Dec 6, 2008

Twilight Fever

It finally caught me. Like an infectious attack to all my friends I too was bit.

I would say after: working in a faraway province of Cyberjaya, barely having time to play with my daughter(let alone watch tv), plus the absence of my usual date who is off to Canada for a while, some would say I am a boring clueless hermit.

Everytime I see the buzz on my most of my friends's, blog, plurk and YM status I fought hard not to ask what the hell is Twilight. Clueless galore.

Finally on the first night of being alone, my daughter fast asleep I saw one of my college friend's status in YM that states - I don't just love you Edward Cullen you are my life. Knowing how much of a serial dater she was I seriously thought he was the latest flavor of the month. Until again of course she explained that he was the main character in Twilight. Interestingly, a former colleague, on the same night had this on her YM status - cheesy ew..or something like that about Twilight.

So that's how it all started. I was chating with both of them at the same time and boy do they have stong opposing views about Twilight except for one - they both told me the book was better. I thought it always is so let me be the judge. I started reading the first book courtesy of the ebook Donna sent me. As much as I wanted to move it to my mobile phone instead I read right there in the laptop.

Here goes:

I like the fact that Stephanie Meyer has artistically characterized the struggle of a vampire who fell in love with a human. All these started with his craving to feed on her blood after smelling her. It was utterly romantic when he was confessing this fact to Bella. The highest credit I would give to their very witty exchange of lines which caught my interest. It makes me sigh and miss Ryan much more - sweet, sardonic - "unconditionally & irrevocably" lovable.

However, the build up of the story was quite dragging and can be a little boring at some parts. Without the movie trailers (courtesy of you tube), it's hard to for imagine the contradiction of his beauty and gracefulness against a savage beast (well "civilized" anyway as per the Cullens way of living). Although it was meant well to further downplay the image of a vampire it was not easy to digest that the vampires avoid sunlight because they sparkle.

It was a good read but overall Christopher Pike books are still my favorite when it comes to narrating supernatural or thrillers mixed with romance.

So I'm on to the next-NEW MOON and so that I make sure the venom infects my dear hubby I have downloaded the antire audio book for him. His eyes cant handle the reading.

And well as for the movie I've set the date...better late than never.


Salina Inzaghi said...

u're reading new moon? be prepared to be bored hahaha but the next book, Eclipse is worth the pain completing new moon

btw..welcome to Twilight *lol*

~dowadee~ said...

hahaha!Nani!If I only knew...honestly I was a bit bored by Twilight already. New moon was a bit predictable except the take on werewolves. Let's see..I have a problem working today coz I cant stop myself from reading Eclipse!Argh!