Sep 14, 2009

the upcoming 5th Year

We must admit that one thing we are jealous of other couples is that they still get to go out watch a movie, go on a date have a little alone time. Coz that doesn't seem to be in the vocabulary of my mom. If we do that she'll feel left out blah blah blah. And I also asked Ryan if my mom would agree knowing how we are with our daughter we don't have the heart to leave her anyway so we also have an issue.

The last movie we saw together was Transformers 2 and trust me I was the first in the exit door of the movie house. It was not a date at all. We used to have DVD nights at home but lately Iaree sleeps so late or she hostages one of us to sit with her in her playroom. Literally hostage or we'll get screamed at - "Daddy sit!" "Mommy sit!". If we are around there has to be at least one of us there with her. So nowadays to watch a movie that we like we watch separately too.

As we are in cost-saving mode we didn't want to spend on a lavish anniversary trip. Iaree would of course be FOC but my mom would be an extra expense, extra room, extra buffet breakfast...etc. Ryan is thinking of getting me a diamond something and I was thinking of getting him a watch as he doesn't own one. Problem is he is not keen of wearing one either. We are out of options here I wanted it to be a special day. I know we wont be able to go somewhere and nowadays Ryan is such as KJ to pose for pictures so even if I just make a special dinner at home the day will pass to be such an ordinary one. I guess I just have to dream on in having a special celebration. =( Sulk.

Sep 10, 2009

Car-less days

It's so difficult to be car-less in Malaysia. Transport system is not so awesome especially in the place we live now. And taxi/bus fare is not as cheap anymore after the fare hike.

On a different perspective we may be car-less but still thankful that Ryan is okay and harm-free. Really really worth thanking for especially when I saw our car's condition after the accident.

It happened one very rainy day on his way to pick me up as usual he was driving on an inclined highway with a good distance from the car in front of him suddenly the car stopped and when he hit the brakes since the road was inclined and slippery - BANG!!! The Proton Saga that he hit was dent free unfortunately our Proton Wira was like a sardines can that easily got smashed. What more the heavy rain caused further damage to the engine which the insurance won't cover. Talk about mucho dinero!

Last two weeks we both are enduring taking the bus and now that Ryan is getting the car back today he is actually considering of parking it instead at the bus terminal (cheap parking RM 1 = PHP 13 for the whole day) then taking the bus. Anyway I too am taking a bus since I work here in Cyberjaya now. Of course he's still thinking twice as he might only take 1 bus ride but waiting for the bus and the bus route takes an eternity to reach the destination.

Despite the expenses we are thinking of going somewhere tomorrow or over the weekend to celebrate getting the car back. Hehehehe. We really missed it.