Oct 3, 2007

Headaches & pains of a RECRUITER

As much as I openly talk about it to friends and love ones the headaches & pains of being a recruiter is sometimes just beyond venting.

Not in particular order I so hate --
1. Salary negotiations the last minute - especially for our industry endorsing a candidate to a client is one but asking the client for last minute adjustment is simply a no no. Why the hell do they agree to the rate only to negotiate it afterwards.

2. In no effort not to be discriminatory even my Indian & Malaysian colleagues agree that Filipinos are easier candidates to handle. Nice and polite. In my experience ONLY if I propose them for Singapore are Filipino candidates ok. Thing is for Filipinos it's all about the converted amount of the salary with no consideration of the cost of living in a country. With their unreasonable demands despite triple-quadruple savings they will get they turn down the offer without studyuing about the country's cost of living. Other nationalities will give you endless and unreasonable salary negotiations that you'd wish you never talked to them in the first place.

3. Unprepared for technical interviews.One can always come prepared for a telephone techical interview especially if I am your recruiter...haha!No seriously from the qualifications itself you can brush up on your skills unfortunately for some they blindlyl go through interviews and for whatever reason fail even non-technical questions for saying something inappropriate.

4. Backouts!!!!!!!Again most of their reason is salary.If you thought you have them in your hands it never is until you see their bodies reporting to the office on the said joining date.

5. Too many processes that's getting in the way of just getting the candidate on board.

I wanted so much to go for Filipino candidates unfortunately the Philippines may be abundant of talented IT professionals but they lack the skills for enterprise level. Even big companies in the Phils dont have the infrastructure to give Filipinos a good training ground to have skills at par in the global market. Lastly if they are qualified I just dont understand why they make my life difficult by making unreasonable salary negotiations to such point that we'd rather drop them off. Arrrgghhh!Good luck to me!Recruitment it seems is a whole different repetitive drama compared to the drama of my previous job as a full spectrum HR Officer.