Jan 30, 2005

blogging behind your back

After successfully publishing my first blog I felt so victorious over my husband. mwahaha! he scolded me the other night when he saw me blogging instead of studying...hehehe! I know that my only chance was to publish it in the office. I must admit I have very poor study habits, if I don't feel like studying I won't...I’d either be reading a magazine or doing something else except watch TV/movie which I feel would be the biggest sign of abandonment on what I’m supposed to do..hehe! I know ryan means well pero even before the wedding preps I really really wanted to do this already and I guess my birthday + their surprise would really be a good start. as soon as I published it I dialed his number and called him..."na-publish ko na ang blog ko...hahaha!" I can just imagine him shaking his head & smiling because of my stubbornness and just when I was about to put down the phone he asked me.."so how does it work? how do I access your blog?" I was so ecstatic and told him immediately how to access my blog. After I did he told me..."I’m not interested!" that folks is my crazy husband and not unless he starts reading my blog I’ll be blogging behind his back like a sinister....mwahaha!

dowa - the lunatic wife of a crazy husband

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