasonable salary negotiations to such point that we'd rather drop them off. Arrrgghhh!Good luck to me!Recruitment it seems is a whole different repetitive drama compared to the drama of my previous job as a full spectrum HR Officer.

Sep 10, 2007


Thanks to my curiosity! After tinkering with the templates accidentally, my blog not only looks different but I also lost the links of my blog I have to retrace them one by one like I have retraced some previous features I have here.

Naubos tuloy oras ko sa pag-troubleshoot di tuloy me nakapag post ng kwento waaaah!

Jul 14, 2007

The baby's coming out!!!

It was 3:00 p.m. when we reached Pantai Medical Hospital. I could barely walk but just to ensure that this is it I didn't request for a wheelchair and checked myself in at the delivery floor. They immediately placed me in a room and strapped the monitor for the contractions and baby's heart rate. Midwives checked my dilation it was 4-5 cm by that time pain is still tolerable. Mama, Ryan and I were still relaxed..or so I thought coz both of them are already so cold. If it's the aircon or their nervousness I really do not know. Ryan busied himself by setting up the video & digi cam which ironically both ran out of battery.

Dr. Yap arrived past 6:00 pm and checked my dilation again. She jokingly told me finally I know what contractions were. Since my water bag was still intact she had to burst it manually to make the baby go down faster. She informed us that if the baby passes motion in the next few hours and or I am not fully dilated we will go for the ceasarian operation. She will check on me by 9:30 pm meanwhile she left me with my contractions. The contractions became indescribably painful!!! Ouch to the NTH power!!!I do not let Ryan leave my side I squeeze him everytime I feel pain which is according to the monitor was every 2 mins now. My doctor was surprised that I haven't requested for the epidural. Before she left she called ordered for the epidural.

As far as I can recount the "contractions experience" about 3-4 times before the in-house anesthesiologist arrived I was having it so bad. I am shaking in pain and the nurses where giving me the laughing gas (sorry I forgot the proper name). They were coaching me to breath in & out as the pain was excruciating I cannot think properly let alone remember to relax and breathe. Once I inhaled the gas the pain will ease out somehow until it comes again. So you can just imagine I felt no pain as the 2-3 inches needle was being stuck to my spinal cord because really for me the contractions were far more painful. After the epidural was in place I was drowsy and sleepy. I was still aware of the contractions but the terrible terrible terrible pain was gone. Although at one point, around 9 pm or so it felt like epidural was not helping but according to the midwives it should be that way since I have to feel the pushing when the time comes.

Ryan was so supportive. He calms me down while I am shaking ang while I'm in pain. He just holds my hand and lets me squeeze his hand (to a point of numbness...hehehe). Actually in between the good times when I can still smile he takes my pictures. He said I should've asked for the epidural when I first came in. Kse naman feeling ko kaya ko eh to think I have low pain tolerance. Feeling brave!

Past 9 PM nagsisimula na naman ang painful episodes ko it's because when the midwives checked me I was fully dilated na. Dr.Yap was on her way for her 9:30 PM appointment with us. =) All the events seemed syncronized when she stepped in. Everything happened so fast. In just a few minutes I was pusing the baby out. She told me that the baby's head was already visible she even let me touch it. After a few pushes may cheerers pa ha...the midwife there with us was so good in cheering - "push push push..." si mama, si Ryan, Dr. Yap all shouting encouraging words. However my efforts were futile because I lack breath when she is almost out. Hence Dr. Yap told me she has to use vacuum to help me but it also means I have to push harder. After one hard push with the vacuum our baby is out!

Tatiana Reese "Iaree" Garces Tuazon weighed 2.96 kg with a length of 48cm and was delivered exactly at 9:46 pm.

Immediately she was wailing before anything was done to her. Ryan was the one who cut the umbilical cord unfortunately my untrained mom was unable to capture the moment. In a few minutes they handed over the baby to was hard to describe the feeling. It's unbelievable & overwhelming to finally hold her in my arms. Her eyes were open then and she was playing with her saliva. She was so adorable and immediately we were all swept with a so much love for this new person we just saw now.

She was brought outside where Ryan & mama followed, I think for more cleaning etc. Then after a few hours plenty of congratulations from the staff who assisted I was transferred to my room although that night all single rooms were filled so temporarily we were placed in a 2 BR ward. Good thing nobody else occupied the room.
We had no other choice but to have McDonald's for dinner at 11PM there was nothing else we can buy. After two bites of Mc Chicken sandwich I was out. A few hours later they brought the baby in. The nurse positioned her for breast feeding and it was such an amazing experience watching her do so.

After that I tried sleeping but I can't thinking of what I just went through and the excitement that doesn't diminish with the new baby at my side. Mama & Ryan drifted off to dreamland.

Jul 13, 2007

The drama before labor

My anxiety did not wear off as we left my doctor's office Saturday - June 30. Despite the full schedule of the clinic (we have switched to a new & better Gynecologist by the way) since my due date is near she told me to walk in and she will accommodate me still. She did the routine ultrasound to check me & our baby. Water level is ok, baby is still fine (heartbeat and all) but if I/we gain more weight her engaged head might get dislodged and she'll be left with no choice but to do a c-section. I need to be back to her clinic next Thursday because she will decide if I will be induced this will at least force the baby out via normal delivery. If baby really is not out on the time table we are looking at, my doctor will intervene so I have higher chances of delivering our baby naturally.

Determined -- I controlled eating rice, really really really stopped munching on the remaining bags of Famous Amos Chocolate & Pecan Chips, went back to healthy fruits & veggies, less fried dishes, the works! Also after the checkup that Saturday Ryan took me to three malls - 1 Utama (to watch Fantastic 4), Ikea (wala lng para lng magikot tlga) & finally Tesco (to do some grocery). Ryan not having slept yet from night shift was bushed, so he slept in the car while mama & I went to buy groceries in the huge Makro-like Tesco. Before we could fall in line, I was having contractions...I was half hoping it was it. But no after resting it was gone the next day. Sunday after mass we went to another big mall to watch Transformers and again did some grocery in the for items not available in Tesco. Mega walkaton tlga and I was having contractions at the end of the day. This time I was really hoping it would carry on although my doctor is against me delivering on a weekend because like the cinemas hospitals here have weekend rates. Yah tell me about it?! Ryan was so excited, he packed all the tripods and his shooting equipment as if I'm about to go any minute. Sadly...the night went on as usual.

