Dec 23, 2008

Sweet taste of fulfillment


It feels great to finally watch it. Unplanned, Iaree just fell asleep and Ryan said go ahead and check the sched. Turns out it was a far not so popular mall and computing the travel time we can make just in time.

The film was, as what most say, not up to your expectations of a thumbs up but it was good. I mean it was not that bad. The major thing I did not appreciate was I think in the movie the build up of Bella & Edward's romance was not so convincing.

I was just happy to be finally watching Twilight sitting next to my real, true to life, warm & non biting Edward. Who I unconditionally and irrevocably love.


Salina Inzaghi said...

and your ending is auw~ so schweet...

~dowadee~ said...

hahaha!!thanks nani!