May 30, 2007

34 Weeks and counting

from my subscription:

Hello, Rhodora!

Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds and is probably almost 18 inches long from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Her central nervous system is still maturing, but her lungs are well developed now. That's great news in case she decides to come early. If you've been nervous about going into preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that 99 percent of babies this age can survive outside the womb — and most have no major long-term problems related to prematurity.

Yey!We are sooo excited. But I hope pag nandito na lng si mama coz I want to give birth when she is here so she can help me & Ryan out. Last Monday since Ryan & I went for a lunch outside I felt the baby go down while walking back to the office. A little painful like I'm going to have my period far ok pa naman. Baby's still in. =) Baka excited lng din kse almost everything is set.

May 28, 2007

The story of the elusive play pen

We were always putting off the shopping day for baby items but surely when we are at a mall we never fail to visit 2-3 baby shops. We wanted to make sure we buy only the essentials knowing how excited we get for things like this. An example was our wedding -- Ryan and I will like different things so we end up having both making it more expensive for us.

Items that we see are mostly not for unisex most of it are gender biased and it's another dilemma to spend for something we are unsure of. Months ago we came across this playpen that can be initially used as a crib. It's made by Graco and they call it Pack & Play. Travel practical as well so we can easily shuttle from room to room and even easily bring to the Phils if we go home. It was perfect! We wanted something practical and easy to pack for whatever plans we will have in the future. This is the second big item we put on the list. First one was the Chicco stroller we found in the Phils which we fervently looked for here in MY as well.

When we finally decided to buy it, it was on sale!Yey! Unfortunately we didn't like the color stock they have. One store promised that they will reserve us from the suppplier itself it was a blue & green one so even if the baby was a boy or a girl it would still be okay. Not to mention the vibrant colors fit for babies. So okay na. The next day they informed us na wala na sa supplier ang color na yun. So we waited for another weekend to go to a different mall to check out the same item. Gulay! They also have it in dark brown & light brown color na sobrang dull at mahirap ternuhan ng colorful beddings and mobile. Kinareer namin lahat ng baby shops and always end up with the same color. Even the sales ladies are aware that this color is a slow seller unlike other stocks they previously have.

We let go of the sale and decided to just buy near my labor date or worst case scenario pag nanganak na tlga ako. Hehehe. Anyway we were able to buy this mattress and baby bath tub. So those are baby's first items to be bought.

Weeks passed and we never missed a single mall day without looking for differently colored playpen. Finally Saturday we entered this shop and asked for the same thing..check their other store for the stock. Bingo! The shop has it from another branch. Promise gusto na naming bayaran but they were so willing just to have it delivered there. They were saying it will take two weeks for the transfer. I was okay with it but an excited daddy beside me was not...Gusto nya mabilisan kse matagal na tlga nya pinapangarap i-setup. Still at least it's the color that we want at hindi sya display lng. They did not require for a downpayment and said they will just contact me if it's in their store na. Actually gusto na ni Ryan kareerin at aralin ng pagpunta sa branch na pagkukunan.

Anyway I thought that was the end of the story for the playpen. Ngunit!Subalit!Datapwat...nag-mall ulit kme nung Sunday to buy for baby clothes. Kahit na sa SM na ako nagpapabili kay mama dahil di hamak na mas mura sa Pinas eh pang-araw araw lng naman ni baby. Kaso parang ayokong ma-miss ang shopping experience so I insisted on buying a few items myself. After shopping for the clothes we had lunch at the adjoining mall and found out there were so many baby stores there!!!Sobrang a habit we checked out the playpen and guess what?!! They have a stock although di sya blue & green as we wanted it was still better than that dark & light brown. It was moss green and had Winnie the Pooh character design. Graco pa din so ok pa din sa quality and best of all mas mura!!!Way cheaper than the discount during the sale. End of the story: satistifed and excited mommy & daddy went home with the playpen + plenty of free gifts (dahil sa promo nila).

Epilogue: This morning in my mobile...krinnnggg!
Girl on the line: Hi this is from (name of the store) regarding the Graco play pen you order.
Dowa: Yes I was about to call you about that.
Girl on the line: Well we have it delivered here already. So you can purchase it anytime.
Dowa: Oh noh!Yesterday we saw the same item on the other mall and we immediately bought it.

Buti na lng ha mabait sila. Banned na kme sa lahat ng stores nila! hehehe! Buti di ako member sa store na yun.

Here it is!

May 24, 2007

False alarm

In fairness to me alam ko na false alarm pa naman...hahaha!

Here goes my story last Tuesday...I was home alone. To think may guest of honor kme..Rene & his wife pero wala pa sila nasa galaan. Si Florence 8:30 PM - 8:30 AM ang Ryan 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM ang duty. Napakasaklap..and since Ryan was so busy in the office I told him to drop me off the nearby mall so I can just grab a taxi and he can go back.

After having dinner by myself (sniff,sniff) instead of immediately washing the dishes I watched TV first. Humiga sa sofa and voila few mins after I had difficulty breathing and my tummy was sooooooo stiff. Oh noh! I didn't know how contractions felt. It was 9:20 PM so I said ok I will wait for this to go away. So umupo ako tried breathing normally but the stiffness won't go away. If it goes away, only for a few minutes then the pain and stiffness are there again. By 9:35 I texted Ryan na..Ang saya ubos na din ang load ko to make a call.."PLS CALL NOW" 2 mins passed he hasn't called I sent the same msg to Florence. In a few minutes Florence called. I tried to be as calm as possible knowing how panicked Florence can get..."Lence,I don't know the feeling but since I'm alone if ever this is it at manganganak na ako I don't want to be alone. Pwede pong pakitawagan sa taas and call Arnold & Boyet?Kakaiba kse feeling ko parang manganganak na ako or what di ko maintindihan." Syempre Florence did so without hesitation and in a few more minutes the guys were here (they are living in the high rise tower within our phase and I specifically chose them since sila ung may babies na female neighbors are all single).

They came with Marrix and they were all so worried. Since nakaka-daldal ever pa ako mukhang ok pa tlga..pero this is the longest and most painful "contractions" (if that's what it was) I ever felt. Ryan called pala before they came I didn't want to bother him coz I honestly don't feel the baby coming out yet..I just don't want to be alone just in case I feel something different or I should be rushed to the hospital. Anyway even if they were there Ryan decided to leave his post and go home. In a matter of 15 mins when he arrived I felt normal again...Arnold, Boyet & Marrix left. Ryan decided to stay even if he left his laptop on in the office etc. Hmmm...sabi ni Ryan sa baby "hmmm namiss nyo lang ata ako ni mommy eh kse di ko kayo hinatid pauwi"...hehehe. All the commotion for nothing but I'm comforted by the fact that we're not completely alone here even in a foreign land. Thanks to our helpful friends who were all so prompt in attending to my call for help. Kahit we were all so clueless.

Same night Arnold was chatting with his wife and his wife told him all that I'll be feeling etc. The next day we were all laughing about it. Although I can still tell with their text messages that they were all so concerned. =)