Oct 14, 2008

Thoughts about work

Ever worked in a place where a lot of people genuinely likes you? As in like you without needing anything from you or despite you not hanging out with them often? Where the only people who loathe you are those who envy you and maybe once in a while your boss who wants to strangle you for not living up to his expectations?

Well I do..working at the HR department could deprive you of this. While I do have good and real friends each company I join the employee population in general would be cursing you for something that management have decided to do or not do which you are merely executing. Maybe that's the reason I picked my favorite responsibility in HR and pursued that instead. Voila! Here I am experiencing things I never thought would be possible. Then again at the expense of doing very routinary task else if you want to make a change it would be something unfamiliar that would make you sweat blood before you can complete it. Then even the routinary task would make you bleed when you have a handful of candidates ready to join then they all back out. Tell me was it your fault then? Are you not working hard enough? When everyday you manage to line up at least 5 people from an almost barren market and still they fail miserably in the interviews.

It's a vicious cycle of sourcing, scheduling for interview releasing offer then backing out anytime in the process that made me think what is it that I enjoy doing the most? Is it HR work or recruitment job?

I once read an article that says companies should re-examine their managers for the high turnovers in the company. Could your manager really put a lot of weight in your decision? For me I guess not but it sure helps you be a little more productive at work when the person you are reporting to values your work and is in tune with why you can accomplish anything. He or she may not give you the answer as to how to solve the problem but he or she would be willing to work it out with you.

It's crazy that 2 days before our vacation I'm going nuts in my job. Go figure I was supposed to have 6-7 candidates this month who will join and I might be left with 2. With my best efforts I might manage to add 2-3 more before I take a long vacation. Not to mention I had a shot on doing another requirement not normally in my list then the candidate is about the quit. Giving a job to someone is not fun anymore if its like this. I love recruitment because I feel that I help out people in redeeming themselves and getting their careers on track by giving them a new job that either pays well or gives better exposure in their field. But man does it most of the time boil down to money talk! If and when it comes to this can you say that its your incompetency? In HR you excel when you handle situations gracefully, tactfully and professionally despite the adversities. It takes a while for people to see through you before you make friends. In recruitment it all about the numbers that you make each month, rat race? that's for sure.


eiNa said...

wahahaa..back out last minutes? sicked of it...

anyway.. miss u lot dear.. hows ur life ( in work)?? getting better or worse.. huhu..
i just miss the colleagues not the company!! :P

~dowadee~ said...

so true!eina! miss you so much in the team maybe you should move back to our company whatchatink?! hehehe...

things are the same though. but it's still fun most of the times.