Nov 24, 2010

Big announcement

As the tradition goes that I first announced my conception via web in this blog. I feel it's just appropriate to do so here rather than FB. Hahaha that and I have other intentions for keeping quiet like hoping that doesn't stop them from giving me a regular post at work. Anyway, I care less nowadays plus hubby said it's okay "I will all take care of you.." naks ang yaman ni daddy!

I'm preggers again!!Hurray!!This time I figured because I missed my period for days now + buffer allowance. With Iaree it was like - what the hell did I eat I keep on rejecting all the food. That was immediately after consuming half of the greenwich supreme pizza at the bus on the way to Pampanga (Ryan's hometown), there after I was not able to consume any food. Just throwing up everything including water.

When we haven't confirmed yet I was trying not to be expectant coz we've been trying for 2 months now. But happily 2 lines appeared. Actually the second line was so faint that I thought of buying several other pregnancy kits. LOL!I manage to make an appointment with my OB-Gyne only after a few weeks. Few weeks back when I didn't know about this all my pants were I bought 2 pairs only to find out later there was actually a reason for not fitting in my pants and it was not because of our washing machine. Whew.

During the doctor's visit (The doctor who delivered Iaree, impressively, still remembers us very well and she was not holding our records hah coz they can't find the old one), she said the baby is too tiny if she will base it on my LMP. Then she tentatively set the EDD on Iaree's bday. Hahaha! We knew it. We should've skip the conception process October so that we get to celebrate plenty of parties in the family. Nonetheless if it is indeed going to be same as Ate Iaree's bday then big double bash parties it is!!!Provided we have the luxury of mommy working..=D


Salina Inzaghi said...

congrats dear~ actually i was informed abt this, i think few weeks ago? but since u havent made any announcement, i just kept quiet....u take good care of urself ya! i'm sure iaree's bz getting ready to become big sister now

theworkingmom said...

Dowa!!! Baby number 2 is on the way na pala! Yippeee! :D