Jan 6, 2009

A Very Happy 2008 Christmas

Christmas time is my favorite holiday since it has it all:
1.5 Christmas Shopping!!
2. Food and yummy leftovers the morning after
3. Opening and distributing the gifts
4. Picture taking while dress well

Remembering in our hearts that God's love for all has brought him to be one of us.

We are very fortunate that Ryan's company has a 2-week long Christmas break and we cannot plan our Singapore trip since our application for a dependent visa under the new company's entity might be processed during this time. Hence our passport will not be on hand. Once he has confirmed it wont be I immediately checked out the bus trips and my my it's all fully booked!From the cheapest bus line to the most expensive. THe only option left was to drive to Singapore which we finally opted.

It was a tiring drive for Ryan and our baby girl was patient enough through the entire ride except when she was feeling sleepy as was not quite comfortable in the car seat. Other than that she did not complain at all.

We arrived late in Singapore than expected. We kept on circling around in the border of Malaysia & SG because the GPS keeps on pointing in a road that is not being used anymore. It was pretty hilarious as we can see the immigration from where we are and we were joking that if I started walking we could've been finished with the formalities by the time they find their way there.

Driving to SG was pretty cool (says the passenger not the driver). We have done away with the very long que at the immigration and happily sat inside the car singing and waiting for our turn as if it's a lenghty and thorough tollgate.

When we reached Isip residence they were still out buying groceries. Considering the time and since the lady of the house is not around I was pretty sure I wont be able to cook as proposed. It was the first Noche Buena that I was not tied in the kitchen. Rightfully so the meals prepared was a feast to the palette! Free accommodation, presents for our entire family and a yummy fill to the tummy. Despite James being in the office my childhood friend & his family were very good hosts to us.

The next two days were hectic for a Singapore Zoo trip & Sentosa tour but our very dear and beloved driver was too bushed to add one more day for a city tour not to mention we are so so so so ashamed with James if we stayed for another day. So we reserved our city tour of Singapore and meeting friends for the next visit. =)

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james said...

may pa so so so ashamed ka pang nalalaman jan. i was really hoping you had stayed longer. you did not maximize going around much because of the holiday crowd everywhere. well there's always a next time.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!