Nov 20, 2009

Did I do a good job?

I am leaving once again.
Since I joined my new company I have been hopping around the organization. Teehee. I had never been a job hopper and I never intend to but of course there were unseen circumstances. This time towards something that I like or at least not stuck with something(aka as unstable system that I am working on) or somewhere I do not like(aka Cyberjaya). I had to grab it while the window of opportunity was open. So while they used to rave about me and how valuable I am to the team that's why they cannot let me go and the other team getting me was saying she's our only best candidate for this job as the days are near I am actually getting pressured if I really am the girl they were describing.

I remember that I was willing for my career to take a backseat when I felt that my family is my no.1 priority. Thing with recruitment or perhaps having any thriving career for that matter with a household and child to balance is enough to drive any woman nuts. Add to that though being a wife is not exactly a task these are the things you still have to be good at. How can I be a good mom or wife if I am soooo stressed at work?? Anyway, I went back to the game didn't I? It was really great that I was able to stop and experience being a stay at home mom. Ideally, as my married colleagues put it, the job we are doing is just nice for moms like us because our priorities have changed. Hah! For crying out loud I am still very loaded and although at the end of the day even with people screaming at me I shut down my laptop to catch my bus that was just part of me developing a thick skin. Hahaha. Yes Recruitment may have a more hectic demands but I guess when your heart is set at something & it's the kind of stress I am used to PLUS career wise it add values to my experience so with it I still can climb the ladder in an organization if I want to.

Scary but I just realized I have not been in recruitment for almost a year. Will I make it as they expected me to? Hopefully later people I will leave behind in my team especially the managers who hired me will find it in their heart to forgive me. I love my team and the managers too!!It's not often you get to say that in your career right? I just hope too that later they will remember that I somehow contributed to the team. Sigh. Don't you just hate goodbyes


james said...

wonder mom!

Salina Inzaghi said...

where u off to now?
nways, all the best, ya!

~dowadee~ said...

@ james: ummm career mommy siguro. grabe sa balancing act! kaya be nice to noreen always.

@ nani: same company back to our head office nearer our house and back to an old crazy recruitment job.hahaha thanks!

eiNa said...

ahaha.. im agree with u...recruitement such a crazy job.. i also didnt realize whyyyy im still love recruitement job!

~dowadee~ said...

@ azlina: it's the craziness that makes us come back. hehehe.the action and the steadiness is there in recruitment. so have you found anything in recruitment again?