Aug 13, 2009

My start date OVER THERE was made early!!!

Wag sabihan ng "easy lng or chill" ang tao na mainit ang ulo dahil inilipat sa work place na di nya gusto!Hmp!

I thought I would be over this and I have conditioned myself to start my new role back to the pitiful palce I called Cyber (no offense but I cant help it coz the transport system over there really sucks as in missing the bus makes 2 hrs diff in the time you get home and not to mention expensive!!!). However suddenly they changed the date and I would have to start earlier than expected. Now that I am so in a middle of a lot of this which I also expected to wrap up by their earlier committed date. Of course I want to leave my post with a good exit where I have finished if not possible all but at least 80-90% of my tasks. These past few weeks I have been building good rapport with the managers of the business units that I am in charge of. They are very easy to work with and considering their high posts they are actually very nice and have sense of humor. Likewise I have been friends with a lot of people here and got accepted quite well.

Oh well. Yesterday I slipped back to my "furious" mode and I am suddenly wondering how I can motivate myself and smile that I love to be there on my first day. I mean at the moment I know that I need to but I hope that "need" would suffice to fuel me to work efficiently like I always do with all my previous company where I love what I do and I like the place I work at. Oh and again please dont tell me to take it "easy" as I am obviously not in that state of mind!!!


Salina Inzaghi said...

erkk..u're working back in cyber? dont tell me u're returning to the Yucky?

~dowadee~ said... dear.i will not make the same mistake u did.hahaha peace!u must have missed my blog earlier that tells what happened.