Oct 10, 2008


Yey! we got our OEC's already (the certificate so we wont have to pay travel tax in the airport an exemption of OFW's). Uwing uwi na kme!

We'll I'm excited coz we have so many plans and kahit Tagaytay lng ang mararating namin for now it's good enough for me coz I know Tagaytay is a food haven for a lot of dishes I've been craving for! And it will be our 4th year na...no fancy gifts this year we said we'll save it from the 5th hahaha well actually magastos kseng umuwi. Kurips pala hahaha! Sana makapagbeach naman next time.

I'm also excited because it's easier to travel baby iaree around at least I dont need to breast feed her every 3 hours when it's not so convenient in the Philippine malls. Plus we dont have to carry her around all the time err...the negative side though is if she wants to she's a bit heavy to carry now and she doesnt fit the baby carrier anymore =(

I hope hope hope I have time to meet friends but I dont want to exhaust Iaree too much and depriving her of her afternoon naps. Let's see.

And and and...I can't wait to shop and shop and shop!My budget is set and my shopping buddy well trained...soon all we will need from daddy is his driving skills and credit card. Hahaha! Peace mahal!

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