Mar 19, 2007

Reminiscing Holy Week

Commemorating Holy Week is not as difficult as celebrating Christmas here since there are no decors required for that, except for the fact that there are no holidays for Catholics to do what we have practised for many years every Holy Week. Strictly observed pa naman ito sa family namin and my lolo would always scold us if we do anything fun (like hum a tune, listen to the radio or watch tv, play, etc) especially on Holy Friday. May mga family traditions din kme like going to mass, attending processions in BiƱan, pasyon sa neighbors, way of the cross with family / friends and Easter egg hunt on Sundays until we grew old for that and lola passed away.

Since Ryan & I got married (2004) we have been visiting churches on Holy Thursdays and I would prepare him tacos for merienda after we got back. We would do the station of the cross at every church. Minsan nga kinareer pa naming lakarin ang mga simbahan sa Intramuros grabe pala ang San Agustin super jam packed. Tapos nag-jejeep jeep lng kme. Last year we did not go to a lot of churches but we went to nearby churches lng to pray. I have this adoration prayer that we prayed for an hour in Sacred Heart but those two years we never failed to visit Guadalupe Church where we got married. One of the best adoration altars ever. It's so solemn and it feels even more special for us to pray there.

May blooper pa kmeng dalawa nung 1st year namin to do the Bisita Iglesia, a lot of people often rave about how beautiful the set up of Sta. Ana (Our Lady of the Abandoned Church) is but when we went there it was so disappointing kse walang kaayos ayos at all. It was soooo dull that we just opted to pray the station of the cross outside. Aparently nasa pocket garden pala nila ang altar and the following year (after we were corrected by everybody we know who regularly visits this church) it was indeed so beautiful in the garden and so solemn there.

Holy week as I have learned to surpass even the traditions is really a holy week for me. Especially now that I feel I have to reflect on my wrong doings and be thankful of the countless blessings we are continously receiving. I want to be deserving of His grace especially now that He has given us so much than what we were praying for. Even if I am away from the Philippines now I want to take a day off to pray despite missing all the Holy Week traditions. Sayang walang 7th Heaven marathon dito...

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