Dec 22, 2007

home again home again!

As the old adage goes..there's no place like home! So why leave in the first place?

You all know about this much awaited trip of ours apart from Christmas it will also be Iaree's Christening. Last Christmas it felt like a sad Christmas day for me as Christmas was not the highlighted event in Malaysia. Yes they do decorate the malls lavishly I would say even somehow grander than the indoor decors of the malls in the Phils but the spirit is just not there. So since this Christmas is very very special because it's Iaree's 1st Christmas it only felt appropriate to bring her to the Philippines to celebrate with the whole family.

Prior to the week before we left KL my schedule was crazzzzzzzyy to the nth power! This was because of our Indonesia hiring requirement. Ryan was so eager to finish all his RCA's (work requirement as well) so that our vacation will be work-free. (My boss should better not be reading this..hahaha) That same week we got sick, Ryan was coughing the next day he had a bit of a cold then Iaree got a fever, then it was my turn next was mama. (Disclaimer: Ryan did not start the bug at home, I should say this for the sake of our marriage that it was environmental..hahaha!peace mahal!) Anyway my flu got so bad that I badly need a rest come Friday ironically duty called a candidate for an urgent requirement was selected and I had to roll out the offer the same day. I asked permission from my boss to take a half day although he teasingly approved it I still got stuck with the office work & left at around 6PM. So much for the rest...Saturday of course was last minute shopping & packing. Sunday we almost got left by the last trip of the bus going to the airport because we wont fit in one cab I told Ryan to take us to KL Sentral Station then he will go back, park the car & take a cab. This is feasible if we left early...hehehe!I think I lost about 5 lbs by walking back and forth to where Ryan dropped us to the bus terminal and the elevator wasn't working!!I begged the dispatcher, driver and everyone from the bus line to wait for us as it was about to leave in 5 mins when I got there. So I shuttled back & forth pushing & carrying our 40kgs luggages from point A to point B. I did that twice and thank you they had guys who help carrying the luggage down the stairs hello!!Otherwise I wont be here. When I finally loaded everything, Ryan got there it was 15 mins past their time to leave KL Sentral I was out of breath and my throat was sooooooooo dry!

In the bus (a first for Iaree) Iaree was sooo talkative and was squeeling even when the lights were off. She was happily responding to the lady sitting next to us (a kababayan but was talking to Iaree in English as she heard us speak only English to her). She was such a delight! So sociable and responsive. =) What I was scared of was the plane ride which we managed with a little crying at first as she was really starving & sleepy (eh sabi ni Dr. Eric dapat sucking while take off eh...hehehe gutom na pero pinigilan kong i-BF so nagwawala na). The rest of the flight she was sleeping (while the other children was in haywire!screaming and crying fest itoo but our pretty angel was sleeping peacefully frowning once in a while with the high pitched screams of the other babies), my back & butt was in so much pain!! =( waaah ganyan tlga pag budget planes huhuhu.

We are still in the middle of our vacation. Trying as much as possible to enjoy our stay here but encountering a lot of problems already. To say problems is an understatement. It's not that we are running away from these problems but Philippines itself looks pretty gloomy as well. =( Just to settle the argument in my opening statement. I hope things turn a bit better. Will I manage to tell the story later...that is if I'm not too busy! Meanwhile let me post my sweet baby's Baptismal pictures in multiply. Ryan & I enjoyed it a lot despite of... =) I really love my husband & my baby sooo much!!! To our sweet baby WELCOME TO THE CHRISTIAN WORLD! May we be good parents to you always!

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