Dec 20, 2008

Hopefully (I will try my best) my last entry about Twilight

I finished the saga!!I started Dec 4 and finished the last book Dec 14. I read Remember Me (Sophie Kinsella) in between coz I got awfully bored with the first book. I just got curious to if and when Bella will really become a vampire. Needless to say I fell in love with the characters Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice etc...How can you not when they all perfectly blend in harmony together. I tried to ward of the boredom I still felt somewhere in between each of the books.

I eagerly waited for Ryan to come back from his Canada trip but Monday he was still jet lagged. Tuesday was my last day at work. Wednesday Ryan thought it's selfish to leave the baby considering her bad mood (she's sleepy as she woke up too early) Thursday he had a meeting. Friday more meetings. Saturday (I wasn't expecting it anymore but when I checked online) voila it was still showing! 1:40 PM showing yey! I bathed Iaree baby I also took a bath and dressed up. When we were about to leave Iaree who's separation tantrums I can count in one hand threw a fit. This time it was me who conceded.

Well...not all stories have happy endings so I just resigned to the fact that I'll just wait for the DVD of this. Browse through youtube for short clips. Convince myself that those who read the book did not enjoy it anyway.

While writing this I suddenly had a deja vu. I saw myself crying to my grandma in the living room because my aunt told me to go back home and not watch a movie with my friends when classes were cancelled. I was too honest to seek permission before going to the cinema then my honesty was paid off by a big big "NO!". I followed despite violent objections of my 10 girl friends, few of their boyfriends and some classmates who planned the impromptu movie date. I was really really disappointed and my lola was comforting me when I went home alone. Tomorrow is my lola's birthday. I hope she reaches out to me now and really comfort me. =( Now I'm missing her more than feeling sad not being able to watch a movie...or maybe both. Happy birthday lola!!And today should have been my lolo & lola's wedding wherever you both are -- I miss you so much & I love you!!I wish you can see my darling daughter!


Salina Inzaghi said...

too bad u can't watch it sooner.but dont u feel a bit sad u've read the final book & there's nothing more to look forward to? *lol* would be nice to know how renesmee would grow up to be and how her powers would expand bla bla bla

Salina Inzaghi said...

my dear~guess what? remember the henry cavill guy i told u that was supposed to play edward? stephenie meyer herself wanted him for the part, but they had to cancell coz he was already 24 n looked too old to pass as a 17-yr-old. anyways...have u watched Stardust? he was actually Humphrey, the hero's rival for the affection of Sienna Miller@Victoria...hahha he was like sooooo wimpy in that movie...and to imagine him as he is now..whoa~

~dowadee~ said...

really i haven't watched stardust let me look that up. =) and i'd have to agree with you. knowing what will happen kinda kills the excitement in watching the movie.anyways i love the saga perfect perfect ending!!*sigh*