Jun 30, 2008


She's turning ONE!! I'm so excited!!

In her first year we are happy that she only fell twice on the bed and broke her collar bone once. Now it's growing back.

She only got sick twice a little flu & a little fever. I know I sound nonchalant but first time parents were way too worried when it all happened. =) When she fell from the bed mother's day got cancelled it was like a worst worst gloomy day for daddy & mommy.

Happy happy notes:

~On her 2nd day she can already smile involuntarily and voluntarily on her 3rd month. Laughs very heartily we love love love her laugh! It's so easy to make her laugh and she hardly cries she only cries when she's terribly terribly hungry, normal hungry she will not cry, or got hurt, like only when really neccesary. Other than that she is not a fussy baby.

~On her 2nd week she was lifting her head from the bed (we were freaked out actually) then trying to roll over around 3rd month

~During her first few weeks she refers to me as - Geeeee! and Ryan - Oooohhh! hehehe but she lost that somewhere 3rd month. Now when Ryan teaches her to say "dadada-dy" she answers back "mmmamamama" hahahaha! She tries calling us sometimes actually but her first clear communication attempt was inside the plane going to Terengannu. She wanted to nurse from me but I was waiting for the take off and since she was not a cry baby all she did ...mamamama...then she was making small "come here" hand gestures pointing to my boobs. Hahaha and then it became two small cute hands so we didnt wait for the take off anymore. She was getting hungry. =D Before that she has her own way of telling us how to be carried or she wants to go out by making noises or her body language. But that was the first hand signal that she did and now her bag of tricks have more!

~2 months back she can follow simple instructions. Like give that to mommy or daddy. Pick that up, wear this. She knows how to follow routine because I wash her up before going to sleep and one time daddy had to do it I forgot to tell him I refilled a different bottle for Iaree's soap she was reaching it and giving it to daddy then I told Ryan he asked me "Have you been using that for quite some time?Because it looks like she knows" I said I did about 2 days back only.

~We're happy too with her motor skills sitting at 3rd-4th month (we were scared of this) actually attempts to raise herself started as early as her 2nd month. 7 months she started standing up on her own in the bed or in her playpen. Started taking steps a few weeks later...If she didn't fall from the bed we think she'd have the confidence to walk on her own now but she's a bit scared pa and holds on to our hand pero in the playpen or in bed confident naman wobbly still but confident na.

~She loves swimming we started her on her 7.5 month and short quick swim lang but it's difficult to get her out of the water. Similar case during all her bath time.

~Story telling time before she sleeps is also something to look forward to in fact everytime she holds a book she babbles and as if she pretends to read the book. Hhehe..

~ Mama taught her some dance steps to an old song and ang galing she knows what's next I think she was about 6 mos old.

Dokee, Reu , Ramm & Angelo was supposed to be her for her party. Their plan pushed through minus lazy Reu who only applied for a passport 1 week before the trip. Maybe we'll throw her na din a simple birthday party so that she'll have party pictures to check out when she grows up. Since she wont appreciate it pa naman we'll make it a pool party para she swim while our visitors feasts on mommy's dishes. =)

Jun 17, 2008



most of all NAGIIPON!!

Hay candidates please stop na magbackout...kelangan nang i-retire ang 3 yrs old na O2 sakit sa ulo ng radiation eh.

Jun 13, 2008

At home & sick

I'm at home & I'm sick. I guess I've told the world about that pretty well with my YM status yesterday. Poor baby mommy can't carry her and if only she can sleep without me I would've moved to the other room and slept there. We tried but she really can't fall asleep without breastfeeding. Now she's still deep in slumber I turned the room into an internet cafe...hahaha!I just realized that there are missing pictures in my HD and it's still in Ryan's notebook. Then I started work so I can send to my teammates my candidates CV's para maipila sila for interview...then I'm using my own notebook for leisure while doing so...hahaha!Ryan will be out in a while to take me to the nearby clinic.

Naaliw naman ako sa boss ko na a few months back eh kaaway ko galore. He was already expecting it na magle-leave ako iuwi ko ba naman ang notebook ko na lagi ko naman iniiwan sabi ni Ryan kahapon pag sakay ko sa kotse hahaha!Tapos promise I didn't hear what he was asking this morning when I called in sick..kinakamusta pala nya ung status ng isang position na hawak ko eh sagot ko "I'm having a fever already".Tapos tawa ng tawa..sabi nya "When I ask about the OS position your answer is your having a fever..."Hahahah ok fine natawa din ako then I added yah that's my answer to his question hahahaa! Wala kasi akong candidate naalala ko...hahaha! Ang kulet...haay itong si amo tlga ok sana eh enjoy nga ako sa work ko kung di lng ako naiinis sa kanya minsan errr madalas (?) or sa candidates or sa ibang tao who effortlessly makes my life miserable at work or sa budgets..other than that I love my job! =)

Jun 4, 2008

My review on Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Super!!!Ay teka sorry what was the story about?!Well titigan n lng sya wag n lng sya magsalita di ko type eh..hehe.

Lastest movie I saw since Harry Potter hirap manood with a little baby.