Monday morning since I was feeling okay again we scheduled a morning walk. So I had to tell my boss I will be late. Contractions are very mild & manageable but I don't think this is it yet. We went back home and I prepared to leave for the office. I knew I'll be facing a barrage of "you're still here??" questions from my very eager officemates. Rest of the day went on. I was busy and distracted. Sent a worried email to my married friends to ask for their prayers & air out my anxieties. End of the day had very mild hardly noticeable contractions but Linda & Azlina (my local officemates) already said goodbye to me as if I'm really giving birth the following day. Linda even told our big boss to say goodbye to me since I'm giving birth tomorrow. Hahaha. I really hope it's as simple as that. Ryan tells me the same thing since I've been so anxious last Saturday - "Don't worry baby will come out on Tuesday"

So eto na nga ang Tuesday - July 3. I woke up 8:00 am (yes thanks to having my mom around I have the luxury of time to sleep longer since she cooks breakfast) dressed up and started walking around our phase. Ryan caught up with me and this time we covered more areas than yesterday pabalik balik pa kme sa mga steep route. Contractions were more regular but we wanted to be sure this time kse past few days din naman regular ang contractions tapos nawawala. It was getting more painful now and I have finally decided to file for a sick leave (which they call MC here for medical certificate, hehehe seriously). After breakfast I told Ryan lakarin na lng namin papuntang clinic to get the MC para exercise pa din. (Side note: bulubundikin ang area po namin at tlgang workout ang paglalakad around the vicinity). We were continously timing my contractions it started intervals of 6-7 mins nung 8:30 by 11:00 after my checkup mga ganun pa din pero I can feel the intensity na. Doctor in the clinic checked me and told me na 1cm na ako. Our choice daw if we will go to the hospital na but knowing that it's a private hospital they might admit me daw even if I am not yet on the way. We asked her if it's okay to go to KLCC - last chance to go with my mom to go see Petronas & Ryan needs to go to the bank. Plus bigger walking area for me. She said it is still our choice since some women who go on easy labor have contractions and easily dilates after. If not 1 cm dilation could mean 1-2 days for me still.

We decided not to go to KLCC anymore kahit when we got back mama was all dressed up. =( I feel bad that we haven't really toured her in KL with my condition and our workload. Ryan also allowed the contractor to finish a few more fixtures around the house that day. I was having severe contractions by the time the contractors arrived. Interval was ave of 4-5 mins and it was getting really really painful. Ryan keeps on teasing me pa and taking my pictures. Pambihira! Inis na inis na ako sa kanya ang kulit tlga. Mama was preparing stuff to bring to the hospital pati cross stitch nya dala dala...hahaha! I told her we might be asked to go home kung ano ano pa dala nya. Immediately went the contractor left I was rushing Ryan to bring me to the hospital it was really so painful already.

Jul 11, 2007

Eto muna...

I have so many stories na di ko na natapos i-blog.

Now the biggest event we have been waiting for has energy nga lng to write about it. Check this out first >> OUR BABY IS HERE!!!

Jun 8, 2007

A closer look on our baby

Finally we went for the 4D!

A little too late now as I am 35.5 weeks, yes a few days short of my 9th month. Hence if I haven't mentioned before expected date of delivery (EDD) is July 7, 2007. We didn't know it's advisable to go for 4D between 20-28 weeks of the pregnancy while there's plenty of room to move around for the baby giving the gyne more freedom to check the baby's health and vital signs inside mommy's womb. What we knew was that the 4D will give such accurate images so the closer to full term the better so we would know if the organs are complete etc. and it really drove us to go for it since our OB just shrugged of the idea of checking out the baby's gender. Hmp!Super kainis. Enough of the's a closer look to our baby girl. =)

Soooo cute to see such a calm and peaceful image inside me! It builds up more excitement for me and Ryan. Now we can call the baby by her name / nickname. =)At first she had her hand on her face but later on she removed it making us see her face better. Chubby daw sabi ng doctor...naku bigla akong kinabahan but they later re-assured me that she is estimatedly 2.5-3 kg...I hope that's good. More good news was the baby was healthy as far as the test could check - heart, brain, liver, lungs, spine, my placenta, the amount of water. So far it's all up to me enduring the upcoming birthing pains. Woohoo! Anyway I'm sure it will all be worth it. =)

I immediately called mama to tell her the good news muntik na ma-heart attack si mama kse kala nya nanganak na ako...hahaha!Oo nga naman sabihin ko ba kseng.. "ma!it's a baby girl!!"

Jun 7, 2007

Star struck!

Tonight was the farewell dinner party for our colleague Pugaz. I voted we go for Chili's para makakain naman ako at di naman Indian food na naman...kawawa naman si baby.

The elevator from the carpark was a little cramped and there were 2 people inside. The girl looked familiar but I can't name her in my mind. Chili's was at the ground floor and I know that very well. We were chatting with the 2 ladies inside the lift talking how cramped it was there etc. Then our floor came the other woman suddenly blurted “it's not everyday you get to share lift with MICHELLE YEOH”. I was out of the elevator already waiting for my colleagues to step out..suddenly walang kumikilos and I digested na it was really Michelle Yeoh with us. Sobrang tagal ng processing ko...I was thinking hey this is our floor and I want a picture with Michelle, gosh why did I hesitate bringing our digi cam this morning, wait autograph n lng in all that in a few seconds and a lady outside the lift was waiting for us to get off a little pissed we were holding up the lift. Then I don't know who said "Chili's is at 3rd floor" I nodded and agreed.."yes I think it's at the 3rd floor" and entered the lift again.

