Feb 10, 2010

Big THREE - "O"

Last 2 weeks back I celebrated my 30th birthday.
I can hardly believe of the number and I would've worried if I wasn't feeling good, looking good and having more fun than I did 10 years back. I think I reached the point when I know how to take care of myself because as cliche as it sounds if you don't know how to take care of yourself then how can you take care of others. If I knew how to look this good before I'm thinking if I would've bagged those guys I was eyeing..hahaha. But I guess looks is just one self-confidence is another. I feel more sure and confident of what I want, how I want it and how I can actually get things or make things happen. I am savoring everything and anything life hands me. Yes including the ugly parts (as often as I rant about it) I appreciate that too.

About the celebration(s) since I'm with a new team no one here knows it's my birthday so I planned to treat my Filipino friends who I enjoy having lunch with then pizza for the tea-break for my team. Well thanks to facebook (where most people found out anyway) my birthday was announced to all. I don't want my team feeling bad they didn't know. Actually during my pizza treat they gave me this yummy mango cake. =). Speaking of facebook that is soooo sooo overwhelming to have I would think about 30+ friends greeting me there. I had YM birthday messages, emails and of course the phone calls from my family. It made it such a super day!!!So heartwarming indeed. I did not file for a leave anymore but I took the opportunity of using my "replacement leave in lieu of a public holiday falling on a Saturday". My family scheduled a trip to Melaka and although it's our second time to go there we still had lots of fun spending time together, exploring & doing things. End product we are so dark and Iaree is so red after the trip so I canceled the scheduled photoshoot at The Picture Company.

Ryan has given me my birthday gift during Christmas so it was a surprise indeed to wake up to a large present at the foot of the bed. Of course the little girl was much too happy to open it and it was a set perfume of Clinique Happy. With a very endearing cryptic note attached to it:

I can't take your cooking... good thing you're getting better at it!
I can't take your jokes... good thing you're interesting to talk to!
I can't take your shopping.... good thing I still have money!
I can't take your _____.... so I bought you a PRESENT!

Ang bait noh?!Well he said he was just trying to make a humorous attachment to the present. Overall it was a fab fab birthday. If I were in the Philippines I would have celebrated it differently but then again I was here and nevertheless had a blast. Thank you God for wonderful 30 years of my life looking forward to more years ahead.

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