May 25, 2009

Baby Iaree tidbits

  • Iaree is so addicted to swimming. I think I need to buy more bathing suits for her because she swims everyday.

  • At 19 months she can sing the alphabet up ABC only but now at 22 mos, she can sing up to J, and some other letters - MNOP, S, V, X, Z---including calling Barney at the end of the song. Hahaha!But she has variations like calling daddy or mommy too

  • I have no idea how long she has known this but one night I started counting and she counted ahead of me up to 10 except for 7 & 9 but it was also in the right sequence

  • When asked what her name is she would either reply - baby or iya!She started calling herself IYA when she tells who owns the toothbrush hanging by our lavatory she starts with daddy, mommy then Iya!

  • She is fond of viewing her pictures or videos nonstop

  • For like a two months or so she was so hooked on watching Barney, Barbie the Island Princess & Barbie Swan Lake. Nothing else. Paulit ulit ulit. Now She grew tired of it and is into reading books.

  • When she finishes reading a book she would say "innn the". She reversed "the end" on purpose because I laughed the first time I heard it.

  • She loves writing and to date she has written in our LCD TV twice, play room wall thrice, floor I lost count you pretty much get the idea

  • If before it was such a chore to feed her I noticed now that there are just selected days when she refuses too and it's when a tooth is coming out. Otherwise she's like a fish monster...finishes the fish we give her before we can finish checking the bone of the next. I have no difficulty feeding her veggies too except that there would be days that she won't eat what she was enjoying only last week...when it comes to veggies she's a moody eater.

  • When we go to the outdoor playground she usually brings something to push either her baby doll stroller or grocery cart. However, due to her anxiety on strangers esp with the guards here who waves and smiles at her everytime we run into one she'll either freeze, ask to be carried or walk bowed down eyeing the guard in the corner of her eye. So funny and cute when you actually see it..hahaha

  • If she doesn't want you to carry her or if you are giving her something she doesn't want she would say "push" "push" even if she actually doesn't push you.

  • When I put her to sleep and she's being stubborn I will tell her to close her eyes. She will but she will also check if I'm looking and if I am she will push my head away.

  • I never managed to finish this as I started writing it a few months back but I was browsing babycenter and even if I am not too keen in comparing Iaree's milestones in a chart it seems that there are some stuff that she can't do yet but some stuff that she's doing way ahead of schedule. =)

    Milestone Chart for Iaree's age group

    Anyway I thought of posting this even if it's incomplete as I am hoping to post an updated 2 yr old Iaree tidbits. It has a lot a changes surprisingling in just 2-3 months!

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