Feb 9, 2010

Quick rant

As usual this will be a quick rant while hubby is busy with his PSP & Iaree is busy with her portable DVD watching Barbie for the Nth time. I do hope I find time to narrate about how fun my 30th birthday was though coz it's also like this blog's anniversary as well.

Wow talk about office politics at its best.

What are you supposed to do when you are so caught up with such? I am so missing my old boss, the best boss I ever had. Note to self meet up with her for some valuable mentoring when I go back to the Philippines. I am already forgetting what she had taught me before to zip it when you have nothing nice to say. How ah? Especially when you feel it's so bottled up inside you? I miss my friends in Cyber! I so miss how simply fun they are to hang out with and how I can be myself and hardly talking about work during lunch. Oh well. GTG. Mommy make milk na daw si Iaree.


Salina Inzaghi said...

we miss u too, dowa
i'll always my first day in E, u're the 1st person i met, with iaree still in ur tummy & ur big travelling bag ;)

~dowadee~ said...

nani..i know those days seem so be like ages ago. E was not the highlight of our professional life but it was certainly a blast to be surrounded with you all