Dec 17, 2009

My hand in photography

These past few weeks I'm so busy doing nothing. Don't get me wrong my daughter doesn't let me off her sight so if I want to practice with our D90 hah she'll be there to bug mommy. Anyway this is nothing to brag about but posting it here as this is the only site that's my own. Our multiply site is like our family site and facebook is out of the question as I'm not even close to even say I own a DSLR. Whew! I never knew learning the ropes of photography could be one of the most difficult things I have studied...errr...ok I still don't know how to drive but throw me a complicated study of cognitive psychology or neuro psych it would make more sense.

1 comment:

eiNa said...

new hobby isit?cool..
nice photo.. cn take more photo after this