Jul 6, 2009

The 2nd birthday Celebration in Pinas

It's not wise for us to go home as often as before so we wanted to make this trip a memorable one.

We made a last minute decision to throw a quick & simple Jollibee party for Iaree even if we decided against it in the first place (back in Feb when we bought our plane tickets) being considerate of the economic crisis that struck both our families directly. All along it was supposed to be a simple dinner with both of our families and that's it. When we were listing our menu and guest we realized that the expenses is so close to our original Jollibee party budget so a month before we left we reverted to our first plan of Jollibee party. We also thank God for the blessings we have received and we foresee that our families will be stable again soon so a party will not be so inappropriate after all.

Since it was a last minute thing, all the Jollibee's near Makati was either booked or the timing was off (it was Iaree's sleeping time) and although Iaree had no idea who Jollibee is, the food there is something we look forward to since McDonald's and other fastfoods are available here in Malaysia. Meanwhile, in Pampanga we learned from my sis-in-law's that since McDonald's in their town closed they only allowed party in Jollibee every weekends and only during Iaree's sleeping time. Yes, we wanted to give Iaree 2 Jollibee parties (at my hometown - Makati & at Ryan's - Guagua) .. Hehehe we're not addicts nor fans of Jollibee but as I've said it was the easiest fastest and economical choice for a children's party.

End product - a simple close family "grilled all-Filipino dishes" at Pampanga and a Jollibee party in Ortigas Roosevelt. The result? We had a blast and most importantly Iaree really really had a great time.

In Pampanga: After she warmed up with her cousins she had a great time playing with them. Not to mention it was the first time she saw a live chicken so even with the chicken she was so ecstatic. She was screaming, running and forgetting mommy & daddy. She bonded well with her cousins and enjoyed herself very much that Ryan and I was so happy despite not being able to throw a Jollibee or a grander party than that.

In Manila: She bonded well with Jollibee. Her first orientation of Jollibee was through pictures I downloaded and when she saw Jollibee on the first day we arrived she was shouting and pointing at a Jollibee restaurant. Saying "Jaalbeee Jaalbee! Hi Jalbee!Hiiii!" Ryan and I was so surprised. Even when we went shopping at Glorietta and ate at the food court she kept on waving at Jollibee saying hi and goodbye to Jollibee. Okay close sila sabi namin.Hahaha.And at least during her party Jollibee will not be something foreign to her meaning she wont be that scared. Leaving us with our worry that she will shy away from our guest who most of them she have not met and that she has limited food option since she doesn't eat spaghetti.

Come party time, all our worries vanished. She ate the spaghetti, chicken & ice cream (of course) plus after the party she requested for french fries. Best of all, she did not shy away from people that much and she even joined on one of the games. With our encouragement she kisses people and if they are lucky they can carry her. She looooovvvvvvveeeeeed Jollibee (of course with my instructions that Jollibee shouldn't move too much - knowing how Iaree is with dogs, she loves touching them but when they start moving she runs back to us, several times tuloy parang na-stroke na si Jollibee for not moving when Iaree is near-hahahaha). Ryan and I found ourselves enjoying a lot too. No erase that...my entire family enjoyed the party and seeing Iaree that happy Ryan & I was so so elated. We both wonder if elated is a word enough to describe what we felt that day. To sum it up it was simply a huge success. Reasonable expenses, a little career mode for me coz I personalized the loot bag with my imaginary theme (ABC's) and I labored over photoshop for her e-invites; 95% guests turn out (as usual si Remelu & family indianera and si Leira daw na nalimutan ang date hmmm); nice party pictures - no hired photographer needed (thanks to my cousin Tats, but friends who had digicam that day please send me din your shots) and acceptable video coverage (non shaky video) courtesy of my brother (thanks din kapatid!).

High pa din kaming lahat ngayon even if house quarantine mode kami. As expected Jollibee's dance number is on the loop of our video since we arrived last night. Ryan even said a while ago come on let's plan Iaree's 3rd birthday in Jollibee again. Hahahaha! This time we're undeniably a certified fan.

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