Azlina was so fast with her phone she was beside Michelle so she took a snap with her. Michelle's companion said..I'm her agent and I will charge you RM10 each for each picture, jokingly. She said okay lets step out and do it outside. Oh my gosh! We were all raving here at this point so excited!!!

Michelle was chatting with us..asking so were did you all come from or something and I said "We're from the Phils." (referring to me & Kim), "one is a local Malaysian and 2 of them are from India" Kim continued. Michelle said "Wow and you're all going out together?" we replied "Yes we all work together and we're going out for dinner".

Azlina again brought out her phone and I brought out my XDA (really hating that it's so low res and again regretting why I left the digi cam today). Michelle even asked me so when are you due? She was so nice, simple and humble. Nothing compared to Mikee Cojuanco nung nakasabay ko sya sa elevator ng DOLE.

Sobra kmeng star struck lahat...I mean it's not everyday that you see an international actress isn't it?

May 30, 2007

34 Weeks and counting

from my subscription:

Hello, Rhodora!

Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds and is probably almost 18 inches long from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Her central nervous system is still maturing, but her lungs are well developed now. That's great news in case she decides to come early. If you've been nervous about going into preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that 99 percent of babies this age can survive outside the womb — and most have no major long-term problems related to prematurity.

Yey!We are sooo excited. But I hope pag nandito na lng si mama coz I want to give birth when she is here so she can help me & Ryan out. Last Monday since Ryan & I went for a lunch outside I felt the baby go down while walking back to the office. A little painful like I'm going to have my period far ok pa naman. Baby's still in. =) Baka excited lng din kse almost everything is set.

May 28, 2007

The story of the elusive play pen

We were always putting off the shopping day for baby items but surely when we are at a mall we never fail to visit 2-3 baby shops. We wanted to make sure we buy only the essentials knowing how excited we get for things like this. An example was our wedding -- Ryan and I will like different things so we end up having both making it more expensive for us.

Items that we see are mostly not for unisex most of it are gender biased and it's another dilemma to spend for something we are unsure of. Months ago we came across this playpen that can be initially used as a crib. It's made by Graco and they call it Pack & Play. Travel practical as well so we can easily shuttle from room to room and even easily bring to the Phils if we go home. It was perfect! We wanted something practical and easy to pack for whatever plans we will have in the future. This is the second big item we put on the list. First one was the Chicco stroller we found in the Phils which we fervently looked for here in MY as well.

When we finally decided to buy it, it was on sale!Yey! Unfortunately we didn't like the color stock they have. One store promised that they will reserve us from the suppplier itself it was a blue & green one so even if the baby was a boy or a girl it would still be okay. Not to mention the vibrant colors fit for babies. So okay na. The next day they informed us na wala na sa supplier ang color na yun. So we waited for another weekend to go to a different mall to check out the same item. Gulay! They also have it in dark brown & light brown color na sobrang dull at mahirap ternuhan ng colorful beddings and mobile. Kinareer namin lahat ng baby shops and always end up with the same color. Even the sales ladies are aware that this color is a slow seller unlike other stocks they previously have.

We let go of the sale and decided to just buy near my labor date or worst case scenario pag nanganak na tlga ako. Hehehe. Anyway we were able to buy this mattress and baby bath tub. So those are baby's first items to be bought.

Weeks passed and we never missed a single mall day without looking for differently colored playpen. Finally Saturday we entered this shop and asked for the same thing..check their other store for the stock. Bingo! The shop has it from another branch. Promise gusto na naming bayaran but they were so willing just to have it delivered there. They were saying it will take two weeks for the transfer. I was okay with it but an excited daddy beside me was not...Gusto nya mabilisan kse matagal na tlga nya pinapangarap i-setup. Still at least it's the color that we want at hindi sya display lng. They did not require for a downpayment and said they will just contact me if it's in their store na. Actually gusto na ni Ryan kareerin at aralin ng pagpunta sa branch na pagkukunan.

Anyway I thought that was the end of the story for the playpen. Ngunit!Subalit!Datapwat...nag-mall ulit kme nung Sunday to buy for baby clothes. Kahit na sa SM na ako nagpapabili kay mama dahil di hamak na mas mura sa Pinas eh pang-araw araw lng naman ni baby. Kaso parang ayokong ma-miss ang shopping experience so I insisted on buying a few items myself. After shopping for the clothes we had lunch at the adjoining mall and found out there were so many baby stores there!!!Sobrang a habit we checked out the playpen and guess what?!! They have a stock although di sya blue & green as we wanted it was still better than that dark & light brown. It was moss green and had Winnie the Pooh character design. Graco pa din so ok pa din sa quality and best of all mas mura!!!Way cheaper than the discount during the sale. End of the story: satistifed and excited mommy & daddy went home with the playpen + plenty of free gifts (dahil sa promo nila).

Epilogue: This morning in my mobile...krinnnggg!
Girl on the line: Hi this is from (name of the store) regarding the Graco play pen you order.
Dowa: Yes I was about to call you about that.
Girl on the line: Well we have it delivered here already. So you can purchase it anytime.
Dowa: Oh noh!Yesterday we saw the same item on the other mall and we immediately bought it.

Buti na lng ha mabait sila. Banned na kme sa lahat ng stores nila! hehehe! Buti di ako member sa store na yun.

Here it is!

May 24, 2007

False alarm

In fairness to me alam ko na false alarm pa naman...hahaha!

Here goes my story last Tuesday...I was home alone. To think may guest of honor kme..Rene & his wife pero wala pa sila nasa galaan. Si Florence 8:30 PM - 8:30 AM ang Ryan 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM ang duty. Napakasaklap..and since Ryan was so busy in the office I told him to drop me off the nearby mall so I can just grab a taxi and he can go back.

