Feb 19, 2010

I need a pick-me up

And no i don't think Starbuck can do it this time. I want to be surrounded by friends and not be serious for a while. I miss how my friends see me and how I can easily relate to them. =( I feel sad why it's taking this long for me to make new friends here because when I joined there are already PLENTY of things going on with their lives and in the team. It was so akward for me and I feel I keep on getting on their wrong side (ok maybe not so but and I'm just getting either too paranoid or too sensitive about this). I was so bored to my skin (despite tons of work I have to do) that I managed to search and call a few schools for Iaree.

Haaaayyy..oh well. On another note, how ironic that the technologies that chould bring us together could also be the same tool keeping us apart. I mean a text or a chat could so easily be misinterpreted or taken wrongly. Because of our high dependency on it most people do not make an effort to get to know the person well to match his or her language and tone before judging them. Ok if this entry is bringing you down then that's because that must be what I'm feeling while I'm writing this.

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Salina Inzaghi said...

dowa dearest...hope the GBS managed to pick u up last friday, even if just a bit ;)