Oct 12, 2007

Cuteeeee (Daddy & Iaree moments)

9:15 AM I am rushing...

Iaree was sleepy but complaining as she still wants to keep on feeding. Ryan was beside her but too sleepy to move. I told him to cuddle Iaree so she can go back to sleep but as soon as he did she started mumbling (we assume she so wants to tell us a stories when she does this), few minutes later she complains again --

Iaree: iiieee ieeee (with matching stomping of feet in the bed)
Ryan: iiieee ieeee

Ryan kept on imitating the sounds that she did that she stopped, looked at Ryan and giggled. Then she started telling stories again...hehehe.

So cute I had difficulty leaving them.

Today is our 7th year anniversary and on the 17th of October our 3rd year together. As much as we want to make annual anniversary trips or do something special together we'll make an exemption this year as we don't have the heart to leave Iaree. Hehehe hopefully we'll have the courage to next year. She's so adorable and we just instantly miss her when she's not with us. We'll just look at the bright side we'll save what we didn't spend this year. Hehehe. Anyway about our anniversary I'm so happy to be with Ryan and that we are on our 7th year together as a couple. We struggle on some days but we continue to work things out. After each fight we learn new things and grow stronger so that we wont repeat the same mistakes. He's such a great dad I just hope that his stress on work don't get the better of him. I love watching him with Iaree how he enjoys carrying her, cuddling her and playing with her only thing he can't do is sing for her..hahaha! Anyway...happy anniversary mahal!!This is going to be an extra special day because of Iaree even if we don't do anything.

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