After having dinner by myself (sniff,sniff) instead of immediately washing the dishes I watched TV first. Humiga sa sofa and voila few mins after I had difficulty breathing and my tummy was sooooooo stiff. Oh noh! I didn't know how contractions felt. It was 9:20 PM so I said ok I will wait for this to go away. So umupo ako tried breathing normally but the stiffness won't go away. If it goes away, only for a few minutes then the pain and stiffness are there again. By 9:35 I texted Ryan na..Ang saya ubos na din ang load ko to make a call.."PLS CALL NOW" 2 mins passed he hasn't called I sent the same msg to Florence. In a few minutes Florence called. I tried to be as calm as possible knowing how panicked Florence can get..."Lence,I don't know the feeling but since I'm alone if ever this is it at manganganak na ako I don't want to be alone. Pwede pong pakitawagan sa taas and call Arnold & Boyet?Kakaiba kse feeling ko parang manganganak na ako or what di ko maintindihan." Syempre Florence did so without hesitation and in a few more minutes the guys were here (they are living in the high rise tower within our phase and I specifically chose them since sila ung may babies na female neighbors are all single).

They came with Marrix and they were all so worried. Since nakaka-daldal ever pa ako mukhang ok pa tlga..pero this is the longest and most painful "contractions" (if that's what it was) I ever felt. Ryan called pala before they came I didn't want to bother him coz I honestly don't feel the baby coming out yet..I just don't want to be alone just in case I feel something different or I should be rushed to the hospital. Anyway even if they were there Ryan decided to leave his post and go home. In a matter of 15 mins when he arrived I felt normal again...Arnold, Boyet & Marrix left. Ryan decided to stay even if he left his laptop on in the office etc. Hmmm...sabi ni Ryan sa baby "hmmm namiss nyo lang ata ako ni mommy eh kse di ko kayo hinatid pauwi"...hehehe. All the commotion for nothing but I'm comforted by the fact that we're not completely alone here even in a foreign land. Thanks to our helpful friends who were all so prompt in attending to my call for help. Kahit we were all so clueless.

Same night Arnold was chatting with his wife and his wife told him all that I'll be feeling etc. The next day we were all laughing about it. Although I can still tell with their text messages that they were all so concerned. =)

Apr 3, 2007

Pregnancy journals

*Miscarriage scare*

What I used to read on the posts of fellow expectant moms in my e-group about losing their baby, almost came so real to me. Sunday after mass, Ryan and I decided to do some grocery. While he checked out some stuff from the diving shop for our weekend trip with the recruitment team I went to the restroom to pee. Before I stood up I noticed blood. Immediately I searched for Ryan praying that everything will be just fine and talking to my baby to hold on and be strong.

When we reached the hospital, they immediately took me in via emergency room and while waiting for the doctor I really can't help but cry. I know I'm supposed to relax but suddenly it dawned on me that all the stress and the physical strain of working for the weekend jobfair could have caused this. I feel so scared that I am putting our baby's life in the line because of my job. I could tell that Ryan was trying to hold his control being worried for me and the baby and being so sweet not to scold me even if he told me to stay at home & rest than work that Saturday. I was so impressed on how Ryan tried to hold up and be strong for me so that I will stop worrying...but I can tell in his eyes that he was too.

As per my OB's orders I was admitted. Surprisingly at the ER here they do not do a lot of test compared with ER in the Phil - well of course it has it's pros & cons.
I told Ryan to just get a ward since my insurance does not cover any pregnancy related illness and we do not know how much this hospitalization will cost us. I sent an SMS to my boss telling him about my situation. Kinabahan tuloy sya and naguilty kse alam nyang pinagtrabaho nya ako ng weekend. In fairness the ward here is so nice wala lng tv pero parang hotel ha. I had this impression kse of wards in the Philippines and good thing it was not even a fraction of that. All four beds were empty so I had the entire ward by myself which was actually a good thing since companions of the patients are not allowed to stay there overnight. The following day if we didn't follow it up due to the carelessness of my doctor's assistant they haven't done any tests to me yet. Promise ha all this waiting is causing me so much anxiety. Ryan & I were suspecting it had nothing to do with the baby but more on my urine. This was confirmed after they did the test. My doctor allowed me to go home but under strict orders that I should rest and take it easy.

It was indeed a big sigh of relief for us after the ultrasound and all that the baby was fine. Although my bleeding from the urinary tract had to be treated somehow. After this I told myself I will take care of myself more...mahirap na I don't want to lose our first baby and it's not as simple. Nine months of bearing a child in the womb is really a task that even if you have really been with the baby physically I mean cuddle and take care of him the attachment is there. As I always expected and thought of there should be a certain preparedness in pregnancy and parenthood. Kaya nga it took us a while before we got into it and no matter how prepared you are, regardless of the books you read, the research you've done (not to emphasize that I'm mastering Human Development and have more than enough materials on all aspects of human development) you can't always have the answer to every situation.

*Antenatal classes*

For this month (April) we enrolled at the hospital's antenatal classes. Ryan & I are often clueless on a lot of things and it will be a good help to hear it from the experts at the same time get a feel of what their practices are here.

It was very educational!Scary and...scary..hehehe! Especially for me who has very low tolerance of pain. I mean they explained what to expect and even showed us the needle for the epidural. While listening to the explanations sino bang di matatakot noh!

I kept on comparing myself to the other pregnant women in the class and boy are their tummies bulging!I am so glad Ryan joined me in these classes because he's now so educated about giving birth and all. Especially the possibility that daddies faint during the labor or panic etc.

