Mar 7, 2007

Another sinigang story

I remember putting a post about siningang years back. Now there's another story to tell...later I might have chronicles of Sinigang...

Since sinigang is Ryan's favorite dish it was a struggle for him not to be able to eat it for months since we haven't seen a sinigang mix here not even fresh sampaloc. Until Florence, my candidate from the Phils who has come to live with us was able to bring a few c/o my incessant request from my mom. And of course we brought back with us a whole year supply of sinigang mix from our trip not counting those Florence brought from her recent trip back too. It was obvious that siningang is in the menu as soon as we did the grocery last weekend.

Ryan's duty this week starts at 3:00 PM and I thought it makes sense to boil the pork from the morning before I leave until he leaves for work in the afternoon. So that I would only have to worry about the veggies in the evening after work. Unfortunately this is how our conversation went (or at least, according to Ryan. what I claimed)
D: Ry, isasalang ko na ung pork ha para lumambot pakipatay n lng later pagalis mo?
R: Huh? Di ba matutuyuan yun.
D: Hindi enough lng un para malabot gaya nung luto ko last time
R: Uh..okay.

So parang malinaw and conversation.

6:00 PM we were chatting via YM.

R: mahal sabihan mo ako bago ka uwi ha
R: try kita ihitid ok?
D: wrapping up alis siguro me in 15 mins
R: kahit dyan lang sa bus stop
R: ahh ok
D: will send emails lng
D: malambot na baboy?
R: basta sabihan mo ako kapag sign off ka na
D: ok
R: i think so
R: pero di ko pa din pinatay

Imagine me going ballistic here...waaah!As in!!He left the house at around 2PM what time was it now?!Immediately I stood up and just sent my report to my boss. Hurried home. Went with my Indian officemate. Florence even saw me riding the cab. My Indian colleague kept on telling stories but I honestly can't get my mind off the sinigang. I checked out the guards reaction if he's going to tell me our house is burning as I entered the gate of our compound. far so good. Pa-wave wave pa sila.

When I reached home I just put down my things in the couch and rushed to the kitchen. Even with the kitchen doors closed a pungent smell of meat can be smelled from the doorstep. Yaiks! I really do hope it's not burned or something. I was so relieved to find that it was not burning when I opened the lid but somehow it smelled burned. Only half of the water evaporated. The meat was so soft already but it was within remedy. Florence came in wondering why all the lights were out but the door was unlocked. That was how panicked I was forgetting everything else but the sinigang.

And as usual as an indication of success when Ryan came home at 12:00 am he told me he cannot sleep right away since he was sooo full after eating late dinner I left for him. =) Despite the incident that was enough to put a smile on my face and go back to sleep peacefully or at least as peaceful as not feeling our baby's strong kick.

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