Jul 14, 2007

The baby's coming out!!!

It was 3:00 p.m. when we reached Pantai Medical Hospital. I could barely walk but just to ensure that this is it I didn't request for a wheelchair and checked myself in at the delivery floor. They immediately placed me in a room and strapped the monitor for the contractions and baby's heart rate. Midwives checked my dilation it was 4-5 cm by that time pain is still tolerable. Mama, Ryan and I were still relaxed..or so I thought coz both of them are already so cold. If it's the aircon or their nervousness I really do not know. Ryan busied himself by setting up the video & digi cam which ironically both ran out of battery.

Dr. Yap arrived past 6:00 pm and checked my dilation again. She jokingly told me finally I know what contractions were. Since my water bag was still intact she had to burst it manually to make the baby go down faster. She informed us that if the baby passes motion in the next few hours and or I am not fully dilated we will go for the ceasarian operation. She will check on me by 9:30 pm meanwhile she left me with my contractions. The contractions became indescribably painful!!! Ouch to the NTH power!!!I do not let Ryan leave my side I squeeze him everytime I feel pain which is according to the monitor was every 2 mins now. My doctor was surprised that I haven't requested for the epidural. Before she left she called ordered for the epidural.

As far as I can recount the "contractions experience" about 3-4 times before the in-house anesthesiologist arrived I was having it so bad. I am shaking in pain and the nurses where giving me the laughing gas (sorry I forgot the proper name). They were coaching me to breath in & out as the pain was excruciating I cannot think properly let alone remember to relax and breathe. Once I inhaled the gas the pain will ease out somehow until it comes again. So you can just imagine I felt no pain as the 2-3 inches needle was being stuck to my spinal cord because really for me the contractions were far more painful. After the epidural was in place I was drowsy and sleepy. I was still aware of the contractions but the terrible terrible terrible pain was gone. Although at one point, around 9 pm or so it felt like epidural was not helping but according to the midwives it should be that way since I have to feel the pushing when the time comes.

Ryan was so supportive. He calms me down while I am shaking ang while I'm in pain. He just holds my hand and lets me squeeze his hand (to a point of numbness...hehehe). Actually in between the good times when I can still smile he takes my pictures. He said I should've asked for the epidural when I first came in. Kse naman feeling ko kaya ko eh to think I have low pain tolerance. Feeling brave!

Past 9 PM nagsisimula na naman ang painful episodes ko it's because when the midwives checked me I was fully dilated na. Dr.Yap was on her way for her 9:30 PM appointment with us. =) All the events seemed syncronized when she stepped in. Everything happened so fast. In just a few minutes I was pusing the baby out. She told me that the baby's head was already visible she even let me touch it. After a few pushes may cheerers pa ha...the midwife there with us was so good in cheering - "push push push..." si mama, si Ryan, Dr. Yap all shouting encouraging words. However my efforts were futile because I lack breath when she is almost out. Hence Dr. Yap told me she has to use vacuum to help me but it also means I have to push harder. After one hard push with the vacuum our baby is out!

Tatiana Reese "Iaree" Garces Tuazon weighed 2.96 kg with a length of 48cm and was delivered exactly at 9:46 pm.

Immediately she was wailing before anything was done to her. Ryan was the one who cut the umbilical cord unfortunately my untrained mom was unable to capture the moment. In a few minutes they handed over the baby to me...it was hard to describe the feeling. It's unbelievable & overwhelming to finally hold her in my arms. Her eyes were open then and she was playing with her saliva. She was so adorable and immediately we were all swept with a so much love for this new person we just saw now.

She was brought outside where Ryan & mama followed, I think for more cleaning etc. Then after a few hours plenty of congratulations from the staff who assisted I was transferred to my room although that night all single rooms were filled so temporarily we were placed in a 2 BR ward. Good thing nobody else occupied the room.
We had no other choice but to have McDonald's for dinner at 11PM there was nothing else we can buy. After two bites of Mc Chicken sandwich I was out. A few hours later they brought the baby in. The nurse positioned her for breast feeding and it was such an amazing experience watching her do so.

After that I tried sleeping but I can't thinking of what I just went through and the excitement that doesn't diminish with the new baby at my side. Mama & Ryan drifted off to dreamland.