We so love this hospital so far they only encourage breastfeeding nothing else and the nurses assigned in the station are so trained for that. Plus since mommy will be so tired after the delivery they will teach daddy how to bathe and take care of the baby. Awww...that's so sweet (and brilliant, para may enough rest si mommy)!!Although Ryan is scared in holding a vulnerable baby I'm sure he'll do just fine. =)

*Car for convenience(?)*

Since the cost of cars & petrol (hahaha, sanay na tlga ako sa Malaysian terms) is cheap we have been planning for so long to buy our own. Rental is also an option pero computing it mas lalabas na mahal. Unfortunately if you're an expat (naks!) mas costly & we have to find a guarantor etc. Taking taxi cabs are draining us I mean I take a cab going home for me was tolerable on our budget but with Ryan's crazy schedule his only option going home is also to take a cab with a 50% mark up kse past 12 midnight na. Not to mention with the baby it's not so ideal for us to travel around in public transpo. Good thing Chris one of the senior Pinoys here in MY will move back to the Phils he's actually selling his car but it's too small for us. Just the car seat of the Chicco stroller we are checking out will occupy the space in the car and we cannot do anymore grocery once the baby is here. So we told him if he likes pa-rent n muna nya sa amin. He agreed naman so hatid sundo na ako ni Ryan and maybe after I give birth if our extra money will still allow it saka na kme kukuha ng car na fit tlga for us. Nakakaloka pala mag-second hand! Walang pang one month ang dami nang sakit ng kotse na tyumempo pa sa amin. Another thought masarap palang may driver kse tinuturuan ako ni Ryan magdrive tamad na tamad ako..kahit tuloy wala pa sya tulog from night shift hatid sundo pa din nya ako...hehehee.bad!Dinadahilan ko ang hirap mag-drive kse buntis ako...hahaha!(sana saka n nya mabasa to)

*Baby nightmares*

Hala!I had a baby nightmare last week (May) as in we have two baby girls na who are so naughty and hyperactive hindi masaway. When I woke up Ryan had it from me. Pano ba naman everytime Ryan pictures our baby super daming naughty side na kinekwento nya at susuportahan. Cute daw kse! Aba aba aba!!

*Shy baby*

Since I got hospitalized on my 6th month every doctor's visit was something we look forward to because we so want to know the baby's gender already. I know it's safer and more practical to stick to neutral colors & items for the baby but I can't help it the gender specific items are too cute to pass on. I sooooooooo wanted to shop na!I have benn holding back for months since I got pregnant. Same as how I held back not buying maternity clothes since none of it fit me anyway.

Anyway for the 6th month baby was facing mommy and only the buttocks were showing. 7th month check up the doctor had difficulty figuring it out since it wasn't such an ideal position. 8th month, the most recent one baby was covering his/her genitals with his/her two legs. Sorry mommy & daddy it will be a surprise. Anyway Florence is more frustrated than us everytime we go home from a checkup with no news what the baby's gender is. Hahaha! Affected tlga si Florence. Anyway sabi ni Ryan paglabas ni baby may suot ng diaper sa sobrang pagkamahiyain. Super suspense tlga ang gender nya ha. Pinagiisipan ko pa if we will go for the 4D ang mahal kse ang dami ko nang mabibili na baby items. But it seems like daddy really wants to go for it..every checkup dala nya ang digicam at vinevideo nya ang ultrasound. Hehehe!

*Mommy's little kickboxer*

Since my figure is so small (I was sooo worried I will blow up tlga when I get pregnant) Since 5-6 mos yata baby's movement inside me is so strong already. But now that the baby is bigger and stronger aba parang kickboxer in the making sa likot and minsan ang sakit ha. Especially when the baby stays long near my rib cage..ouch!Kahit anong pakiusap ni mommy ayaw mag-move pag si daddy ang humawak at kumausap aba sumusunod naman. Hmmm...kaya kinakabahan ako sa mag-ama eh. Ang dami na kseng conniving plans ni Ryan for the kids mischief eh. (*my eyes rolling here).

Here's some of my preggy pictures:

*** to follow after editing it

Love letter from my B.F.

Mar 30, '07 6:12 AM
for users dowadee and auiedioses

how are you? how's ur tummy? how's dear ryan... I hope its so okay wid you I posted your letters for me. It made me miss you a lot more. It made me even notice that GOD has put us together though we are really opposites. You can sing I can dance. Ur'e good in english, id rather have math! ur the kind of girl who doesn't easily trust a guy, while Im a person who easily gives in in their "sugar-coated" "to good to be true" statements. I take good care of my stuffs while you lost a lot of pagers...u r tall, i am short. I am gifted but you are not (sorry but its the know which is the "gifted" part that i am referring...) hahahaha I come on time and you are always late.... both of us are miss friendship pero mas matindi ka kasi we always get stranded because of your friends and choovas!

thinking how would it be if we are still both in phils... u having ryan and being preggy while im busy preparing for my wedding =)

I thank God for what he has given us... as what everybody says... all of us may experience struggles in life but i'm so overjoyed and blessed for having you as my best frend EVER!

we maybe so miles away but always remember no one can ever replace the kind of friendship that we shared.

ilove u and take care of urself!!!

God bless........

cnu pa... ako pa din !

When I read Auie's heartwarming letter I was so moved that I had tears welling up in my eyes. Indeed when you look back in life there's no greater joy than to see how far you've gone and that you aged with TRUE friends if not a lot at least a few. Who knows and loves you inside out. All of a sudden past mistakes, previous heartaches, vanishes with tomorrow's promise. I am so thankful to God for having Auie as my best friend and I can't thank God enough for the continuous shower of blessings Ryan and I are receiving now. Life is still not a bed of roses but my life has surely turned around from the chaotic and somehow miserable life I grew up in.

Mar 19, 2007

Reminiscing Holy Week

Commemorating Holy Week is not as difficult as celebrating Christmas here since there are no decors required for that, except for the fact that there are no holidays for Catholics to do what we have practised for many years every Holy Week. Strictly observed pa naman ito sa family namin and my lolo would always scold us if we do anything fun (like hum a tune, listen to the radio or watch tv, play, etc) especially on Holy Friday. May mga family traditions din kme like going to mass, attending processions in BiƱan, pasyon sa neighbors, way of the cross with family / friends and Easter egg hunt on Sundays until we grew old for that and lola passed away.

