Jun 8, 2007

A closer look on our baby

Finally we went for the 4D!

A little too late now as I am 35.5 weeks, yes a few days short of my 9th month. Hence if I haven't mentioned before expected date of delivery (EDD) is July 7, 2007. We didn't know it's advisable to go for 4D between 20-28 weeks of the pregnancy while there's plenty of room to move around for the baby giving the gyne more freedom to check the baby's health and vital signs inside mommy's womb. What we knew was that the 4D will give such accurate images so the closer to full term the better so we would know if the organs are complete etc. and it really drove us to go for it since our OB just shrugged of the idea of checking out the baby's gender. Hmp!Super kainis. Enough of the backgrounder...here's a closer look to our baby girl. =)

Soooo cute to see such a calm and peaceful image inside me! It builds up more excitement for me and Ryan. Now we can call the baby by her name / nickname. =)At first she had her hand on her face but later on she removed it making us see her face better. Chubby daw sabi ng doctor...naku bigla akong kinabahan but they later re-assured me that she is estimatedly 2.5-3 kg...I hope that's good. More good news was the baby was healthy as far as the test could check - heart, brain, liver, lungs, spine, my placenta, the amount of water. So far it's all up to me enduring the upcoming birthing pains. Woohoo! Anyway I'm sure it will all be worth it. =)

I immediately called mama to tell her the good news muntik na ma-heart attack si mama kse kala nya nanganak na ako...hahaha!Oo nga naman sabihin ko ba kseng.. "ma!it's a baby girl!!"

Jun 7, 2007

Star struck!

Tonight was the farewell dinner party for our colleague Pugaz. I voted we go for Chili's para makakain naman ako at di naman Indian food na naman...kawawa naman si baby.

The elevator from the carpark was a little cramped and there were 2 people inside. The girl looked familiar but I can't name her in my mind. Chili's was at the ground floor and I know that very well. We were chatting with the 2 ladies inside the lift talking how cramped it was there etc. Then our floor came the other woman suddenly blurted “it's not everyday you get to share lift with MICHELLE YEOH”. I was out of the elevator already waiting for my colleagues to step out..suddenly walang kumikilos and I digested na it was really Michelle Yeoh with us. Sobrang tagal ng processing ko...I was thinking hey this is our floor and I want a picture with Michelle, gosh why did I hesitate bringing our digi cam this morning, wait autograph n lng kaya..as in all that in a few seconds and a lady outside the lift was waiting for us to get off a little pissed we were holding up the lift. Then I don't know who said "Chili's is at 3rd floor" I nodded and agreed.."yes I think it's at the 3rd floor" and entered the lift again.

Azlina was so fast with her phone she was beside Michelle so she took a snap with her. Michelle's companion said..I'm her agent and I will charge you RM10 each for each picture, jokingly. She said okay lets step out and do it outside. Oh my gosh! We were all raving here at this point so excited!!!

Michelle was chatting with us..asking so were did you all come from or something and I said "We're from the Phils." (referring to me & Kim), "one is a local Malaysian and 2 of them are from India" Kim continued. Michelle said "Wow and you're all going out together?" we replied "Yes we all work together and we're going out for dinner".

Azlina again brought out her phone and I brought out my XDA (really hating that it's so low res and again regretting why I left the digi cam today). Michelle even asked me so when are you due? She was so nice, simple and humble. Nothing compared to Mikee Cojuanco nung nakasabay ko sya sa elevator ng DOLE.

Sobra kmeng star struck lahat...I mean it's not everyday that you see an international actress isn't it?