Jul 13, 2007

The drama before labor

My anxiety did not wear off as we left my doctor's office Saturday - June 30. Despite the full schedule of the clinic (we have switched to a new & better Gynecologist by the way) since my due date is near she told me to walk in and she will accommodate me still. She did the routine ultrasound to check me & our baby. Water level is ok, baby is still fine (heartbeat and all) but if I/we gain more weight her engaged head might get dislodged and she'll be left with no choice but to do a c-section. I need to be back to her clinic next Thursday because she will decide if I will be induced this will at least force the baby out via normal delivery. If baby really is not out on the time table we are looking at, my doctor will intervene so I have higher chances of delivering our baby naturally.

Determined -- I controlled eating rice, really really really stopped munching on the remaining bags of Famous Amos Chocolate & Pecan Chips, went back to healthy fruits & veggies, less fried dishes, the works! Also after the checkup that Saturday Ryan took me to three malls - 1 Utama (to watch Fantastic 4), Ikea (wala lng para lng magikot tlga) & finally Tesco (to do some grocery). Ryan not having slept yet from night shift was bushed, so he slept in the car while mama & I went to buy groceries in the huge Makro-like Tesco. Before we could fall in line, I was having contractions...I was half hoping it was it. But no after resting it was gone the next day. Sunday after mass we went to another big mall to watch Transformers and again did some grocery in the for items not available in Tesco. Mega walkaton tlga and I was having contractions at the end of the day. This time I was really hoping it would carry on although my doctor is against me delivering on a weekend because like the cinemas hospitals here have weekend rates. Yah tell me about it?! Ryan was so excited, he packed all the tripods and his shooting equipment as if I'm about to go any minute. Sadly...the night went on as usual.

Monday morning since I was feeling okay again we scheduled a morning walk. So I had to tell my boss I will be late. Contractions are very mild & manageable but I don't think this is it yet. We went back home and I prepared to leave for the office. I knew I'll be facing a barrage of "you're still here??" questions from my very eager officemates. Rest of the day went on. I was busy and distracted. Sent a worried email to my married friends to ask for their prayers & air out my anxieties. End of the day had very mild hardly noticeable contractions but Linda & Azlina (my local officemates) already said goodbye to me as if I'm really giving birth the following day. Linda even told our big boss to say goodbye to me since I'm giving birth tomorrow. Hahaha. I really hope it's as simple as that. Ryan tells me the same thing since I've been so anxious last Saturday - "Don't worry baby will come out on Tuesday"

So eto na nga ang Tuesday - July 3. I woke up 8:00 am (yes thanks to having my mom around I have the luxury of time to sleep longer since she cooks breakfast) dressed up and started walking around our phase. Ryan caught up with me and this time we covered more areas than yesterday pabalik balik pa kme sa mga steep route. Contractions were more regular but we wanted to be sure this time kse past few days din naman regular ang contractions tapos nawawala. It was getting more painful now and I have finally decided to file for a sick leave (which they call MC here for medical certificate, hehehe seriously). After breakfast I told Ryan lakarin na lng namin papuntang clinic to get the MC para exercise pa din. (Side note: bulubundikin ang area po namin at tlgang workout ang paglalakad around the vicinity). We were continously timing my contractions it started intervals of 6-7 mins nung 8:30 by 11:00 after my checkup mga ganun pa din pero I can feel the intensity na. Doctor in the clinic checked me and told me na 1cm na ako. Our choice daw if we will go to the hospital na but knowing that it's a private hospital they might admit me daw even if I am not yet on the way. We asked her if it's okay to go to KLCC - last chance to go with my mom to go see Petronas & Ryan needs to go to the bank. Plus bigger walking area for me. She said it is still our choice since some women who go on easy labor have contractions and easily dilates after. If not 1 cm dilation could mean 1-2 days for me still.

We decided not to go to KLCC anymore kahit when we got back mama was all dressed up. =( I feel bad that we haven't really toured her in KL with my condition and our workload. Ryan also allowed the contractor to finish a few more fixtures around the house that day. I was having severe contractions by the time the contractors arrived. Interval was ave of 4-5 mins and it was getting really really painful. Ryan keeps on teasing me pa and taking my pictures. Pambihira! Inis na inis na ako sa kanya ang kulit tlga. Mama was preparing stuff to bring to the hospital pati cross stitch nya dala dala...hahaha! I told her we might be asked to go home kung ano ano pa dala nya. Immediately went the contractor left I was rushing Ryan to bring me to the hospital it was really so painful already.

Jul 11, 2007

Eto muna...

I have so many stories na di ko na natapos i-blog.

Now the biggest event we have been waiting for has come...no energy nga lng to write about it. Check this out first >> OUR BABY IS HERE!!!