Jan 30, 2005

blogging behind your back

After successfully publishing my first blog I felt so victorious over my husband. mwahaha! he scolded me the other night when he saw me blogging instead of studying...hehehe! I know that my only chance was to publish it in the office. I must admit I have very poor study habits, if I don't feel like studying I won't...I’d either be reading a magazine or doing something else except watch TV/movie which I feel would be the biggest sign of abandonment on what I’m supposed to do..hehe! I know ryan means well pero even before the wedding preps I really really wanted to do this already and I guess my birthday + their surprise would really be a good start. as soon as I published it I dialed his number and called him..."na-publish ko na ang blog ko...hahaha!" I can just imagine him shaking his head & smiling because of my stubbornness and just when I was about to put down the phone he asked me.."so how does it work? how do I access your blog?" I was so ecstatic and told him immediately how to access my blog. After I did he told me..."I’m not interested!" that folks is my crazy husband and not unless he starts reading my blog I’ll be blogging behind his back like a sinister....mwahaha!

dowa - the lunatic wife of a crazy husband

Jan 29, 2005

25th Year

I just turned 25 yesterday! If I live for a hundred years, then I've reach about a quarter of my life span...but before I indulge in a melodramatic introspection let me savor the heartwarming celebration my love ones gave me to commemorate a milestone in my life.

This week
(The HR) I spent working hours at Universities attending Job Fairs. My talkative and inquisitive side kicked in I think I grilled all those who accompanied me…I wonder if they’ll accompany me again next job fair after all those questions! …hmm (The Student) It was not so stressful especially when I learned that my Tuesday class was cancelled geez! with all the articles I have to finish reading & and I haven’t even finished half of it. (Wife) Sleepy sleepy sleepy [from studying and preparing meals + Lovers in Paris on the side] but at least I was able to prepare a few meals: fried tangigue w/lemon butter sauce, ham sopas, fried GG, porkchop….in between either L.O.’s (left overs) or T.O (take-outs).

Every after office while waiting for my hubby – Ryan, I treated myself buying clothes and make-up…so yes, I am so happy of my purchases every night since Tuesday. My rationale? Birthday gift ko for myself. Plus I can’t help it Ayala Center is on sale I have extra money from our client Jane, tax refund…woohoo!

The night before
I bought 1 foundation & 2 lipsticks. Yey! This entitled me for the freebies: a magazine, eyebrow threading & make-over. Since I was going home already who needs a make-over? Kailangan bang made-up while cooking in the kitchen? Hmmm..why not? But not today, so I asked the promo girl if I can have my make-over tomorrow instead…at least pretty pa ako if Ryan asks me out on a date! Hehe! The truth is I haven’t said yes to him yet dahil akala ko ending ng Lovers in Paris on my birthday…so I had to text Kitte to make sure it’s not.

The Day
When I went to bed at 11:45 Ryan was already sleeping..I “attempted” to read (I haven’t moved on since I found out about the cancelled class..bad!) but failed again. I turned off the light 12:00am na and Ryan hugged me and hummed a tune. I was looking at him and figuring out what he was trying to sing or say. I found out from him later (as in morning na) that he started out by pretending to sleep, really fell asleep and not remembering doing anything after that. We were supposed to hear mass at Sacred Heart at 6AM and have breakfast at Dulcinea so that I could have my day off from preparing breakfast but the bed was sooo cozy and the hugs are so warm I can’t bring myself to get up. Ryan was already waking me up and all I said was.. “antok,antok,antok……” haha! Despite waking up very late than usual, I took some time dressing up wearing a skirt & a blouse (which I bought last Wed) + the matching pink sandals Dokee gave me just this morning.

At the office, I am very happy that I am not going to any job fairs anymore our sched at Ateneo got mixed up (yey!). I took that as a blessing. I had plenty of things to do and I particularly enjoyed distributing the employees BIR Form 2316 because they had to greet me personally and I was teasing them that they can’t claim it if they don’t have a gift for me. I was so touched by the simple gesture of one batch of engineers when they gave me strawberries & mangoes ice monster – yum!

I asked permission for an undertime to give me enough time for a make-over before we hear mass. When I left the office (happily accomplishing plenty of tasks) I hurried over to Maybelline and looked for Ghie (the promo-girl who assisted me the other day). After feeling like “I’m born with it” I literally walked and ran going to Greenbelt chapel to catch the 5:30 pm mass…it was already 5:35 and sobrang nakaka-guilty if I’m late for the mass dahil sa kakikayan ko. I was so happy that the mass hasn’t started yet and that I was able to sit. I know Ryan will be late because his work is until 5:30 and it’s quite a long walk from his office, to my surprise he arrived early. Another yey! I was so happy to hear mass and thank God for my blessings with my husband by my side. After the mass I know that he is taking me out for a movie and a dinner at Red Crab-Greenbelt but my mama called and told him that she’s meeting us up at Dulcinea. Ryan told me that she wanted to greet me personally so I was okay with that. However when mama’s cab pulled over Ryan told me to get in. He whispered to me that he made reservations at Sogo Hotel Guadalupe…a famous motel frequently visited by couples who are discreetly “doing it” where we held Clarice’s shower party. I have nothing wrong against the place but you cannot make me go in it either especially not on my birthday. Besides when we were not yet married he never ever thought of bringing me to a motel. I was making faces while in the cab..I wonder what he told my mama…then mama mentioned something about Café Lupe and I was thinking that Ryan made that up so that she won’t know we’re going to a motel. Pa-smile smile pa kse sya na parang he had it all planned out. When mama dropped us off at MRT-Guadalupe I really really insisted that we go home instead..then he told me about the surprise (wala syang choice)…he’s really taking me to Café Lupe to have dinner and watch The Company perform! Wow! I’ve always wanted to watch them for such a long time di matuloy-tuloy and now we’re about to watch them up close pa. Turns out that it was Dokee’s gift and she made reservations long ago…she also asked Annie Uy (one of the female singer of Company) to greet me. Sobrang galling ng Company! I had a great time with Ryan and having the advantage of arriving early before the show gave us plenty of time to chat. =) Oh and by the way Ryan was able to come up with a surprise of his own despite his very very hectic sched after office pa I’m waiting for him na at Glorrieta…he bought me African love birds! Kahit it was not delivered lng on time I can hardly wait I’m so excited to have a pet! Mukhang may bagong role na naman ako… I feel soo blessed, loved…and pretty too! Haha! You can't object..it's my birthday!hehehe!