Since Ryan & I got married (2004) we have been visiting churches on Holy Thursdays and I would prepare him tacos for merienda after we got back. We would do the station of the cross at every church. Minsan nga kinareer pa naming lakarin ang mga simbahan sa Intramuros grabe pala ang San Agustin super jam packed. Tapos nag-jejeep jeep lng kme. Last year we did not go to a lot of churches but we went to nearby churches lng to pray. I have this adoration prayer that we prayed for an hour in Sacred Heart but those two years we never failed to visit Guadalupe Church where we got married. One of the best adoration altars ever. It's so solemn and it feels even more special for us to pray there.

May blooper pa kmeng dalawa nung 1st year namin to do the Bisita Iglesia, a lot of people often rave about how beautiful the set up of Sta. Ana (Our Lady of the Abandoned Church) is but when we went there it was so disappointing kse walang kaayos ayos at all. It was soooo dull that we just opted to pray the station of the cross outside. Aparently nasa pocket garden pala nila ang altar and the following year (after we were corrected by everybody we know who regularly visits this church) it was indeed so beautiful in the garden and so solemn there.

Holy week as I have learned to surpass even the traditions is really a holy week for me. Especially now that I feel I have to reflect on my wrong doings and be thankful of the countless blessings we are continously receiving. I want to be deserving of His grace especially now that He has given us so much than what we were praying for. Even if I am away from the Philippines now I want to take a day off to pray despite missing all the Holy Week traditions. Sayang walang 7th Heaven marathon dito...

Mar 7, 2007

Another sinigang story

I remember putting a post about siningang years back. Now there's another story to tell...later I might have chronicles of Sinigang...

Since sinigang is Ryan's favorite dish it was a struggle for him not to be able to eat it for months since we haven't seen a sinigang mix here not even fresh sampaloc. Until Florence, my candidate from the Phils who has come to live with us was able to bring a few c/o my incessant request from my mom. And of course we brought back with us a whole year supply of sinigang mix from our trip not counting those Florence brought from her recent trip back too. It was obvious that siningang is in the menu as soon as we did the grocery last weekend.

Ryan's duty this week starts at 3:00 PM and I thought it makes sense to boil the pork from the morning before I leave until he leaves for work in the afternoon. So that I would only have to worry about the veggies in the evening after work. Unfortunately this is how our conversation went (or at least, according to Ryan. what I claimed)
D: Ry, isasalang ko na ung pork ha para lumambot pakipatay n lng later pagalis mo?
R: Huh? Di ba matutuyuan yun.
D: Hindi enough lng un para malabot gaya nung luto ko last time
R: Uh..okay.

So parang malinaw and conversation.

6:00 PM we were chatting via YM.

R: mahal sabihan mo ako bago ka uwi ha
R: try kita ihitid ok?
D: wrapping up alis siguro me in 15 mins
R: kahit dyan lang sa bus stop
R: ahh ok
D: will send emails lng
D: malambot na baboy?
R: basta sabihan mo ako kapag sign off ka na
D: ok
R: i think so
R: pero di ko pa din pinatay

Imagine me going ballistic here...waaah!As in!!He left the house at around 2PM what time was it now?!Immediately I stood up and just sent my report to my boss. Hurried home. Went with my Indian officemate. Florence even saw me riding the cab. My Indian colleague kept on telling stories but I honestly can't get my mind off the sinigang. I checked out the guards reaction if he's going to tell me our house is burning as I entered the gate of our compound. far so good. Pa-wave wave pa sila.

When I reached home I just put down my things in the couch and rushed to the kitchen. Even with the kitchen doors closed a pungent smell of meat can be smelled from the doorstep. Yaiks! I really do hope it's not burned or something. I was so relieved to find that it was not burning when I opened the lid but somehow it smelled burned. Only half of the water evaporated. The meat was so soft already but it was within remedy. Florence came in wondering why all the lights were out but the door was unlocked. That was how panicked I was forgetting everything else but the sinigang.

And as usual as an indication of success when Ryan came home at 12:00 am he told me he cannot sleep right away since he was sooo full after eating late dinner I left for him. =) Despite the incident that was enough to put a smile on my face and go back to sleep peacefully or at least as peaceful as not feeling our baby's strong kick.

Feb 28, 2007

Ang aming balik-bayan trip

As expected we're back to reality. Good thing is that I've psyched myself before going back that I just enjoyed every single day we spent back in the Phils and not feel so bad to be back in Malaysia.

First felt soooo goood to be home!It was almost too good to be true. Suddenly all the simple things we took for granted in the Phils we came to appreciate and miss. Ang saya ng uwi namin!

Flight night:
I got stuck with turning over my candidates and other things in the office it was already 7PM and Ryan was waiting di pa ako makaalis ng office. We don't even have an idea what time the last bus is. Plus we're both hungry..dito pa naman eh wala nang mabibilhan ng food for snacks or something around 5PM. We were hoping we can grab something at KL Sentral para dinner na.

It was hard getting a cab since it was Friday. We were dragging along our monster luggage na almost empty and the Samsonite hand carry stroller. Good thing here, it's very easy to make taxi calls. Isang tawag lng, sila pa magrereturn call sa iyo and voila the nearest cab will be there in a few minutes.

In KL Sentral umalis na ung last trip ng isang bus line going to the airport. Naglakad lakad pa kme kse ung isang bus line may trip pa pala. Hence, we left KL to go to the airport at around 8PM. The bag of Ruffles I grabbed from the kitchen this morning came in handy + the empty bottle of water I refilled from the office. Instant dinner. By the time we arrived at the airport we spoiled our appetite for a proper dinner. Still I ordered cheeseburger at McDo and Ryan some mcnuggets.

We waited for hours since our flight leaves at 1:20 am and with the same predicament we had when we went to Bacolod Cebu Pacific's flight was delayed for another hour!!!At least shorter than the 3 hour delay of our flight to Bacolod before. Still it was such an unholy hour!!and we can't sleep properly with the airport seats. Wala bang iiimprove ang Cebu Pacific???

