Oct 29, 2008

My little drama queen

As much as Ryan hates to scold Iaree she is not listening to me last night when she was reaching for the stuff in the bedside table. So for more impact I told Ryan, as he was the only block to it, to scold Iaree.

Of course she cried a lot so while trying to comfort her she asked for dede from mommy. She has calmed down so I told the very guilty daddy to comfort her para bati na sila...so Ryan was smoothing her hair and kissing her too. Then out of the blue she was crying again. Hahaha as in this was the part I cant hold my laughter. She was also pushing Ryan away even when he tried to hug her she gently kicked him. Slow one with no intention of really hurting him and then tears were streaming down her face again as she countinued holding on to me. I was not expecting her to be such a drama queen.

When she stopped crying again. I explained to her that daddy scolded you because it was time to sleep and you still wanted to play. Then I told her we love daddy and daddy loves you. She suddenly got up and tapped Ryan who was already feeling really really bad and really angry at me for laughing still and his back was turned away from us. She tapped Ryan and said softly "dada! dada!" then Iaree & daddy hugged and kissed.

Hahaha!What a sight and what a scene! She finally slept after that.


Salina Inzaghi said...

children are the cutest & most adorable when they're toddlers 2-3years old...but then before u knew it, they're all grown up n going out on dates n getting married
cherish every single moment you share together (^-^)v

~dowadee~ said...

waaah!no no no!don't want that yet. i'm not ready! hahaha