Dec 27, 2006

Baby's KL Experience

Now that it has been a month since we've settled with our new jobs and new life here in KL I'm glad to be back to blogging. Of course only as often as my work load would allow me.

I immediately saw a doctor (or at least the soonest I can, considering that I had to work for my first weekend and the company outing the next). It was no contest in choosing my new OB-Gynecologist, there were only a few of them holding a clinic on Saturdays on a nearby hospital where we got our place and since this is my first we'd be more comfortable with a female doctor. She was the only female doctor who holds a clinic on Saturdays.

I've been hearing plenty of good feedbacks about the hospital too such as it's the best maternity hospital here in KL. We were not disappointed it was first class even better facilities than Makati Med. Hehehe. Equipments and rooms are all new. So the package for giving birth of around P50,000 normal delivery here is worth it. It already includes my doctors PF according to the hospital. Pricey I know but we feel confident that it will all be worth it for this hospital. =)

As for my doctor, medyo mashunda na sya..hehe. Ang kaba ba naman ni Ryan baka daw matigok bago ako manganak...don't mind him OA lng yun. Indian sya so halos lahat ng pasyente ganun din. Pagpasok namin sa clinic nya grabe!Parang walang naligo sa kanila..wahh!My biggest worry na sabi ko kay Ryan pag ganyan din ang simoy ng hangin ng doctor ayoko na. Buti naman hindi tska mabait naman. Our visit to her was also the first time we saw our baby via ultra sound. Here's the picture:

I never thought it will be such an overwhelming experience! At first the monitor was aly facing Ryan and I wanted to get up and pull the monitor because he was getting all excited and the OB was telling him these are the hands, the arms, the eyes and he was ecstatic because the baby was so active and kept on moving! Until finally I got my turn. Indeed the baby was so malikot...naku nasa tyan pa lng ang likot na! He kept on moving. Ryan told me when they were looking at the baby he turned away from them. But I never thought the experience of actually seeing a proof that indeed a life is forming inside me would be this much! Ryan insisted on coming back or even buying our own ultrasound. Di tlga excited ang daddy to be!Hehehe.

Aside from the frequent throwing up my pregnancy is just fine. Ryan gets to do a lot of house work especially when my morning sickness strikes me at night. Good thing he doesn't complain..(yet!I hope). I guess as long as he's expecting the baby I can make him do whatever I want..except for allowing me to eat potato chips etc. Nyahaha!Not that I'm abusing him or anything ha!hehehe...

By the way thank you all for your well wishes! Sorry but the time we found out we were so busy packing our things going here that I didn't get to thank you all. Especially the surprising visitors who sent me text messages after reading my blog (hehe may nagbabasa pala nito). I didn't even had the chance to say goodbye because we were so busy. After a months time I would say that we're more or less settled and finding our way around here.

If you're linked to my multiply account I usually update it with our recent pictures here in KL so just check it out once in a while. =) Til next time!