Nov 3, 2009

Robbery & Sale

It must be the height of Christmas season in the Philippines.

Left and right I am getting either stories about robbery or information about sale. I remember that during this season I am so scared going to robbery prone areas and vigilant to the fact that they get more and more creative each year. It's so terrible. Having stayed here in Malaysia for 3 years now makes me long to go back to the Philippines with the comforts of home and friends but reading about these horror stories and knowing how close you can get in experiencing one is the main reason why we are still here and considering to move to New Zealand - ZERO crime rate.

Oh but the shopping at this time is so awesome!!!I also remember not spending too much on months before so I can splurge on shopping for Christmas. As kids, lolo used to give us a budget based on the people who we will buy gifts for. Looking back I realize that was so nice of him to do that. As a child you felt it was ordinary but if he & lola could hear me now I now appreciate more what a great gift they give to us.

Well I'm getting sentimental coz we are not going home this year. It's so costly to go back home especially on peak season. Maybe I would just start saving up for a Christmas trip next year so that like when I was a small girl Iaree can experience being surrounded with lots & lots of gifts too coming from loved ones. But I do pray for my family and friends to stay safe during this season. I still can't believe how the demand for these bad people get high around this season. I mean are they doing this so that their own families have a great Christmas as well? Then it's totally missing the point. Even Jesus was born in a manger and did not have to be covered in expensive clothes and have a big spread of food before him. While I'm at it I will pray for these criminals enlightenment as well so that they do not affect of harm other people. Arrrgh. I really hope they stop this already. Aiyaa so worried lah! (hehe, I so speak with a Malaysian accent nowadays).

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Salina Inzaghi said...

not too bad...wait for Ikea's xmas tree to be out for sale ;)
i heard last year the price was only RM38
or u can even get their real xmas tree!
i agree with u that NZ is a safe place to live, but to say it has ZERO crime rate is a bit of an overstatement ;)