Day one: Friday

Since I informed my family that our flight was delayed when we arrived di pa sila umaalis ng bahay. Hehehe. Kami na lng naiwan sa airport na walang sundo pero even if there was no food served sa aming budget fare & napaka-stiff ng upuan ng Cebu Pacific eh I was so ecstatic to be back. Actually since 3 mos pa lng kmeng nawawala there were no drastic changes sa Pinas. Jollibee ang aming first meal kse ang tagal nila Dokee & mama dumating. In fairness ang sarap na ng fries ng Jollibee ha! Dati di mo ako mapapakain ng Jollibee fries.

Sa car pa lng mega update na kme. Especially kay Kris Aquino at James Yap...hahaha!And we forgot that it's almost election time na pala sa Pinas. So update din ng mga tatakbo etc. Pagdaan namin ng Makati gusto kong humalik sa lupa we were greeted with the usual morning rush and traffic. Ahh...ito ang wala sa KL. Kung meron man eh stop light lang feeling ng mga local eh traffic jam na dito.

Breakfast was tinapa & itlog na maalat!Yum yum yum! Sobrang busog ako! At ang bahay namin may Christmas decor pa..muntik na akong maiyak kse dito parang holy week ang naging pasko namin. Tlagang di nila tinanggal para makapag-picture daw kme (as if eh na-lo bat naman ang digi cam at di namin dala yung charger).

We went with Dokee right away to have my tooth fixed. She had so many patients we tried sleeping in her clinic's dining area to wait for my turn. When I woke up I requested for a yellow cab pizza! Yum yum yum na naman!!!!Aliw na aliw naman ako sa mga campaign ng senators sa TV. At may mga starlets na di ko na marecognize ha.

Anyway after my treatment dumiretso na kme sa Greenhills tiangge for my maternity clothes shopping. Salamat naman at uso ang preggy blouses kse sa totoo lng di pa kasya sa akin khit small na maternity clothes. Dapat nga papa-derma pa ako kaso di namin nakausap yung derma ko kung papayag syang i-treat ako and her new sched pala is off sya pag Fridays. For merienda we had pansit malabon...and sarap!Grabe sa totoo lng super sarap kumain. At home for dinner it was monggo with chicharon!!Ang dami dami kong nakain. Yung baby bihira lng maglikot maybe because ang dami nyang stock ng food.

Day two: Saturday

Ryan and I promised to keep Saturday for ourselves. It was our "date day" especially we did not go out for Valentines and reserved it for our homecoming. Gusto pa sana ni Ryan 3 sine?! Sabi ko 2 lng. So we booked Ghost Rider in the afternoon & Music and Lyrics in the evening. Kme ang nagbukas ng ticket counter..hehehe!So we got good seats. Nasabik kme sa sine kse sa PInas we watch movies regularly or I mean as far as my schedule would allow. Hehehe at least sa Pinas anytime na trip mong manood you can watch tlga. Dito naman kse sabog ang sched ng movies. So its a must to check a website and be at the cinema on time.

We went home for lunch sa bahay kse gusto ko tlga ng homecooked binagoongang baboy & mangga. So mama prepared this while I went to the salon to have my nails done & Ryan went to his barber na halos yakapin nya sa pagkamiss (esp after his tragic haircut incident her tlgang mapapatay mo ang barbero sa kapalpakan).Balik Greenbelt after lunch kahit na late kme sa Ghost Rider..hehehe inis na inis si Ryan kse di namin nasimulan. It was a big date night indeed. Ang saya ng buong gabi! We heard mass at Greenbelt chapel, ate & ate the food we missed..goto + tokwa't baboy, bibingka...ang sarap kumain I barely had room for dinner. I loved Music & Lyrics sobrang nakakatuwang panoorin and after the movie you'll really have a last song syndrome of the song Way Back Into Love. Dapat nga bibili pa ako ng soundtrack kaso sarado na ang Music One so dito na lng siguro sa KL. Another best part of the day was Ryan bought me the lacking series of my Shopaholic books. Hehehe. Spoiled!

Day three: Sunday

Time to go to Ryan's hometown. Same old same old except that ang layo na pala ng tawiran sa dati naming babaan so mega walkaton kme under the sun. It was good to see his family again although super kulit and likot ng kanyang mga pamangkin. Ang cute cute na ng bunso ni Ate. Nakakatuwa din si mama although ewan ko lng kung namiss nya kme actually di ko rin nga alam kung kilala nya kme...hehe. In a way I took it as an indication that she knows us in her heart kse nung ngpaalam kme na aalis na kme she said, "aalis na kayo ulit?" parang somehow eh may sense sya that we are going away.

Day four: Monday

Appointment for the day: SSS (maternity benefit), LTO (license application), lunch with Ma'am Cecille, more shopping in Makati, haircut at Lucy B., dinner with the winckies. Need I say more? I was a full full day. I ate kare-kare twice one sa Dencio's with Ma'am Cecille and nung dinner at Recipes. Most importantly I love my new haircut and I love the stylist in Lucy B. bakit ba ngayon lng ako ngpagupit dun. He did a great job with my hair and he styled it while it was dry para walang phony after-cut kapag basa at na-blow dry. It was so natural and was really low maintenance as he promised it would. I just forgot his name pero di sya gay, lalaking lalaki gusto ko nga sana ipa-train si Ryan..hahaha!Sya nga daw nakukulay sa wife nya. Bongga di ba?! Imagine nagkukulutan kme ni Ryan pag weekends.

It was so nice to see my friends na ang iba ay nung kasal pa namin huli kong nakita. Chismisan galore!Kulang ang gabi...naawa nga ako kay Ryan kund di lng ako buntis pinauwi ko na. Kse naman we haven't had a decent sleep during our trip.

Day five: Tuesday

Ilang oras na lng we'll be in KL again. Syempre nagpa-footspa muna ako sa Index ever. At nggrocery n kme ng mga food na wala dito. Lie low and packing galore. Ang galing tlga mag pack ni mama! Ang dami dami naming dala. It was a wortwhile stay ang kinalulungkot lng ni Ryan di kme nakapag-Boracay or something. With the baby coming kelan nga kaya ulit yun? I wonder if we'll have the heart to leave the baby behind and have a vacation.

