May 14, 2009

Almost Done

Moving in is so exciting...even the unpacking part. Its even better while I'm a stay at home mom coz I have time to put everyting in order and stuffs have its own place. Although I love our new condo my only two complaints are:
1. Its so new all the other tenants are having their units renovated = noisy all day!well i got used to it though as long as my darling baby can still fall asleep.
2. The wardrobe closet the owner provided is just enough for my clothes. Lucky for Ryan he only have a few so I managed to squueze it in somehow. Which reminds me I need to buy another one of those plastic drawer (the cheap ones so I wont feel bad disposing it once we leave MY for good). For my bags & other accessories that I haven't kept yet.

As for the rest I can only sing praises!Iaree loves her own playroom where we set up her bookshelf filled with Disney & Barney books she can easily reach & manage anytime (she spends a lot of time here). I simply love our room!With an awesome view of the city a little to the right are mountains, its so relaxing and in time I will set up a small nook with carpet & cushions next to the window. Its such a comfort knowing the malls are a stone throw away.We love love love the podium. Its the floor that holds the condo's poolsssss(4 adult pool-2 infinity/aquarium type, 2 with jacuzzi),(2 kiddie pool - 1 with hanging hearts, flower, star on the shower head & 1 with a slide); club house, bbq areas, lounging areas (which makes us feel we are on a vacation spot), tennis court, badminton court & 2 playgrounds.

We are sewing our own curtains as ready made curtains are so expensive.whew...and we still dont have our sofa set. We are waiting for Ryan's local credit card...hehehe. Hopefully by June we are completely settled and maybe maybe we can have a simple housewarming if i did not max out our budget buying cabinets & wardrobe...hehehe

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Salina Inzaghi said...

welcome to ur new home ;)
the view looks nice