Apr 13, 2009

Lost in cyberspace

With all the social network available one would always feel so connected right? Then why is it so stressful to manage everything?!!Whew...

My friendster account was a very very old one, my first ever but I am not active in using it as uploading pictures are so difficult (you have to resize it and it's so slow) I did not even know I had dozens of birthday greetings there and it's already April. However I like keeping it because most of my classmates (college & highschool) and some relatives communicate with me there.

This blog not exactly a networking site but given a chance I'd want to improve this because this is where I express myself more. In words at least but I have no idea who reads this unless when my friends (who I had no idea reads this) would mention to me that I don't update this anymore.

Multiply is my favorite unfortunately my active ex-colleagues(Phils & Malaysia) are in facebook. Each site, different audience it feels like a different me and obviously taking care of an active 21-month old baby I don't have the luxury to post in each site. Although facebook does look fun I am so comfortable with multiply and I have so many posts there already I feel that it represents me more.

Haaayy...welcome to my cyberlife.

1 comment:

Salina Inzaghi said...

we leave little bits n pieaces of us everywhere
hey, u cant be showing ur whole self to everyone, right?
at least you get variety.