I was so happy di naharang ang aming bagoong, taba ng talangka, tocino, hotdog, luncheon meat, etc sa airport kse maiiyak ako pag naiwan yun kung alam nga lng namin dinagdagan pa namin ang dala...hehehe.

All in all it was a good trip. I learned my lesson sa Cebu Pacific and chose the seats na may pinakamalaking legroom. Next time din puro pagkain na ang laman ng bag namin that is if I can resist shopping for clothes again. =)

Feb 13, 2007

Uwian na!!!

It has only been 3 mos yet I'm so excited to go back home!!

Ryan and I came up with a list of things to eat and take home with us:
MUST eat:
- tinapa, itlog na maalat
- binagoongang baboy & mangga
- longanissa
- Yellow cab
- tapa king
- kare-kare with bagoong
- crispy pata
- bacon
- hotdog
- chicharon bulaklak (Pampanga)
- Fishballs & Squidballs
- balot
- relyenong bangus

and the list gets longer as if we only came back to eat. Hehehe!I'm so excited!

I'm sure our bags will be packed again just like the first time. Good thing the attendants of Malaysian Airlines were kind enough to allow the overweight. What an overweight it was before.

This time I'm meeting again one group of friends only. Have only one body to do so and only 5 days to accomplish what we will come back for. I never knew one can miss his own country this much when he/she becomes an OFW. Good thing about our set up is Ryan & I are together so no dealing the usual long distance relationship stuff. Still I miss the food and my usual activities that I can't wait to go home into the arms of my excited family & friends!!!And all the food the used to comfort me of course!

Feb 6, 2007

What am I doing?

At the office today and I'm engrossed with my e-book Confessions of a Shopaholic. Obviously blogging now, not really doing anything productive so it seems.

I am at a point where I don't want to admit frustration..more appropriately it's confusion and the floating feeling of not having a sense of direction in what I am doing. I don't let my thoughts wander far into that.

No wonder weekends at home are boring me.

There's a five day vacation in the Philippines I am looking forward to but the problems with vacations is the feeling why it has to end so soon. Arrrggghh! Ignore the gloomy gal I've become. Must be the pregnancy hormones doing this. Hahaha!

Jan 31, 2007

Di na nakakatuwa

Grrrr tlga!Grrr grrr grrr!!!

Although I have complaints about my new job which is so mababaw and seems to be part of the job, I have prepared myself working with people who has a different culture naturally. Having better hopes with my kababayans instead.

Unfortunately not the case. People here whether from India, or locally here in Malaysia have been very nice and easy to work with. Of course not minding a few communication gap once in a while (again very acceptable di ba?). It is so disappointing na kung sino pa yung mataas expectations ko sila pa ang hindi makaintindi. Nagtitimpi na lng ako na sigawan ang mga taong concerned ng isang malaking BOBO!!TANGA!! Considering that working as an HR for more than 5 years has extended my patience and tolerance for people in the workplace who are so narrow minded. At talagang di ako pumapatol sa bading na papansin at hindi makapag-English!actually tinagalog na di pa din makaintindi.

Di ko alam san pa huhugutin ang pasensya. Ang hirap kseng patulan ng tao na stupidity lang ang problema. As in hindi marunong magbasa ng email..sorry but the email HAD TO BE IN ENGLISH! Because the management here was put in cc alangan naman itagalog ko para lang maintindihan ng isang..hmmp ewan!!

Grrr tlga. This is the last time I'm wasting my time for this type of person gusto ko lng tlga maglabas ng sama ng loob. Kse alangan naman i-share ko sa officemates ko dito eh so far peace loving naman sila. Sabihin nila I can't handle my own kababayan...which is actually true. Haaay kakalungkot!

Jan 18, 2007

Today's OB visit

It's been two weeks since I last saw my OB and the baby under the ultrasound. As of yesterday baby is officially 4 mos. old inside me. He/she is now bigger and fuller. The toes and hands were clearer. Even the head showed more distinct figures of the lips and eyes. The baby was so calm..after he waved at Ryan (as Ryan claims). The tiny cute heart was beating. Sometimes I can already feel his movements at night when he's usually active.

I went back today since my doctor insisted on getting my blood for some tests. I hope it goes well considering that I lost weight! When I was not pregnant I tried hard to lose weight..oops make that wished hard I can lose weight. Now I'm losing weight when I should be gaining it already.

Morning sickness is over and what a relief it is. Unfortunately my tooth filing got removed and chewing became so painful. Hence we suspect this for my weight loss. My OB recommends immediate help from the dentist. Given my condition I don't want any dentist hello! I want Dokee! I was thinking of sending her over but it will be so difficult for her alangan naman maghanap kme ng mahihiraman nya ng clinic dito. I wanted to go home but hesitating since work schedule is sooo tight!! Ang daming requirements and napaka-untimely not to mention bago lng ako dito magpaalam ng 2 days leave. Nakapag sick leave na nga ako eh. Tapos late na late na late pa ako kanina pumasok dahil sa check-up ko...11:30 na ako dumating..hehehe ang kapal noh?! So the chances are so slim na payagan ako..

Minsan tlga nakakamiss ang buhay sa Pinas na may househelp. Kse kakatamad magluto pag sobrang pagod sa work at sobrang sakit sa ipin. Dati kse nakaready na ang lulutuin pagkatimpla may taga-bantay pa. Patikim tikim na lng. May taga-hugas pa ng mga ginamit ko...hahaha!At pag tlgang nakakatamad may BBQ kay Aling Rose na sure na malinis at fresh. Sana wag mabasa ni Ryan ito kse baka i-deport nya ako sa Pinas kaka-homesick ko lalo na sa mga food. Sana din may milagro bigla na pwede akong mag-absent dito kahit 2 days lng para makakain ng hotdog, tocino, ginataang halo-halo, lechon; makapagpa-manicure, pedicure & hotoil sa suking parlor; makanood ng mga teleserye, tagalog movie, magshopping sa SM...este para pala mapagawa ko na itong ipin ko.