Apr 3, 2007

Love letter from my B.F.

Mar 30, '07 6:12 AM
for users dowadee and auiedioses

how are you? how's ur tummy? how's dear ryan... I hope its so okay wid you I posted your letters for me. It made me miss you a lot more. It made me even notice that GOD has put us together though we are really opposites. You can sing I can dance. Ur'e good in english, id rather have math! ur the kind of girl who doesn't easily trust a guy, while Im a person who easily gives in in their "sugar-coated" "to good to be true" statements. I take good care of my stuffs while you lost a lot of pagers...u r tall, i am short. I am gifted but you are not (sorry but its the truth...you know which is the "gifted" part that i am referring...) hahahaha I come on time and you are always late.... both of us are miss friendship pero mas matindi ka kasi we always get stranded because of your friends and choovas!

thinking how would it be if we are still both in phils... u having ryan and being preggy while im busy preparing for my wedding =)

I thank God for what he has given us... as what everybody says... all of us may experience struggles in life but i'm so overjoyed and blessed for having you as my best frend EVER!

we maybe so miles away but always remember no one can ever replace the kind of friendship that we shared.

ilove u and take care of urself!!!

God bless........

cnu pa... ako pa din !

When I read Auie's heartwarming letter I was so moved that I had tears welling up in my eyes. Indeed when you look back in life there's no greater joy than to see how far you've gone and that you aged with TRUE friends if not a lot at least a few. Who knows and loves you inside out. All of a sudden past mistakes, previous heartaches, vanishes with tomorrow's promise. I am so thankful to God for having Auie as my best friend and I can't thank God enough for the continuous shower of blessings Ryan and I are receiving now. Life is still not a bed of roses but my life has surely turned around from the chaotic and somehow miserable life I grew up in.

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